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Han Solo: details that everyone will be interested to know


Han Solo is the main character in the events of the Star Wars universe associated with a key moment in the overall history of these worlds, namely the Battle of Yavin IV. It is against the background of the adventures of Khan and the characters who were his friends that the global changes in the life of this phantasmagoric universe are consecrated.

A few words about the Star Wars universe

In our article, we will tell everything as if you are not a very skilled person in this area, which most of our readers are. And the first thing that infuriates an ordinary person who, after watching the film, decided to go online and see what was behind the backstory, or what will happen next, is the abbreviations BBY and ABY. Example: "The actions of Jude Watson's book The Memory Thieves (44 BBY) is developing ..." etc. Well, what is your BBY? Can anyone explain?

We will explain. BBY - these are events "before the battle of Yavin IV", ABY - "after the battle of Yavin IV". Yavin IV is the fourth companion of the red gas giant Yavin, orbiting a star located in one of the distant sectors of inhabited space (outer circle). It was next to him in the film "A New Hope" (Episode IV) that the Imperial flotilla was defeated, led by their crushing weapon - the station "Death Star".

Since then, chronology in this universe has been conducted relative to this key time point. Everything that came before her is BBY, everything after it is just years, or with an addition of ABY. Like ours - before R. X (before the birth of Christ) and from R. Kh. (After the birth of Christ). It's funny that in that universe, the victory at Yavin IV has the same global significance as in our universe the Nativity of Christ.

Special attention should be paid to the mention "A long time ago, in a distant, distant galaxy ...". This is clearly not us. We saw this appeal by chance, since all the people about whom the tale is going are clearly our descendants, since everyone there is accustomed to counting time according to earthly standards, and everything else certainly confirms our assumption.

Han Solo, which we will talk about today, was one of the direct participants in this key battle. Moreover, without him, this battle would clearly have been lost, because it was with his help that Luke Skywalker managed to throw a bomb into the nuclear reactor of the Death Star.


Briefs covered in films

According to the creators of the feature film "Han Solo. Star Wars: Tales ”, the action covered in it begins 9 years after the events that took place in Episode III“ Revenge of the Sith ”(19 BBY). Whoever is interested can make interesting calculations, during which it turns out that if we consider that at the time of the prologue, that is, the escape from Corellia, Han was 19, then he is 10 years older than Luke Skywalker and Leia, born, as we all know , just in the climax of the third episode. But in the films, the age difference between them is not felt at all.

Well, okay. This is not our business. Let's review what kind of biography Han Solo experienced in full meters?

Khan in Tales 13-10 BBY (released in 2018)

As it turned out, the life of a teenager was not easy not only in the Soviet Union, but also in a distant galaxy on the planet Karelia, where a kind of local "mafia" centipede Lady Proxima (lady - Ha! with its oppression of homeless and weak people and makes teenagers steal for their own pocket.

Han Solo endures such a situation for a long time, but now he gets a chance, an ampoule of coaxium, which costs a lot of money, falls into his hands. And this is a chance to escape from the planet. Well, if you dump, then be sure with a girl. And he had one here. Her name was Qi'ra, only in the terminal she was grabbed by one of the bodyguards of the mafia centipede. The terminal doors closed, dividing them, as it turned out, for three whole years.

Khan, because of the chase, had to enroll in the imperial army, but for his bad behavior he was expelled from the flight academy, and was forced to fight in the hottest spots as a private.

After he meets Beckett's gang, who handed him over to the military as a traitor. He is thrown into a dirty jail to "The Beast", which turns out to be Chubaka. By a lucky coincidence, Han Solo knows how to communicate in shiirivuk (the Wookiee language), finds a common language with him and, having agreed, they escape to, as it turned out, join all the same Becket and take part in a daring robbery of an imperial train with fuel for hyperjumps.

The robbery breaks down due to the fault of the Cloud Riders, half of Becket's team is killed, and Solo gets to the local mobster Vos, where, oddly enough, he discovers Qi'ra. Vos would have pulled them up for a failure with a robbery, but Han Solo comes up with a plan for another robbery, now a mine where Coaxium is being mined. No sooner said than done.


Since the gang wants a reliable ship, they take on the shuller and smuggler Lando Calrissian, whom Han tried to win with his Millennium Falcon interstellar truck, but failed.

With an interference, but they succeeded in the robbery. But the raw ore is not stable, so they rush to a private plant to process it. Arriving on Savarin, they again encounter the "Cloud Riders", who told them that they were not pirates, but kind of fighters for justice. Having lured Khan to their side, they doomed the gang to disintegration. Beckett retired, and, as it turned out, lied about everything to Vos. In the fight, Qi'ra Vosa kills and releases Khan to all fours, along with refined ore, which, as it turned out later, sponsored the formation of the rebel movement. Qi'ra herself did not go with Khan, hinting that she had her own path, and with Khan she was not on her way.

