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Return to the battlefields of World War II


As promised, Electronic Arts hosted a massive broadcast of the Battlefield V trailer and details of the new multiplayer shooter. All guesses were confirmed and the players will indeed return to the battlefields of World War II. With only one "but": the developers want to show the places in the game, which are given the least attention in the works on WWII, namely swamps, woodlands and the Scandinavian countries. The presence of the Eastern Front has not yet been announced.

Unlike the recently announced Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Battlefield V still promises a story company that will be similar in concept to Batllefield 1. That is, the company will offer several story scenarios at once, telling individual stories. So far, only one scenario is known where we will play as a girl from the Scandinavian underground resistance. In this Battlefield V company, the developers decided to focus not on an epic confrontation, but tell a touching story in which a girl will do everything possible to save her family.

Each scenario in the company will differ not only in the plot, but also in the manner of storytelling, locations and unique gameplay situations. Battlefield V will try to reveal the most famous war in human history from different angles.

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Another positive news: EA has taken into account the criticism of players and will completely abandon the loot boxes that ruined Battlefront 2. There will also be no super weapons that are bought for real money and give an advantage to select players. All additions to the game will be distributed free of charge and will delight gamers with new modes, challenges and weapons. The first DLC can be expected in November.

DICE paid special attention to character customization, so you can make a completely individual character that will be indispensable in any situation on the battlefield. Make-up, gear, class and even face can be changed for a character, which will make all soldiers in Battlefield V look strikingly different from each other.

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Another point is new equipment that we might not have seen in other WWII games. To refresh the series and give players new weapons, the developers tried to find the perfect balance between old and new weapons, but without violating the historical accuracy. So, for example, enemy positions can be fired at with the help of V-1 shells.

Among other innovations, the developers ensure that we can see an incredible level of interactivity and destructibility of the environment. With the help of standard firearms, it will be possible to shoot through the shelters of opponents, and each cartridge will leave a realistic hole in the shot material. Another innovation of Battlefield V is worth noting here - for the first time, players can independently repair damaged buildings or install their own structures.

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The developers emphasize that, as always in the series, well-coordinated team actions will be essential for victory. And to refresh the feeling of battles, DICE improved the physics of the characters' bodies, added shockwaves from explosions that can kill or just knock them off their feet, gave vehicles the ability to drag objects in tow, and worked out unique recoil for each weapon.

You can buy Batllefield V now to be among the first players to enter the spectacular and dangerous battlefields of World War II. The game is scheduled to premiere on October 19, but if you have an active EA Access account, the developers will provide an exclusive opportunity to play the shooter on October 11.

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Author: Jake Pinkman