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TOP 10 Free Antivirus Software


Antivirus software is an essential element of PC protection, designed to ward off numerous Internet threats. Some manufacturers do not charge fees for their product. Is it true that free is worse? Not always.

There are plenty of free antiviruses on the market. Of course, not all are worth mentioning, but in this list we will only include those that stand out for efficiency or more features than just basic protection against malware.

What were we looking at first? The first point is systematic updating. In our world, relevance is equal to efficiency, and rarely updated protection tools will not be able to provide complete security. The second criterion is the exactingness of resources - namely, the guarantee that the program will not "eat up" all the power of your device, and you can safely use it even on a weak machine.

avast! Free Antivirus 2018

For some avast! remains unchanged "favorite". It regularly occupies high positions in the tests of the reputable laboratory AV-Test Gmbh and, despite the free license, downright pampers with functionality. Scanning your computer at startup, control of data downloaded via P2P or when communicating in instant messengers, control of websites and the scripts they contain, as well as a browser cleaning tool are just some of the features of the antivirus.


An important role is played by the module for analyzing running processes and an advanced password manager. Some users will probably find Gaming Mode useful, which optimizes performance while gaming.

Systematic updates are a significant advantage of the program. Last year, the avast! was thoroughly "reconstructed". The 2018 version is another feature enhancement that provides, above all, enhanced Wi-Fi network control options, improved smart scanning (with a detailed report on individual system components) and the SecureDNS anti-phishing tool.

Kaspersky Free

Perhaps for someone the biggest advantage (or disadvantage?) in this case will be the country of origin of this antivirus. The free version of Kaspersky is a relatively new offer from the developers, but judging by the reviews, it is very promising. Kaspersky Free does not require a fee, does not overload the system, and guarantees basic protection against viruses, spyware, phishing and dangerous sites.


Anti-Virus offers several scanning options (including for scanning external media) and a quarantine management module.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Are you using Windows 7? It's no secret that this OS has gained popularity and still has a large group of supporters. Microsoft Security Essentials is enough for you as basic protection for the G7. A simple and intuitive interface, at first glance, hides somewhat limited program capabilities, but this definition is not entirely correct.


If you look closely at the latest versions of the antivirus, you will see that it has significantly expanded, mainly due to the improved scanner and monitoring of network traffic. Not without reason Microsoft Security Essentials climbs high in the seasonal ratings of AV-Test Gmbh.

In addition to a simple interface and real-time protection, users are offered three modes of on-demand scanning, creation of restore points and a quarantine module. By the way, Microsoft Security Essentials is free not only for home, but also for commercial use (but for a maximum of 10 workplaces).

Comodo AntiVirus

Do you need protection for both home and work? Why not choose Comodo antivirus! Compared to "Microsoft" software, things are more happy with compatibility and frequency of updates.


By the way, Comodo AntiVirus is considered one of the pioneers - it was among the first antiviruses running on Windows 10. The authors are faithful to their principles, namely a simple interface and functions familiar to customers, which are constantly being improved. In addition to basic capabilities, you can use a firewall, open suspicious objects in a sandbox (i.e. sandboxed environment), or enable game mode.

Comodo AntiVirus owners also appreciate its undemanding system resources.

Avira Free Antivirus 2018

Here is a representative of the TOP-3 popular free antiviruses. Of course, Avira is appreciated by users for regular updates. Updating software and databases helps it to remain effective and interesting for a wide range of users.


Independent tests confirm that Avira is excellent at detecting threats of all kinds - viruses, Trojans, malware and spyware. Another advantage of the program is support for cloud computing, which, among other things, reduces the load on the system and makes background scanning almost invisible.

Anti-Virus is undemanding to the equipment and regularly performs the tasks assigned to it, even on old computers. Avira looks modern in terms of interface and remains intuitive to use.

BitDefender Antivirus Free Edition

Cloud technology is also adopted by Bitdefender Antivirus, which makes it "light" for the system.


Although you can't tell right away that the program is more advanced than its paid counterparts, it still has something to offer. Real-time protection, on-demand and on-boot scanning, and extensive website monitoring options combine to provide protection from not only malware, but also financial theft.

AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG products need no introduction. The free version of the antivirus offers users not only basic protection, but also a quarantine module, an e-mail scanner, a PC Analyzer tool, and an Identity Protection tool that prevents identity theft. In addition, the LinkScanner function protects against attacks that can be exposed while surfing the web by checking links for threats.


We should also mention the presence of such components as the CyberCapture scanner, which provides increased protection in real time, and the passive mode (to avoid conflicts with other antivirus software).

Ad-Aware Antivirus Free

Previously, Ad-Aware served as Internet spyware removal software. But over time, the capabilities of the program have expanded, and now they are quite impressive. The functionality of the antivirus is growing steadily as the manufacturer updates it regularly. Ad-Aware Antivirus Free is a hardware-friendly and fast program that actively protects against viruses, malware, ransomware and spyware.


Standard security measures are complemented by an on-demand scan and a quarantine module. There is also a game mode, which for gamers will be a pleasant "cherry on the cake".

360 Total Security

One antivirus is not enough for you? Then meet a whole arsenal of multiple integrated cores: 360 Cloud Scan Engine, 360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira and Bitdefender.


Agree, for free software this is already a very decent set, thanks to which you can not worry about timely detection of malicious objects and effective protection in real-time mode. For advanced users, features such as manual scan, sandbox module, website and download checker, and utilities to optimize PC performance and clean drives are offered.

There is a simpler alternative - 360 Total Security Essential, it focuses exclusively on protection (it does not have tools to optimize system performance). As a result, the load on the iron is reduced.


If the list was called "Most Popular Free Antiviruses", then we would not have mentioned SecureAPlus. Although this is not a very popular offer today, more and more users are convinced of its benefits. Under its modest shell, SecureAPlus "hides" one of the most extensive functionalities. The interface has recently undergone a redesign and now looks modern.


The program itself uses up to 12 (!) anti-virus engines, which, working together, ensure high accuracy of threat detection, including when scanning text documents and data archives. In addition to real-time protection and manual scanning, there is a special tool for the paranoid - the Application Whitelisting.

This component allows you to keep executable files out of the whitelist under special supervision - SecureAPlus simply will not allow them to be launched without the user's personal permission.

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