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All Endings of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - How to Get All 4 Endings of the Game


FromSoftware remains true to tradition with its new game, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, offering multiple endings to choose from. To get a definite ending in the game, you will have to fulfill a number of conditions, ranging from obvious choices in dialogues and ending with a complex chain of not obvious actions. It should be borne in mind that for each ending the game awards an achievement, and if you are hunting for the "Platinum" trophy, you will have to get all the endings in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. In today's guide, we'll detail how to get all 4 finals in Sekiro.

1. How to get a bad ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Sura

In this ending, you do not have to waste time on a series of additional actions and the main condition is to complete the game. To do this, we defeat the Fallen Nun in a difficult battle and return to Ashina Castle. On the roof of the tallest building, you will find Sekiro's aged mentor, the Great Shinobi Owl. The next step is to speak to the Great Shinobi and remain loyal to the mentor. After the decision is made, the player will have to cross swords with a couple of bosses, after which the final cutscene will activate. The Sura ending has been reached, and in our opinion, this is the worst ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Bad Ending

2. How to get the sad ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Breaking the Bond of Immortality

As in the last ending, you will be required to perform a minimum of actions, but the game clearly does not encourage such an approach and will reward you with a rather pessimistic, even sad ending for all your efforts. The countdown begins with a dialogue with the Great Shinobi - instead of obeying him, choose Kuro's side and fight with the mentor. We warn you that the battle will be one of the most difficult in the game. After the victory, simply move forward, following Kuro's instructions and in the final you will meet him dying in the middle of a picturesque meadow.

Lacking the necessary items to heal the lord, you will have to plunge a blade into his heart and free the boy from suffering. In the next scene, we see Sekiro take the place of the former Carver and give up his prosthetic arm. The circle is closed and the only goal of the main character's life is to wait for a new shinobi to give him his own wisdom, a prosthetic hand and send him to a mortal battle.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Sad Ending

3. How to get a good ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - "The Purification"

A good ending can be called with a slight stretch, but it is still better than the above two, ends the game on an optimistic note and therefore requires patience and many actions from the player. To begin with, as in the ending "Breaking the bonds of Immortality", we choose the side of Kuro, but before going to the last boss, we return to the Hirata Estate and perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • Eavesdrop on Kuro's conversation and rest first
  • We go to Dr. Emma and answer all questions in the affirmative, rest again and start another conversation with Emma
  • Move to the idol called "The Old Grave" and head left towards the graves. At the cemetery, you will meet Emma again and must activate another dialogue with the doctor
  • Return to the first location to the Carver and you will find him in company with Emma. Stay discreet and eavesdrop on their conversation
  • Now you have to fight Emma, after which do not forget to take the bell from her corpse and ring near the Buddhist statue
  • Go to the location where you destroyed Lady Butterfly. Don't worry, you will not meet her again, the developers have prepared an even more unpleasant surprise - the second battle with the Great Shinobi

In the final scene, you will meet a dying lord, but you no longer need to kill him. In this one you can heal the boy. But it turned out to be not so simple: the healing object did not have the proper effect and Sekiro had no choice but to follow the path of the true shinobi - to sacrifice himself for the benefit of the heir of the ancient family. Self-sacrifice bore fruit and together with Emma we see a recovered Kuro, who plans to lead a life as righteous and valiant as Sekiro. This is how we got a good ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Not the best ending, but still a worthy end to Sekiro's difficult path.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Good Ending

4. How to Get the Best Ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - The Return

This ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice can be called not only the best, but also a secret ending, so get ready for a series of difficult tests. For convenience, we provide a list of actions that need to be performed to get the final:

  • In Ashina Castle, stay loyal to Kuro, but before going to the final boss, you have to acquire the Serpent Fruit. To get started, go to the starting idol at the Sunken Valley location and go down towards the cave where the snake lives. Continue until you bump into the head of the snake. Don't anger the giant animal once again, just jump to the opposite ledge and use the Puppeteer Technique to take over the mind of the monkey, after which it will let you into the room where you can pick up Old Fruit
  • Teleport to the idol at Senpo Temple, turn right a little and jump down the ledge. You will immediately notice the character playing with the kite. Apply the "Puppeteer technique" to the NPC, return to the idol, run along the temple and you will notice a familiar kite. Hook on it with the hook to find yourself in a new location. Now be extremely careful: go to the cliff paradise, pay attention to the flying kite, jump in its direction and press the attack button as close as possible. This way you get Young Fruits
  • Return to the temple, near which you will find a small pond. Dive into it and don't forget to pick up the scroll to be given to the child in the Inner Sanctuary
  • The new task is to go to the location where you dealt with 4 monkeys, talk to the child and go into the cave that is located under the temple. You will find a monk there, do not forget to talk to him, go back to the child and give him the fruit in exchange for Dragon Tears.

Go to the final boss and you will once again find yourself at the location where Kuro dies. No more self-sacrifice - heal the little lord with Dragon and Ice Tears and, to the accompaniment of Sekiro's heartbreaking music, together with Kuro, set off on a new adventure. Congratulations, you have reached the best ending in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

The real ending of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

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