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What to see from fantasy: ”The Immortal Guard” (2020)


You sit down to watch a good fantasy film, and you are immersed in a fairy tale yourself. Elves, gnomes, trolls, witches and sorcerers - it's not a pity to spend time with this company since childhood. But today we will talk about fantasy of a slightly different plan. Many will even prefer to call the film "The Immortal Guard" (2020), chosen by us for today's session, a fantasy. But since immortality here has not scientific roots, but rather magical ones, the fantasy genre will suit it more.

"Highlanders" of our time

We all remember the epic Highlander franchise. An immortal type named Duncan McCloud walks around the world, finds other immortals and chops off their heads, while other immortals do not scour the world in order to chop off their heads.


Particularly no one has clearly extended about the essence of the "problem". Why should there be only one? Where exactly did all these "immortals" come from? What kind of parallel world or other solar system gave birth to them? What's the point of all this?

And the meaning lay not so much in the explanations as in the special effects and entertainment of the film. When everything on the screen flashes with lightning, and the action is full of virtuoso (by those standards) sword fights, no one really wants to think about the background of what is happening. Colorful and interesting, and okay. And all sorts of explanations - on the drum. We are all rooting for McCloud, and this is the main thing, as Comrade Gorbachev would say.

In the case of the film "The Immortal Guard" (2020)it is also better not to think about the roots of immortality and about the purpose. And everything will be a bunch. Moreover, the creator of the comic strip of the same name, Greg Rukka, has not yet bothered to think about them.

The film tells about the adventures (although more often it is the misadventures) of a detachment of immortals (the literal translation of the film is not "Immortal Guard", but "The Old Guard" or "Guard of the Old") which someone, based on his own moral and other motives, decided to give immortality.

Who it was and why it was done is unknown. If there is a second and third part, then maybe we will find out. At least the author of the graphic novel Greg Rookk has already concocted the second part and is planning a third, final one.

Description of the movie "The Immortal Guard" (2020)

In Morocco, more precisely - in Marrakesh, a year after the last case, a team of mercenaries is assembled, consisting of three men - Booker, Nick and Joe and a woman Andy, who has something like a boss. The group specializes in everything from eliminating unwanted individuals to preventing terrorist attacks.


At the moment they are hired by former CIA officer James Copley, who left the special services after the death of his wife. In South Sudan, terrorists broke into a school and, shooting teachers, took 17 children from 8 to 13 years old hostage. When Sudan asked the United States for help, they politely refused. According to Copley, the policy of the United States administration is that they refuse to all countries that are not currently their "strategic partner". He, as a former CIA officer, of course, is better off knowing about this. It is to save these children, allegedly by order of the government of South Sudan, that Copley hires them

Andy was initially opposed to working with Copley. According to the team's rules, they do not work twice for the same client (last time they carried out an order from the CIA when Copley was still an agent).


But Copley was 100% sure that Andy would not resist seeing the photos of the kidnapped children. And he was right.

It was necessary to act quickly. The terrorists had not yet made any demands, which indicated that the children could soon be separated and transported from one currently known place to another, after which the search and release of the children would become an almost insoluble task.

And the group "goes into battle", where it is safely ambushed. In the room where, according to all information, children should be kept, a detachment of submachine gunners was waiting for them, which opened fire on them from all their automatic barrels. The riddled fighters of the task force, of course, immediately fell, throwing back their hooves.

And then the miracles began

From this point in the film "Immortals" the fun begins. The tissues of the dead began to spectacularly push bullets out of themselves, after which their bodies began to return to life.


Even head wounds did not stop their magical and inexplicable regeneration. At that moment, when the fighters from ambush celebrated victory, without even bothering to insert new clips into their weapons, our heroes stood up and began to crumble them like salad.

After a quick and spectacular reprisal, Andy comes to the conclusion that they were simply framed and destroys a hidden video camera, through which Copley watched their "rise from the dead" thousands of kilometers away. The quartet decides to find this goat and carry out a "cleanup" according to all the rules.

But one more circumstance intervenes in the course of events. In Afghanistan, during a raid to find a dangerous militant, Marine Corps Corporal Niall Freeman is mortally wounded.


The cervical artery was cut and, according to all estimates, the girl was not a tenant. Meanwhile, she survived, moreover, the wound healed up in the morning so that it seemed as if it did not exist at all, leaving no scar.

As it turned out, all members of the immortal guard in a dream can feel the appearance of a newcomer, and tomorrow the group is divided. Andy goes to rescue the newly minted "immortal", while the rest of the three go in search of the traitor Copley.

Andy manages to knock out and kidnap Niall just at the moment when they are going to take her, apparently, "for experiments," since such a "rise from the dead" could not go unnoticed by the special forces.


The boss of the Immortal Guard, upon a brief acquaintance, before giving the Marine in the head, is called Andromache the Scythian, and when she wakes up in the cockpit of the hijacked Hammer, he explains the problem to her.

As it turned out, there were only six such immortals in the entire history of mankind, plus now the seventh is Niall. One died. At some point, his body simply stopped regenerating after his injuries. The second, chained in a metal coffin, was thrown somewhere in the ocean by ardent haters of witches, which was back in the Middle Ages. Andy herself has lived in this world since the days of Ancient Greece.

Meanwhile, the group is under attack. Copley's militants somehow got out to the group, and while Andy and Niles were away, they shot and kidnapped two of the squad - the crusaders Nicky and Joe, leaving only a breathless Booker in the house. Copley insists that everyone should be captured, but Andromache the Scythian, she is Andy, once again enters the warpath, and soon no one will survive from Copley's militant detachment. From now on, the alignment in the film "Immortal Guard" does not look very good:

  • In the detachment, obviously, someone is working for the enemies, which is hard to believe, but everything is talking about this.
  • Niall does not agree to stay with the group and leaves.
  • After the end of the fight with the militants, Andy notices that her wounds have stopped regenerating.
  • The Crusaders are taken to the crazy head of the pharmaceutical company, who is still a flayer and butcher.


How everything will be resolved - see for yourself. We dispersed here and so, playing the spoiler for almost half a movie.

Pros and cons

The main disadvantage is that Western "tolerants" and a small detachment of immortals have managed to cram representatives of sexual minorities. Yes, the crusaders, who, according to them, for a long time and stubbornly at first killed each other in the battles of the crusade, eventually fell in love with each other very much.


We have nothing against gays and lesbians, but, excuse me, at a time when only 2% of the respondents consider themselves to be LGBT among the entire population of the Earth, what is the likelihood of two homosexuals getting into a squad of 4 people at once? This, moreover, looks caricature-pretentious, and also unreal.

The rest of the small nuances can be tolerated. Not to say that the film is peculiar. But filmed quite at the level. Looks with interest. And last but not least, the interest in the project was given by the presence of Chiwetel Ejiofor and short-haired Charlize Theron in it. She has already played her 100%, don't bother.


You can wrinkle your forehead as much as you like and call the film "The Immortal Guard" a naive fairy tale, but what is not a fairy tale "Game of Thrones" or the same "Avengers"? Miracles happen there even more abruptly. But to go far, revise the same "Carrier" or "Hobbs and Shaw". That's where the fairy tale is, so the fairy tale.

So let's just calm down a little with criticism and just follow the link below.

Watch the movie "The Immortal Guard" (2020) online

And after watching, we will already comment. The same "Hancock" (in which, by the way, Charlize Theron also appeared) is also fantasy and also about immortals.


But it looks great. So why not watch movies like "The Immortal Guard" (2020) with the same success, while not snorting skeptically under your breath.

All the best and see you soon!

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