It is interesting that, at the end of the film, the cyborg-Sith Darth Maul is announced, cut in half and thrown the devils from what height by Obi Wan in The Phantom Menace. And it turned out that Han's girlfriend works for him. Khan does not know about this at the moment. This is where the movie ends.

Han in Episode IV 0 BBY (released in 1997)

In the rest of the episodes, Han Solo was not the central character, and they were all watched a hundred times, and therefore we will limit ourselves to only a short retelling.

The action of Episode IV, as we have already said, takes place in year zero according to the "Yavin" chronology and immediately after the events of the film "Rogue One". On Tatooine, it was Han who was destined to stumble upon a strange set of "passengers" - an elderly Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi, a young Skywalker and a couple of droids, one of which, reminiscent of the R2-D2 robot vacuum cleaner, carried around the desert in his womb recorded on a "flash drive" (or whatever he has there) secret information about the Death Star.

They travel to Aldaran, where the newly minted Death Star has just tested her superweapon. Han Solo, Chewbacca, and the passengers see with a shudder that only fragments of the planet remain. To top it off, their ship is captured by the Death Star's force beam, after which they are forced to make an emergency landing on one of the decks.

Let's not go into details, let's just say that Khan and the company managed to get away with it. Along the way, they rescued the leader of the rebel movement, Princess Leia Organa, and the quintessence was, in fact, the imperial fleet attack on the Death Star.


With the help of the message embedded in R2-D2, the rebels devised a daring plan for how to send a nuclear bomb into the belly of the hated station. This is exactly what the young Luke Skywalker managed to do, who learned to use the power that the Medichlorians give the Jedi.

Solo already flew away, but changed his mind and helped his friend just at the moment when he was almost killed by his own dad, once Anaken Skywalker, and now the dark lord Darth Vader.

Han in Episode 5, 3 ABY (released in 1980)

In this episode, Han participates in the resistance, the base of which is located on the planet of eternal winter, Hoth, although at the time it was time to name it, after all, Cold. It is joyful to realize that the discoverers of that time still had a craving for humor.

Here, Han Solo rescues Skywalker when he manages to escape from the clutches of a peculiar local Yeti, who has gathered to dine with him, but nearly freezes in the snowy desert. He then helps the rebel fleet evacuate when the Imperial fleet finds them.

An attempt to hide with his current accomplice Lando Calrissian, whom he won the Millennium Falcon at the end of Stories by stealing the cards hidden in his sleeve, leads to his capture, and at the same time the capture of Leia, Chubaki and 3PO ... It turns out that a former friend and ally of Han Solo surrendered his empire in exchange for the lives of his friends.

After testing the cryogenic freeze on Han Solo, Darth Vader gives the frozen captain to the bounty hunter Bobb Fet, who works for Jabba the Hutt. The Khan owed him money, and now the frozen body of a bullying smuggler is doomed to show off on one of the walls of his putrid viper as a debt.

Han in Episode VI, 4 ABY (released in 1983)

But Skywalker, having completed the Jedi "Young Fighter Course" on the planet Dagoba under the strict guidance of the lop-eared and still green master Yoda, returns and, with the help of the same set of friends, rescues the frozen captain Han Solo.

But everything is bad, because the empire is building a new and improved Death Star version 2.0. It is clear from everything that if she completes it, then a kirdyk will come overnight to the insurgent movement. So Han Solo is back in business. Having put together a group of saboteurs all of the same persons, he descends to the planet, in orbit of which the unfinished Death Star hangs, and with the help of the local shallow-furry aborigines, he destroys the generator of the protective field, under which the unfinished military-technical miracle of the empire was hidden.

As soon as the field disappeared, the rebels piled on their motley army and leveled the Death Star with ... a vacuum. Curtain.

Han in Episode VII 34 ABY (released in 2015)

As it is sung in the song of the well-known Sovdep cartoon “We do not want to live ... Eh! In another way ... ", and here. Considering that in the events of his "Stories" Han Solo was 22 (and this was 10 BBY), then now he is already 56. And although Han Solo's vidocq is already old and shabby (the Wookiees live several times more people), they Chewie are still smuggling. Somewhere in the twists and turns of fate, the Millennium Falcon was stolen from them, and now they are crawling through space on some kind of wreck, borrowing money from everyone and everything and selling vague creatures for zoos.

They are stumbled upon by the imperial non-stormtrooper Fin, the undejedike Rei, and the ball-like android BB-8, who escaped from Tatooine (by the way, on the Millennium Falcon Solo ship).

