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What to see from movies while sitting in isolation: ”The Good Doctor” (2019)


Today, everyone who, having gone head over heels into self-isolation, cannot decide what to watch from the films, we recommend checking out the French comedy film The Good Doctor (2019) directed by Tristan Seguela. And while you pass the time and raise your mood. The film will help to distract a little from the topical topic, although even here it was not without doctors.

Or, to be more precise, without one doctor and one of his occasional assistant, who had that duty on Christmas night.

The difference between ambulance and ambulance

Yes, today we will talk specifically about the emergency doctor, who stayed alone in his Parisian district on Christmas night. All the other on-duty outfits faded away to eat a holiday turkey, leaving him to puff alone for the whole huge city.

Someone may exclaim, they say, that it does not happen that in a multimillion-dollar city only one car remains on duty, and, moreover, with only one doctor. We will answer - as it happens. After all, an "ambulance" is not an "ambulance", but just a medical "support" service designed to help unload the ambulance service. It serves only those patients whose illness does not pose an immediate threat to life.


And of these "auxiliary" outfits, only one remained relatively efficient on Christmas night, driven by one of our heroes - a really good doctor Serge Mamou-Mani.

What is the movie "The Good Doctor" about?

Every green therapist who had just graduated from the medical institute had a real zeal for his work at first. But over time, it gradually begins to fade away, turning into the most hated gray-everyday routine, until by the age of 50 it does not turn into a kind of "serving a duty" at all.

At least with the aforementioned "good doctor" in years, Serge Mamu-Mani, this is exactly what happened. He travels through the streets of Paris from challenge to challenge with absolutely no mood. Not only did I have to work on a festive night, but also radiculitis tortured me. Probably from this at the next appointment, dissatisfied with the fact that the baby he was examining was yelling so mercilessly, he simply gagged him by inserting his thumb into the baby's mouth, which is why Madame Jofrain, dumbfounded by his behavior, immediately dashed a complaint against him.


But Serge doesn't care. He knows that that night he was left alone in the wings, so he should get away with everything. Even coffee, generously flavored with brandy.

Let's take a look at the trailer and then continue.

Seizing a moment between calls, he stops by to visit the ex-bride of his son who died six ago - Rosie Malaparte. Leaving her something like a prescription for pills, he drives on, rejecting her offer to spend Christmas with her. He stops by the cafe, gets ready to have a snack and, like any very good French doctor on duty, has a drink, despite the warning from dispatcher Susie that he is already being fed by the control department. But his meal, which never began, was interrupted by a call from Rosie. She says she “did something stupid” and drank a handful of Xanax. She does not have time to finish, as a horse dose of a tranquilizer made her shut down.

Jumping into the car and arriving at the place, he suddenly realizes that he does not know the code from the intercom. Along the way, a pretzel breaks into the door with the delivery of something that knows the code. Bursting into the apartment, Mamu-Mani calls an ambulance and tries to wake the girl up. Immediately in the hut, the old pretzel is drawn with the delivery of something and, in front of the dumbfounded doctor, begins with care to turn his son's ex-fiancee into the "BL" position (safe lying position). According to him, he received first aid training when he wanted to become a firefighter, but he was not taken there due to asthma.

The indignant therapist, having opened his eyes to the fact that he himself is quite a good doctor, asked what, in fact, some courier had forgotten. To which the offended courier replied that he was not a courier at all, but “providing services on personal transport”, that his name is Malek Aknoun and at the moment he brought shawarma, which was ordered by a passed out girl.


Mamu-Mani put the rogue out the door, and that would have been the end of it, if not for the dispatcher, who imposed another call on him. And then the cunning therapist realized that he could send this stupid courier to the call instead of himself, passing him off as a "good doctor", and himself supervise his actions via cellular communication ...

Pros and cons

The main plus of the series is that the case is actually taken from life. Of course, it was far from the case, but still. Well, the fact that the plot is really peculiar. And therefore it looks with interest. It was very interesting to watch the adventures, or rather, the misadventures of the courier who had to go on calls instead of the real "good doctor" whom he paralyzed by giving him an injection of sciatica pain directly into the nerve.


The disadvantages of comedy are so insignificant that you shouldn't even pay attention to them.


Anyone who is interested in our advice on what to watch from movies while in quarantine, we invite you to follow the link below to watch the comedy online.

Watch The Good Doctor (2019) movie online

Others can choose their own movie in ourspecial section. We wish you all good health and fun self-isolation. And even more awesome movies and TV shows, of course!

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