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Relativity dreams of a new war of the gods

Image Tarsem Singh's film War of the Gods: Immortals is not a project that movie fans often remember. However, at one time the fantasy epic earned $ 226 million at the worldwide box office and is still the highest grossing tape of the studio Relativity , and therefore the company intends to shoot a continuation of the film.

According to the information portal Slashfilm , the bosses of Relativity , having enlisted the support of Storyoscopic Films , plan to implement their long-standing idea and begin active work on a sequel "Wars of the Gods" . In addition to the epic Singh , the sequel should also receive the tapes "Man of November", "Law of Valor" and "Extraterrestrial Echo".

In general, the decision to create a franchise based on Wars of the Gods is quite predictable. The very plot of the plot - the war between gods and mortals for the future of humanity - implies a vast scope for a flight of fantasy. In addition, the bosses of Relativity have long thought about a sequel, and in 2015 Ryan Kavanagh even told reporters that the script for the second part was almost ready and that Henry Cavill was going to return to the role of Theseus . It is not known whether this information is relevant at the moment.


However, this year's results show that not always a successful film needs to be continued. A striking example of this is "Snow White and the Huntsman 2" and "Alice Through the Looking Glass". These tapes were able to cover the costs of their production, but there is no need to talk about the favor of film fans and critics.

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Author: Jake Pinkman