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15 indie games to watch out for in 2020


Not only will there be a lot of cool AAAs coming out next year, but also some indie classics. We've found 15 indie games of 2020 for you that are definitely worth playing. All of them look not only attractive and cute, but at times promise a good storyline.


It's not enough for us AAA cyberpunk, there is also another similar project on the indie front. Visually, Cloudpunk looks like a nice homage to Blade Runner, and if that fact alone is enough for you, then the game is definitely for you. You play as a courier [hello Kojima], delivering things around a huge, neon, cyberpunk city, interacting with humans, androids and artificial intelligence. The game will hit PC early next year.

12 minutes

12 minutes is a game about a repeating time loop. All the action takes place in one room, where there is a young couple. Twelve minutes later, armed men will rush into the room and grab the guy. After which time will roll back, and everything will repeat again. We need to try to break out of this loop, making different decisions each time and observe the consequences of this.

The procession to calvary

Continuation of Four Last Things by Joe Richardson. This colorful quest consists entirely of images of renaissance paintings that are whimsically animated. As a result, the game looks like one big set of unusual design and competent jokes and in the style of Monty Python.

Minute of islands

Minute of Islands is a comic-style puzzle game. It will be released on PC, Mac and consoles next spring. The plot follows the journey of Moe's girlfriend, an experienced mechanic, who encounters all sorts of strange machines in need of repair.

Way to the woods

A touching adventure in which you play as a deer and his mother, where you have to go through a long journey through a destroyed world from which all people have disappeared. The author of the project calls the source of inspiration The Last of Us, Life is Strange and Journey, as well as anime from Studio Ghibli. He himself describes the game as The Last of Us, from which the action was removed.

The other side

And now let's move on to smaller projects - to mobile. This mobile puzzle game is about the story of a family of ghosts who take a journey to find out who they are. They travel through a strange world of conveyor belts that also act like puzzles.


This project is best described as a tamagotchi with feelings. We create a creature by collecting it from multi-colored forms. The challenge is to understand the personality of the creature through small interactions such as touching, giving and playing with gifts, while at the same time taking care of its basic needs. It is a matter of trial and error, creating a mutual language of trust. Each creature has its own personality and will react differently to different factors. For example, one creature likes to be hugged and another doesn't. Eventually, like a matured child, the creature will leave you behind.


Carrion is a metroidvania in which we play as a monster, making our way through rooms and lab tunnels in search of victims. What exactly is this monster? Well, you can describe it as an amorphous creature that feeds on people. The game has a lovely animation style that feels deliberately sloppy and very useful.


Nuts is a fun surveillance puzzle. We are in beautifully stylized forests of blue, green, yellow and orange. Our task, at the direction of the boss, is to install night cameras that will record the movements of the squirrels. Every day you need to review footage and move cameras to find out more. There are also useful items scattered throughout the forest to collect.

The red lantern

This Switch exclusive is the survival story of a woman taking part in a sled dog race in Alaska. She is forced to overcome extreme natural obstacles such as bear attack. She must manage her scarce resources and make smart choices to survive.


The artistic style of the game is comparable to the animated pencil sketches. Developed in Milan, this is a horror game in which different characters try to survive in an abandoned village. The game will focus on history, and the atmosphere of pressure will be intensified by eternal darkness. The platforms are not yet known.


Eastward is a beautiful and charismatic RPG adventure game developed by Shanghai. Working in a post-apocalyptic world, a miner discovers a girl named Sam deep underground. Together they embark on an emotional journey to discover the secret of her origin. The game is inspired by Japanese animation from the 90s, which is reflected in the graphics.

Wayward strand

This Australian game is about the adventures of a teenage girl exploring a hospital. Using her own abilities and conversations with patients as a spy, she learns about the history of the hospital and its secrets. The game will be released on mobile devices, Mac and Windows PC next year.


An unusual concept game where we, as a ferryman of death, will ferry the souls of the dead across the river. We will build our ship to cross her mysterious waters, farm and hunt, and she will try to raise the issue of death and the ability to say goodbye to her friends.


You play as two dogs traveling in a world filled with puzzles. Dogs are unusual, they are tied by an elastic belly, like a catdog, but not a catdog. We'll need to bark, bite and jump as we overcome obstacles and navigate themed worlds of food, sleep and play, in co-op or single player.

Hopefully these 2020 indie games have their own Untitled Goose Game

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