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Pay or Go: Worst DLC to Play


DLCs can complement the game well: reveal its potential even more, show new stories or focus on previously undiscovered details, not to mention the fact that they can extend the gameplay for tens of hours. But in most cases, DLC, if not passable, is at least nasty. Last time we remembered the best, and today we will talk about the worst DLC for games.

Mass Effect 3: From Ashes

The first DLC for Mass Effect 3 was released concurrently with the official launch of the game. Like many of BioWare's add-ons to this epic fantasy trilogy, this has sparked fan outrage. The company has decided that any gamer who has not pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 should purchase this DLC separately for $ 10 if they want to access its content.



DLC revealed a character named Javik who had joined your party, as well as characters, information, and missions that were absolutely critical to the game's storyline. Basically, From Ashes is another example of how gaming companies cut out important pieces of history and then resell them as DLC.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Horse Armor

This is probably Bethesda's most legendary fuck-up and is considered, if not bad DLC, to be absurd. Oblivion may have revolutionized gaming in several ways, but the game is also notorious for having one of the first silly and unnecessary DLCs called the Horse Armor DLC. This is the most famous example of ridiculous downloadable content that for $ 2.50 gives players nothing more than the chance to see shining armor on their horse.


In addition to the fact that absolutely nothing has changed in the game mechanics, there was also the fact that before that no one really cares about the horses in the game being somehow protected. While adding cosmetics is justified in itself, demanding money from players for such a useless feature is no longer there. Horse Armor was one of the first downloadable content packs to receive criticism. Although with the current trends for paid cosmetics in games, this DLC looks just harmless for our time.

Dragon Age: Origins Additional Story

If video game developers want to add DLC content, one of the worst things they can do is place DLC ads directly in the game. Dragon Age: Origins suffered from this. We all know BioWare RPGs can't come out without DLC, and that's okay. If the player himself decides that he wants to buy it - why not [if it is not imposed in such a predatory way, as with Mass Effect 3: From Ashes]. But it's much worse when you bump into an NPC who literally wants to sell you an in-game game.


He looks harmless and will tell all the details of his quest, but the conversation ends up saying that you can complete the quest only if you purchase DLC content for real money. It's one thing when downloadable content is optional, but it's another violation of immersion and personal boundaries, when you're literally being asked to pay twice.

The Saboteur: The Midnight Show

The Saboteur is a game about partisans who fought for the liberation of France during World War II. Of all the minuses of the game, although there are not so many of them, the most embarrassing is the DLC The Midnight Show. The purpose of this add-on is quite simple: it allows you to strip the dancers at the Belle de Nuit cabaret in Paris.


You got it right: DLC, which did nothing except remove censorship from women's breasts. And okay, she also added gambling and a couple of new hiding places, but they wanted to pick up people with nudity. It's funny that at first it was possible to do it for free in the game, but EA decided that it should pay $ 4.99 for this.

Mortal Kombat X: Easy Fatalities

There are two key components to Mortal Kombat, and they have been important to the franchise since the dawn of time. The first one is absolutely brutal battles and especially bloody finishing off with the help of fatalities. Secondly, it was not easy to complete the fatality and it requires a little skill.


In Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm has decided that they want to make fatalities public. These are not the changes that everyone wanted, but it was not the end of the world. Since the game was not limited to fatalities alone, they were more like the final signature.

What makes this all the funnier is that NetherRealm tried to charge people to get access to simpler fatalities. They were consumables that needed to be replenished.

Metro: Last Light - Ranger Mode

Metro: Last Light had a pre-order bonus known as Ranger Mode, a hardcore game mode that wasn't available to those who didn't pre-order.


At the time, it seemed odd to restrict people to content, especially since the developers called Ranger Mode the true path.

Shortly after the release, the developers heard community complaints about this issue and released it to everyone. The downside to this story is that it was not released as free content. Instead, we got a $ 4.99 DLC pack.

Battlefield 4 - Ultimate Shortcut Bundle

Players already complained that the game was released in parts. But what was even worse was the $ 50 Ultimate Shortcut Bundle for a multiplayer campaign. So, what kind of animal is this?


Basically, you're being asked to pay almost as much as you paid for the game to unlock all the top tier weapons that you have to knock out for a long time and painfully.

Against this background, we got many stories of how kids just used their parents' credit cards without their knowledge to buy the coolest weapons. Not only did it just suck, it also killed the multiplayer balance, allowing those with the money to dominate.

Asura's Wrath Final Episodes

Despite its good quality, this is a game that boasts one of the worst and most disgusting DLCs of all time. The ending was literally cut out of the game.

Yes, you read that right: to get the final battle with your nemesis and the true ending, you must buy DLC. In the game, you can even get a secret ending and, unlike the real end, you don't need to buy it.


There are games that rip out important parts of the plot and sell them to us separately, again, like in the case of Mass Effect 3. But similar to Asura's Wrath, it's like watching a movie in a movie, when there is only 10 minutes, stop the movie and tell the audience that either they are paying for these 10 minutes, or let them sweep out. Just imagine if Tarantino did this with his bloody climaxes.

Far Cry Primal - Legend Of The Mammoth

Far Cry Primal is kind of a unique game, as it allows you to plunge into the life of a primitive man. There was a mechanic in the game where you drank some strange liquid that a shaman from the tribe gave you, and you catch hallucinations about how you fly in the body of an animal. A classic drug trip by the standards of the series, plus we saw something like that in the last game.

It was interesting at first, but bored later. However, for some reason Ubisoft released a DLC based entirely on this mechanic.


They had great opportunities, but for some reason they thrust us into the body of a mammoth, and forced us to fight with other large animals over and over again. As in the original game: fun the first time, but then boring.

When you look at some of the other DLCs from Ubisoft, like Bad Blood for Watch Dogs, Freedom Cry for Black Flag or the latest DLC for Odyssey, you realize they can make good products.

The Amazing Spider-Man - Osphone Games

But this is already really absurd. I am sure you know that any good and simple game gives birth to a hundred clones on the market. Just open the Play Market to see dozens of Minecraft, Pac-Man or Snake clones.


But who wants to play a stupid free [$ max] clone when you can buy one in the Spider-Man DLC? This idea came to minds at Activision when they decided to make Peter's phone in Amazing Spider Man more interactive. You could download a nasty game to Peter's phone for real money and play what you can find on the Internet for free.

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