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Top 5 best USAn films of September 2020


Having familiarized yourself with foreign premieres, it would be wrong not to pay attention to domestic novelties. Therefore, we present to your attention the top 5 best USA films of September 2020. The main favorite on the list, without a doubt, is the final “sports-patriotic” drama “Streltsov”, but apart from it, in September there will be something to choose from domestic films.

1. Widow

September 3

Our short review of the best USA films of September opens with Ivan Minin's horror film, which is the first in the list of premieres, which has not stood out at all. In fact, this is his debut work, and therefore do not judge strictly.

As in the vicinity of King's Derry, Maine, a lot of people are lost every year in the northern wooded areas of the Leningrad Region. Moreover, even more than described in "Tomminokers" by Stephen King .

Only here the alien ships buried deep underground have nothing to do with the disappearance of people. In the local forests, it turns out, is wielding a crazy "Lame Witch", who went to the other world a long time ago, but never got to him. Her evil restless spirit has clothed in a terrible material shell that wanders through the local forests, frightening the people and killing the lost unfortunate lonely.

It is with her that the search party will have to face, which went into the forest in search of the next boy missing in it. We do not envy the poor fellows.

2. Watch me

September 3

Next, in our top 5 best USA films of September 2020, another debut work. This time from Yegor Salnikov, who had previously shot only short footage, and he himself starred in films and TV series, usually in secondary roles. We hope that he will be more lucky with directing in a big movie.

The plot for his debut work was simple and uncomplicated. In foreign cinema, he is worn to the very holes. Two relatively young opposites accidentally meet, after which they have a strange relationship. Both are completely different from each other, but, as it turns out, they complement each other perfectly. Here, to add interest and intrigue, the kid was also blindfolded.

She is a crazy rip-off who escaped from an orphanage, although the actress for the role of a youngster was chosen, to put it mildly, unsuccessfully. It is clear to the idiot that she is already over twenty. What such a dilda did in the orphanage, when it was high time for her to plow at the factory, is not entirely clear.

He is a papa's son, who has been flattered in the face all his life, even though he did not see it with his eyes. The boy is spoiled and shrouded in the care of a rich father from head to toe, which is why, in theory, he had to grow up to be a fragile and downtrodden half-idiot. Immediately - the opposite. He has quite an adventurous soul in his presence, thirsty for adventure. Blind, he allows himself to be led away by the first oncoming-transverse adventurer in his batin's car wherever they look.

The script is honestly not very convincing. Maybe filling will reveal its global essence. But it’s hard to believe. The youth will probably be interested. Although, we do not guarantee here either.

3. Side effect

September 10

At a time when all normal people are trying to heal their stresses and mental deviations with the help of medical specialists, the hero of the next February USA film flooded with his problems to some homegrown witch.

According to this very hero, whose name is Alexey, not so long ago robbers broke into their apartment, after which his wife Olya still cannot recover from psychological trauma. Like, help me, please, return everything as it was, and all that.

Well. The witch also helps. After that, poor Alexei turns the cuckoo so that he is about to tear it off altogether. After taking the witch's "drugs" he begins to gawk cleaner than from the New Zealand hallucinogenic mushrooms. Although, if you look at it, maybe these are not hallucinations at all?

The fact that the film is released under the patronage of Columbia Pictures gives hope that the film will be of relatively high quality. But his main competitor in the premiere schedule - the film "New Mutants" with Maisie Williams in the title role, is unlikely to allow him to gather a lot of people at his sessions.

4. Kola superdeep

September 17

Next on the list of the best USA films in February 2020, there is a thriller, a kind of zakos under foreign "Something" and "Silence". But, according to the filmmakers, domestic inquisitive "explorers of borehole depths" will stumble in their research on something worse than monsters capable of mimicry or clouds of toothy pterodactyls (although, perhaps, you can't imagine cooler).

The Kola experimental superdeep well, called for brevity simply SG-3, is a real-life object. He has no secrecy in our universe. Yes, indeed, today it is the deepest in the history of drilling operations and goes underground by 12 km 262 m. Yes, indeed, after a number of breakdowns, the drilling process at the well was decided to be stopped, and the project itself was closed as it did not meet expectations.

In the universe of the film, it turns out that the project was classified after discovering at a depth of 12 kilometers, allegedly, signs of life. The researchers climbed into the well, as usual, in order to find another "something" there, from which the next cap will come to humanity.

For some reason, no one says again that creatures that have lived in cavities UNDER the earth physically cannot adapt to life in space ABOVE the earth, and they themselves should be more afraid of aliens than we are of them.

Well, okay. Let's watch another story about hero-researchers in silence.

5. Streltsov

September 24

We finally got to the main domestic film of February 2020. And it is dedicated to the famous Soviet footballer, forward of the football club "Torpedo" and the USSR national team - Eduard Streltsov.

Despite the fact that, in general, the film will be devoted to his football career and victory at the 1965 Olympic Games, without a political component, as well as a high-profile rape case, screenwriter Konstantin Chelidze and director Ilya Uchitel, son of a well-known director failed - the scandalous "would-be Matilda", could not do.

Until now, it has not been proven that Streltsov actually committed a crime, but he had to serve time. After he returned to the big sport, but it was already "not that".

Despite the fact that even abroad, Streltsov was called nothing other than "USA Pele", the victory of the USSR at the Olympic football tournament in Melbourne is not considered so significant. None of the strongest teams in the world took part in this international competition. The favorites of Western European countries did not come to it. There were Englishmen, but they also came as an amateur. As a result, even India, which until now has not taken part in any international football competition, was able to qualify for the semifinals.

But it is. By the way. The main thing in the film will not be football anyway ...


On this sporting and patriotic note, we will finish our review of the top 5 best USA films in September 2020. October is approaching with his "Chernobyl", the second directorial project by Danila Kozlovsky. What will be our response to Chernobyl from HBO? It will be very interesting to know. But for now, let's be patient. We will rejoice at the newly opened cinemas, and we will have more cool films and TV series!

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