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Galaxy S8 + vs Galaxy S9 +: is there any point in upgrading?


The best handsets Samsung has to offer today are the Galaxy S8 + and Galaxy S9 +. Both are excellent smartphones based on the Android operating system, and many fans of the company are wondering: is it worth the upgrade from S8 + to S9 +?

The S8 + and S9 + have a lot in common: water resistance, metal body, glass back and Gorilla Glass protection. In terms of design, the smartphones are identical: the Infinity Display looks exactly the same as on the S9 + as on its predecessor.

S9 + dual camera module, as the main difference from S8 +

The first difference that catches your eye when you flip smartphones is the dual camera module of the S9 +. It is located in the center of the rear panel above the fingerprint scanner. I would like to note right away that the location of the scanner in the ninth model was chosen well: fingers can reach it without any problems and do not touch the lens. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the S8 +: it has a fingerprint module on the side of the camera. Taking the figure eight in your hand, it costs nothing to miss and blurt out your finger on the lens.

If there are no cardinal differences in terms of design, then the technical characteristics differ greatly. The advantage of the S9 + over the S8 + is the increased volume of the internal disk - at least 128 GB with the ability to install an SD card up to 400 GB versus 64 GB for the S8 + in the initial configuration.

The S9 + has undergone significant changes

This is a wide-angle dual lens (each module is 12 MP) with autofocus, optical stabilization and variable aperture. The front camera has a resolution of 8 MP. It seems that the value is not great, but optical stabilization and aperture of 1.7 allow you to take really high-quality selfies.

As for video, S9 + owners can shoot at super slow speed of 960 FPS in 720p resolution. Slow-mo is also available on the S8 +, but only at 240 FPS.

If mobile camera performance matters a lot to you, going from S8 + to S9 + is definitely worth considering. The 9 is in the top 10 cameraphones of 2018 according to Dxomark with an average score of 99.

When it comes to performance in apps and games, the average user won't notice any difference at all.

In 2018, even a mediocre semi-flagship copes with everyday tasks with a bang, and most people don't need anything else. What can we say about the top line of Samsung. Iron S8 + has not lost its relevance this year and will not lose in the next. Probably only the most demanding gamers will decide to change it to S9 + for the sake of slightly improved performance and autonomy.

For those who love to experience the latest mobile tricks, S9 + can play with animated AR emoji and customize iris unlocking.

But for this you will have to pay about 67 thousand rubles. S8 + costs from 50 thousand.

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Author: Jake Pinkman