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What is eBay remanufactured equipment?


This article explains what a remanufactured product is, why a piece of equipment can go to rebuild, and whether it is risky to buy.

The eBay platform is a safe and secure place to buy / sell products of various categories. The site presents both new things that have just come off the assembly line, and those that have already been in use. There are also those who are something in between. They will be discussed.

What is a restored item?

The term "refurbished" describes a product that has been refurbished. But he does not indicate that the thing has been in use - perhaps it never had an owner, so it is not entirely correct to consider it used.


Refurbished item is something that has been refurbished by an individual or a manufacturing company and prepared for sale. Refurbished goods are found in almost all categories - electronics, appliances, toys, tires, souvenirs, clothing, furniture, etc.

In most cases, the list of remanufactured goods includes items that have not passed the final inspection at the factory or were damaged during production or delivery. Since the developer didn't want to throw it away, he sent it back to the factory for refurbishment.

The final product looks and works like new, but is usually offered at a discounted price. Many manufacturers offer the same warranty conditions for refurbished goods as for new ones.

What's wrong with the recovered equipment?

There are many reasons why the product is sent for recovery. You can always ask the seller what the problem was with a particular item, if the description does not say about it.

Electronics are refurbished if defects are found during testing or use. Part of the equipment is returned to the plant from service centers, where dissatisfied customers bring it. Products that have received physical damage - dents, scratches, chips, are also subject to restoration. It should be noted that in all these cases, the item receives the same mark - "refurbished".

It will not be superfluous to ask the seller who performed the repairs. Some companies have branded refurbishment centers, others send goods to the original manufacturer for refurbishment, and others use the services of unknown workshops.

When buying a restored item, be sure to check the warranty conditions.

Refurbished or new equipment?

Items that have survived restoration can be either completely new or used. For example, a TV damaged during delivery to a store will be considered new after refurbishment, although the price may be reduced.

In some cases, an item is sent for restoration that has already been purchased by someone and then returned to the service center. Before putting it up for sale again, the seller must ensure that all functions are working correctly.

Is it risky to buy a refurbished product?


When buying any thing, there is a risk that something will break in it, not through the fault of the user, but because of the marriage. This applies both to new products that have successfully passed the factory tests and to those that have been restored for some reason.

The most risky thing is to buy items for which the seller does not give a guarantee. In this case, you take a pig in a poke: you will only find out about the working capacity of the item when you receive it, but in which case you will not be able to return the money.

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