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What to see from the movies this weekend: Project Power (2020)


Not later than last week, namely on August 14, another interesting novelty with several resounding stars in the lead roles was drawn on the Netflix streaming service. This is the film "Project Power" (2020), which we decided to recommend to our readers for Sunday viewing. The plot of the picture is again sharpened for superpowers, only it has a slightly different "sharpening".

And what is different in this "sharpening", we will now figure it out.

Description of the movie "Project Power" (2020)

Despite the fact that all pictures about superheroes and superpowers are usually placed in the "fantasy" section, the movie "Project Power", for some reason, ended up with the creators in the "fantasy" section. Fantastic here, to be honest, is not enough. If a person in a matter of seconds swells to the size of the Hulk, and a little later, just as quickly deflates to the size of an ordinary person, this is not fantasy. This is magic. And since magic happens only in fairy tales, then, therefore, this is what it is - fantasy.

Anyone who is lucky enough to buy capsules with a drug that causes global short-term, but at the same time reversible, mutations in the human body can get superpowers in Project Power (2020).


This drug is able to awaken in people their innate, but hitherto dormant, "talents" and launch them to their fullest.

Some guy named (or - nickname) Baigi (Bump) distributes the drug to the local New Orleans hucksters for free, and they, in turn, push him at exorbitant prices on the streets. To the question, they say, what's the catch, Bagy answers evasively, but the hucksters, frankly, do not care. They immediately begin to raise a lot of money on it.

Of course! Having taken such a capsule, a person for five minutes can become invisible, super-powerful, super-fast, or turn into a fiery monster. But no one knows in advance what "superpowers" the capsule will open in the body of this or that person. Therefore, it is not a fact that these very discovered superpowers will not kill the wearer himself.


The substance causes a feeling of euphoria, because for some time the individual who has taken it feels like almost the king of the world. But the effect of the drug lasts only a few minutes, after which the person becomes himself again, after which, to prolong the effect, he either needs to take another "pill", or, alas, a little good one.

Get to the point

Now about the main characters of the film "Project Power" (2020). By the way, let's first take a look at the USA-language trailer from Pythagoras.

16-year-old girl Robin is one of the ordinary hucksters. She's hoarding because she's still small to work, and her mother needs money for medicine. From the side she is slightly patronized by the local cop Frank, who, in combination, also purchases from her. According to him, if evil can have superpower, why can't the police have the same power?

Recently, since Baigi appeared in the local district with his "super potion", crimes, massacres, robberies, murders and other villainy have increased at times. The police have to confront villains with superpowers, from which they suffer and die like flies. Therefore, Frank can be understood. Having taken the pill, he becomes invulnerable to bullets and melee weapons for 5 minutes (this is exactly his superpower in the movie "Project Power"), which helps a lot in catching frostbitten ones.


But the law is the same for everyone. When the boss convicts him of taking the drug, he has to take the token and weapon from him. But Frank won't stop there. After all, his ward got into trouble, who was kidnapped by some rabid dark-skinned loner. This guy recently sewed her dealer and now wants to reach the distributors higher through her.

Robin refuses at first. But when he finds out that this formidable type is just a desperate father whose daughter was kidnapped, he agrees to help.

And it turns out to be dragged into a global conspiracy, the threads from which stretch not only to the leadership of the pharmaceutical company involved in this business, but also to local bureaucrats and law enforcement agencies.

Pros and cons

The main disadvantage of the film "Project Power" (2020), of course, is that its plot again revolves around all the same, already sore, superpowers. Apparently, even in Western melodramas, the main characters will soon be only with Supermen< or "Supergirls".

The main feature is that superpowers really only work for 5 minutes, which is why the plot, at least a little, becomes peculiar. In any case, it was not boring to watch, and this is the main criterion by which the film is rated.

The project employs such Hollywood stars as Jamie Foxx, suspiciously similar to "Django" from "Tarantino" "Django Unchained", Joseph Gordon-Levitt, suspiciously similar to Snowden from "Oliverstone", in fact, "Snowden" and Dominic Fishback, suspiciously similar to the prostitute Donna Pickett from the acclaimed HBO series "Two". All of them played quite well in Project Power (2020).

Most likely, it is precisely their merit that the picture with a partly "superhero" script earned more than 6 points on the servicesIMDb and KinoPoisk.


Anyone interested in our today's advice on what to watch from movies at the weekend, please follow the link below.

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Good luck, and have a nice trip to the cinema!

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