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The Present of Alcatel and the Future of Vivo


Alcatel SA is one of the oldest telecommunications companies, founded in 1898 in France. In 2006, it merged with the American Lucent Technologies. The company is currently called Alcatel-Lucent.

The company specializes in services for the supply of equipment and software for telecommunications. His team consists of more than 55,000 employees in 130 countries.

15 years ago, a joint division of Alcatel-Lucent and Chinese TCL was created to develop mobile devices. All production is carried out in the PRC. Over the years, the company's products have proven themselves positively, their distinctive features are quality and functionality.

The company is constantly improving itself, bringing into its developments the spirit of innovation based on the use of modern technologies. Her products often interest visitors and experts of various exhibitions and presentations.

This year's Consumer Electronics Show featured the company's latest low-cost smartphones.

Inexpensive means functional

The Alcatel 1X (2019) smartphone has a 5.5-inch IPS screen with HD + resolution and an aspect ratio of 18: 9. It will be sold in two color shades - Pebble Black and Pebble Blue.


Its body is equipped with a textured surface that is resistant to minor mechanical stress and does not allow slipping out of your hands. It also has a fingerprint scanner, NFC for contactless payments and a feature that allows for facial recognition.

The main camera of Alcatel 1X consists of a dual module with a resolution of 13 and 2 megapixels. It supports “bokeh effect” for creating portrait photos. There is also a depth-of-field sensor with the corresponding software. This allows you to edit ready-made photos with a change in focus.

The second smartphone Alcatel 1C (2019) is a compact model with a 5-inch screen. Its body is also textured and sold in black and blue.


The device is based on Android Oreo. It comes with several pre-installed Google apps that take up less space than usual. In addition, data is used more efficiently: Google Go, Files Go, Google Maps Go, YouTube Go and Gmail Go, as well as optimized versions of Chrome, Google Play and Gboard. The functionality of the device also includes a voice assistant "Google Assistant".

A 1X smartphone in the initial configuration will cost 7,990 rubles, and a 1C - 4,990 rubles. They will start selling at the end of March this year, devices with two SIM-cards are provided. At the last exhibition Alcatel announced new technologies in the field of developing screens for smartphones. These include new bezel-less devices and quantum dot displays.

Vivo Activities

Vivo is a relatively young company founded in China in 2009 based on BBK Electronics. The company specializes in the production of mobile devices and other electronics.

In 2017, the company ranked fifth among all smartphone suppliers. She proposed more than 18 million of these devices for sale.

This company is actively working on new developments, trying to distinguish its products from the general mass.

Smartphone with original design

Based on insider information that recently appeared on the network, Vivo is developing a smartphone that will have a non-standard appearance. It will not have any connectors, physical controls, ports.

The source of this information, Ice Universe, said that the future product was named Waterdrop ("a drop of water"). Its design is unique in that no one has ever created anything like it. An insider provided an image of a small part of the smartphone under development.


The stylistics of the product, according to Ice Universe, was inspired by the plot of the famous book "The Problem of Three Bodies" in the Celestial Kingdom. It will have a metal or glass body.

Both panels of the device have bends that allow them to merge into a single structure. Between them, most likely, there will be a thin metal frame. It has no holes or controls.

The insider claims that nothing of the kind has been created by other companies until now. In 2018, Vivo announced its new products at the annual MWC exhibition, which is held in February every year. We look forward to hearing about Waterdrop for another month.

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