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Angry Birds will stay in the movies

Image This year, film fans were lucky to see a lot of animated films. Some of them, for example, "Finding Dory" or "Zootopia", not only collected an impressive box office at the box office, but also received critical and audience approval. On the other hand, Angry Birds in Cinema , by contrast, provoked outrage among most reviewers, but earned $ 346.9 million on a budget of $ 73 million .

Given the dry numbers and the fact that Angry Birds is already a successful game franchise, it comes as no surprise that Rovio decided to create a sequel to the tape. This was announced by the head of the studio Katie Levoranta .

“Angry Birds is on the rise with games and sci-fi movie, and we see positive momentum in earnings while on a mission to create world-class entertainment. We are currently developing several new games and other projects, as well as planning a sequel "Angry Birds in Cinema" ", - said Levoranta .


Details of the upcoming film have not yet been announced, and it is not known whether directors Clay Catis and Fergal Reilly or screenwriter John Vitti will return to work on the second part.

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Author: Jake Pinkman