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New Game Movies Awaiting


Often, game adaptations are not the best, to put it mildly, and all they get is fan hatred. But with the growing popularity of games, we have hope that things may change in the future. Recently, more and more information has appeared about new films for games. In addition, Sony has opened its own film division, and Kojima-san just has similar plans for the future. We have collected in one place all films and series on games that are in the process of being created, negotiations on creation or at the stage of an idea to wash their bones.


The long-suffering film adaptation of Uncharted has been on the brink of production hell for several years now. The script was rewritten more than once, but the most important thing is that the film has already changed six directors. Now the chair was taken over by Ruben Fleasher, who directed Venom and Welcome to Zombieland.

If there is anyone who believes in the film's success, it is Tom Holland. He will play the young Nathan Drake in the film. In a recent interview with IGN, he revealed that Uncharted 4 is his favorite game, which inspires him a lot. Holland himself is confident that the picture will avoid the typical mistakes of films on games and largely due to the fact that this is a prequel to the game series. All viewers, both fans of the game and those who just come to the film, will receive the original story, not an adapted one.


It has also recently become known that the film will star Antonio Banderas, known for Interview with the Vampire, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Pain and Glory, for which he was nominated for an Oscar. Who exactly is unknown.

As for the plot, the picture will tell how Nathan met Sally and they went on their first adventure. Mark Wahlberg is expected to play the role of Sally. The script is the responsibility of the people who wrote the story for Iron Man and Men in Black: International.

The film is due out in 2021.

The Last of Us

Recently it became known that HBO is going to film an epic from Naughty Dog - The Last of Us. And it will not be done by anyone, but Neil Druckmann - the creative director of the game dilogy and Craig Mazin - the screenwriter of "Chernobyl". Both of them will be producers and scriptwriters of the project.


In addition, the crew includes Evan Wells, head of Naughty Dog, and Game of Thrones and Chernobyl producer Carolyn Strauss. This will be the first collaboration between HBO and Sony's PlayStation Productions.

In the press release for the adaptation, Druckmann was named as a skilled screenwriter and master of storytelling who will bring the game to the screens with all his love.

Silent Hill and Fatal Frame

The director of the first Silent Hill adaptation, Christopher Gans, announced in an interview that he is currently working on two game-based films - Silent Hill and Fatal Frame.


Hans' adaptation of the history of the foggy city is considered one of the best films for games per se, and this was back in the period when almost any film adaptation of games was still feces. Silent Hill was an exception, however. Hans does not have any sideways to create the second part. He left the project when he realized that they wanted to rape the sequel. In his new job, he will collaborate with the producer of the first film, Victor Hadida. Hans will stick to his old philosophy.

As for Fatal Frame, the director is confident that the film should be authentic and set in Japan, fully relying on the game source and its oriental roots.


A Borderlands movie was announced back in 2015, but eventually the project stalled. In February it became known that work had resumed in full swing. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford said on Twitter that the director of the film will be Eli Roth, whom you may know from The Hostel and The Secret of the Clock House.

It is also noteworthy that the aforementioned screenwriter of "Chernobyl" [and now also The Last of Us] Craig Mazin will also write a script for the film adaptation of the story of Pandora. The producer will be Randy Pitchford himself and the chairman of Take Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnik.


We should have found out more details at PAX East, but for some reason there Gearbox only talked about the DLC for the third game. But the film itself has been described as "Mad Max in Space." If you believe Full Circle Cinema, then the main character will be Lilith. She is a prisoner in Atlas prison, but the head of the company will offer her in exchange for freedom the task of rescuing her daughter Tiny Tina from Pandora.

Things get much more complicated when it turns out that she is the key to the Vault. We'll also see many familiar characters like Iron and Vault Seekers.


This news was a rumor, which was eventually denied, but we cannot mention it. In general, the following two games and their adaptations can be described as: “certain people have a desire to create them.”


"Breaking Bad," "Better Call Soul," and Amozon's new Lord of the Rings series writer Jennifer Hutchison has expressed her interest in making a television adaptation of the Bethesda classic Dishonored. The stealth action series developed by Arkane Studios is rich in captivating characters. There is also a truly unique aesthetic in the world of Dishonored that would go well with live action.

Many colleagues wanted to join her, but, alas, she soon announced that she was not currently working on a Dishonored series. Rather, it offers its services to those who have thoughts on this matter.

God Of War

Similar to God of War creative director Corey Barlog offers Netflix. In a tweet, he wrote that he would love to see the God of War franchise adapted into a Netflix-style series. After the huge success of shows like Castlevania and The Witcher, Barlog shared his belief that the adventures of Kratos and Atreus can look great on TV if adapted.


Not to be misled, Barlog immediately said that he was just sharing his own "hopes and dreams" and this was not a hint that the series was in development.


Writer Gary Whitt has a long track record. He wrote scripts for films such as The Book of Eli, After Our Era, Rogue One: Star Wars. Stories ", as well as the first and last season of The Walking Dead.

He recently hosted a Q&A session on his twitter, and a fan asked if he had a favorite game that he would like to adapt for a movie. The writer replied that he would like to do Control.


Remedy communications manager Thomas Pooh appeared in the comments and wrote "Let's talk." More information was not available, but it is clear that their conversation may have continued tete-a-tete. Hopefully it ended successfully and we'll see an adaptation of Control.

Something from Kojima Productions

Father Kojima and his studio are planning to create films in the future. So far, there have been no hints or announcements, but we hope that we will see either screen versions of games from the studio, or original projects.


Metal Gear Solid

Speaking of Kojima. Recently, the MGS film showed signs of life. Film director and huge fan of the Solid Serpent series, Jordan Vot-Roberts, spoke about the progress of their film.


For the film, a new script was written with a large abundance of "kojivschina" about the surrealism of war. And also negotiations are underway with the actor for the main role, and this actor, according to the director, is "special". They are also ready to start filming. The film has been in production for 5 years.

So far, these are all new films and series on games that we know about. Will they escape the curse and be good? We'll find out in a couple of years how they will come out. If they come out ...

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