When their son went over to the dark side, Han Solo and Leia Organa were destined to part. But in this part, both of them will have to face Kylo Ren, that is, their baby Ben, who overnight became the right hand of Supreme Leader Snoke. During the confusion at Starkiller Base, where they arrive with Rey, Fin and the rebel android, Solo decided to try to return his son to the bright side. But ... Dumb son is killing him. This is where the life of the old smuggler is interrupted, and Chubak, after the death of Han Solo, is now doomed to fly together with Rey.

The failure of "Stories" with Han Solo


What Star Wars fans said to the creators after watching:

  • Bad actor for Han Solo was picked! Down with actor Alden Ehrenreich, his solo is indistinct!
  • A bad story was invented! Not so in comics and published books!
  • Bad Adventures! More rebels and fewer petty tricks were needed!

Fans spat, spat, and calmed down. And the film, because of their spitting, with a budget of 250 million dollars, raised only 392 million. It didn't even pay off twice. And when the studio announced that they would have to tie up with "Stories" in such a time, only the fans grabbed their heads. But, as they say in such cases, it was too late.

Cinema is not only art. It is also a means of making money. And when it pays off with a scratch, uncles with money do not care about the opinions of fans. I had to go to the theaters when the time was, but now don't whine.

How it really was


Let's dwell on the facts about Han Solo that are unknown and not mentioned in the films, as well as the discrepancies with the extended and well-established version, which was collected bit by bit from books and comics.

Few people know, but while episodes 4, 5 and 6 of Star Wars were on the screens, American writer Brian Daley wrote three whole novels about Han Solo:

  • Han Solo at Star's End / Han Solo at Star's End (1979);
  • Han Solos Revenge (1979);
  • Han Solo and the Lost Legacy (1980)

All of them have been translated into USA and in more than one translation, as can be seen from different translations of titles. Also, before and after a lot of comics were published in the universe, where the famous smuggler appeared to one degree or another.

As it turned out, according to the established version:

  • Han has never played tricks with a girl named Qi'ra, and there is no such character in Han Solo's biography. His first love was Bria Tharen, whom he met in Ylesia, under the thumb of the Hutts.
  • The beginning of Han Solo's story was not like that. Since childhood, he has not lived in Corelia as such, and has been there insofar as. Since childhood, he has lived on the Merchant Luck ship in the possession of outlaw Harris Shrike (not to be confused with Shrike from Hyperion Simmons).
  • His fate is similar to that of Anaken Skywalker. He was also, consider, in slavery, he was also a pilot of racing cars and participated in "Races without rules", but unlike Anaken, he was not released. The wiggly whip escaped by itself.
  • It happened when he was 19 years old. And they dumped together with their first love Bria on Coruscant. But there their fates diverged.
  • Khan originally had the surname "Solo". No officer called him that way when he joined the army. Once on Corelia, he even met his brother, who called himself Tarkan (not to be confused with the Turkish singer) Sal-Solo. And later he did find out that his family comes from one of the most famous criminals Dalla the Black, who once proclaimed himself the Corelian king.
  • Everyone is wondering how Solo knew the purring Wookiee language. He was taught by his kind aunt Dyulana, who was also a Wookiee and was a cook at the Shrike court.
  • According to the previous version, Han learned to be a pilot and flew the TIE Fighter. Nobody ever demoted him to the rank and file. He was simply thrown out of the army because of his obnoxious nature and because he stood up for a Wookiee who was mercilessly beaten by a warden at a construction site. This was Chewbacca. As it turned out, this was not the first time he saved him from death. The first time it happened was during the wreck of a ship carrying slaves. Then Solo refused to shoot the same Wookiee on the orders of a senior officer.
  • Wookiee clung to him after being fired and followed him everywhere, explaining that he owed him his life and must repay him. It will be a surprise for some to know that in Brian Daily's first book, Solo wanted to get rid of Chewie.
  • It was not Lando who converted the future Han Solo ship, but himself, along with Chubaka. It was after their revision that he became a "super ship" with hidden capabilities.

There are still many discrepancies, you cannot list them all. It's understandable why the fans are pissed off. Overnight, they seemed to be in a parallel universe of "Star Wars". Well, who would like that when, specifically because of some "mother of dragons", Khan's first love, Briya, was removed from the biography of Khan and other ins and outs of the hero were changed?



We hope that the stories will continue to continue. I would like to know more about Princess Organa, about the children of Han Solo and Leia: daughter Jaina, eldest son Jacen (in the future - Darth Caedus) and youngest son Anakin, grandfather's teska. So, friends, next time go to the cinema. Otherwise, all these legends will remain on the pages of contradicting comics and books, and in the worst case, even in the heads of scriptwriters, who will never invent these stories!

All the best and more awesome movies!

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