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Star Wars could be an endless saga

Image Two years ago, many CinemaCon attendees took on the words of Walt Disney Studios CEO Alan Horne that Star Wars would be out before death of the universe as a joke. According to Wired journalists, Disney and Lucasfilm are indeed planning to release films of the space saga until the audience loses interest in them.

So far, Disney has announced plans for 2020. This winter, the heroes of the saga return to the screens in the blockbuster Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In 2017, viewers will be waiting for "Episode 8", and the third trilogy will end in 2019. Also next year, the universe will be expanded with the first spin-off - Star Wars: Rogue. In 2018, the premiere of the solo album Han Solo will take place, and two years later, another film " Anthologies of Star Wars " will be released, the main character of which may be Boba Fett .


Lawrence Kazdan, writer of the fifth, sixth and seventh episodes, believes that nothing prevents the creators of the franchise from continuing the tradition of releasing a film a year. “This saga has long become a separate genre, - said the filmmaker. -She is capable of developing in millions of different directions. " Star Wars " can be anything you want".


The Force Awakens will take place on December 17 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman