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Mortal Kombat 11 Showcase, Metro Exodus Impressions and Artefact Failure - Gaming News Digest from Cadelta


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Even bloodier fatalities and counterattacks - important details from the Mortal Kombat 11 show

NetherRealm recently held a live stream of Mortal Kombat 11 gameplay, which showed a lot of interesting things.

First of all, we were presented with a new trailer with some heroes and a separate trailer with new fatalities (they look just charming!).

In total, the game will have 25 playable characters, including a new one named Geras. Added customization to Deathmatch - change the color of weapons, clothing, and so on.

Among the gameplay innovations is the Fatal Blow mechanic, which replaced the X-Ray from the previous parts. With this attack, you can carry out a series of powerful hits when your character's health drops below 30%. Let's call this death rage.

The game will have two scales for attack and defense. The first one allows you to carry out powerful blows, and the second one can effectively use improvised objects for protection. Also, the game has the ability to counterattack from the block, the mechanic is called Flawless Block.

We were also shown the prologue of the game where Raiden chops off Shinnok's head, as well as a collector's edition with a full-size Scorpion mask. The beta test of the game is scheduled for March 28.

First impressions of journalists about Metro: Exodus

The first reviews of game journalists, who were given a few days ago to play in the open and corridor locations of the game, are a bit ambiguous. On the one hand, the deserted location where post-apocalyptic USA is presented looks attractive and picturesque, but few can do it on it. According to the pen sharks, there is no point in contacting monsters in the desert, because they do not drop loot.

The level in the corridor location, where Artyom under the ground passes through the darkness with a lighter, the light of which scares away local critters - according to journalists it looks very atmospheric, but a little monotonous.


There are also some rough edges in the gameplay that make the game look like Survivel horror, and more specifically, a large lack of supplies and strange mechanics.

97% of the Artefact audience abandoned it - the project dies

Recall that this project from Valve is a collectible card game (CCG) in the Dota universe. The project was released in November last year and after a couple of weeks began to quickly lose its audience.

After the first week of its existence, 60% of the original audience left the game. Everything got really bad a couple of nights ago. According to the Steam Charts, there were only 1,639 people in the game.

In general, 55% of all gamers who remained at that time left the game last month. Today 97% of players are gone. The game had its highest moment when it had 60 thousand players, after which the decline began.


The reason for this decline is aggressive monetization. It was impossible to play normally without donation. It also costs unreasonably high as for a card game - $ 20 when competitive games have a lower price. The community reacts positively to this news, as this CCG, due to its donation, did not find the love of the players.

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice will have a more direct plot

Another article about Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice has been released on the Game Informer website (it looks like a marathon there), which this time does not affect the gameplay, but the plot.

This time, the emphasis in the narrative will be on the heroes, and not on the world around them, as in past studio games, where GG was just a small part of the big world. Even more, Sekiro can speak and is more spelled out than the same GG from Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Although it is not verbose.


According to the plot, his master is attacked and kidnapped, and the Wolf himself (as translated from the Japanese Sekiro) could not prevent this and remains without an arm, which will then be replaced with a prosthesis (oh, and the Japanese love to fasten prostheses to their heroes). Our goal is to find the kidnappers.

Time of action - Sengoku era (second half of the 15th and early 17th centuries). The studio chose between Sengoku and the more modern Edo period, but settled on the former, as it is similar to the medieval era in Dark Souls that From Software is used to. The developers also admitted that they decided to draw inspiration from the architecture of that time and history.

Blizzard is looking for staff to develop Diablo 4

I will now treat your festering wound left by Diablo Immortal with an antiseptic. Blizzard has posted new vacancies on its website for work on an as-yet-unannounced project on the Diablo universe. Among them are the positions of interface artist and video effects artist, as well as more managerial positions, such as art outsourcing control specialist, lead concept artist, senior programmer.

As we remember from Blizkon's past, we were promised a new major Diablo game this year, or at least an announcement. All of these vacancies suggest that at least one serious project is already in development.


Recall, as the all-seeing and omnipresent Jason Schreyer told us last year, the next part is given to Blizzard with difficulty. The concept of the game has already changed several times and managed to be a game in the style of Dark Souls from a third person, and then again became isometric.

The Walking Dead - the dead will stop walking in March

Skybound hasn't made any announcements about an end date for the franchise, but the recently released third episode of Season 5 featured a March 26 release date on the main menu for the last episode. Most likely, they do not give us details, since the last episode was released only on January 15th.


Who Forgot - The Walking Dead: The Final Season is the only project saved by the late Telltale. Epic Games saved his life by handing it over to Skybound Games. Now the game is exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

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