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Researchers have identified the most vulnerable home gadgets to hack


Securing Sam, a software security company to prevent hacking of devices in time, decided to find out which home gadgets are most vulnerable to hacker attacks. The company has conducted its own investigation to find out which class of devices is more likely to be hacked by unauthorized people.

According to some estimates, lovers of modern technology can have from 14 to 17 different home gadgets connected to their home Internet network. Any of them can be attacked, which will open access to them to intruders, who, in turn, can use this for profit, extortion, or other purposes.

The classification of devices with access to the World Wide Web is quite extensive. These include computers, televisions, laptops, smartphones, security cameras, and sometimes kitchen utensils. Often, users seek to save money, so they often purchase equipment from little-known manufacturers, which attracts with low cost. Sometimes its quality is quite decent, but not always budget gadgets can boast of reliable protection.


After the research, analysts have identified the most unprotected type of home gadgets - they turned out to be CCTV cameras. As it turned out, camera hacking accounts for 47% of all attacks on devices connected to the home Internet. Most IP cameras in the low-cost segment often have an identical device and not the most advanced protection. This leads to the fact that by hacking one of them, hackers can figure out how to "work" in the same way with other similar devices.

In addition to IP cameras, which account for nearly half of the hacks, other classes of home appliances are at risk. The researchers named devices with weak security, among which there were TVs, printers, iP-phones.


Securing Sam analysts explain that many users consider their TVs and other home appliances not of interest to attackers. However, the company warns that such hacking of devices opens access to the personal information of their owners. The use of the received personal information can be used in different ways, for example, the simplest is to sell it to someone, especially if the user occupies a responsible position, is a famous person or works for a certain company.

According to statistics in 2017, hacker hacks have not spared more than two million gadgets around the world. Among them were surveillance cameras and other devices. At the same time, the number of servers from which the spread of virus programs reached almost 11 thousand. Home appliances are not the only class that is subject to increased interest from intruders. More powerful equipment, for example, medical equipment, is not insured against break-ins.

The Topic of Article: Researchers have identified the most vulnerable home gadgets to hack.
Author: Jake Pinkman