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Samsung showed its new products: a smartphone with a flexible display, the new Galaxy line, wearable gadgets


At its February presentation, the Korean manufacturer showcased new smart gadgets and mobile innovations. The Samsung foldable smartphone and the new flagship Galaxy S10 family were by far the most interesting.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Family

This year, the company launched the flagship smartphone in three flavors: the base 6.1-inch S10, the affordable 5.8-inch S10e and the 6.4-inch S10 + with advanced features. The manufacturer also showed the Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which is interesting for its fast internet technology and support for the 5G standard (model S10 5G). All the new flagships of the Galaxy family are characterized by the relationship with the Instagram platform - you can add various effects to the images directly through the smartphone camera.

Samsung's flagship smartphones support the advanced HDR10 + format. In addition, the devices have technology for filtering the blue color spectrum up to 42%, which is additional protection for the eyes. The new family received an integrated 3D fingerprint scanner, which is considered more efficient due to the ability to create a 3D fingerprint model.


The budget S10e differs from its brothers in the main dual-module camera with 12 and 16 MP sensors. The camera does not have the ability to zoom optically, but can take wide-angle and portrait shots. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a triple main camera (12, 12 and 16 MP), one of the modules of which doubles the picture. The older model S10 +, as well as the basic S10, received a triple main lens, but differs in the presence of a double front camera.


The performance of the flagships is supported by the latest Snapdragon 855 processor. The whole new line has become the owner of the Wi-Fi 6 standard. Different configurations include 128 or 256 GB of internal memory. In terms of RAM, the S10e builds offer 6GB and 8GB variants, the base S10 only 8GB, the improved S10 + 8GB and 12GB.

Galaxy Fold with flexible screen

The most long-awaited device performed by the Korean company is expected to be a smartphone with a flexible screen Galaxy Fold. Its prototype was first shown last fall, and the first impression was mixed. However, the final version of the gadget made a good impression on the participants in the presentation. Thanks to the successful collaboration of Samsung and Google with its Android system, the smartphone supports the simultaneous operation of three applications at once.

When folded, the flexible Samsung smartphone looks more massive than standard mobile devices. At the same time, its thickness reaches 1.7 cm. But when opened, it looks almost like a regular tablet. The outer and inner screens are equipped with AMOLED matrices. Their diagonals are 4.6 and 7.3 inches, respectively. The large display is designed for 200 thousand openings and closings, which corresponds to a 5-year service life of the device.


Both displays are designed for different tasks. It is logical that a small external screen is more suitable for calls, while a more functional open internal display is useful for working with several applications. To support performance, the Galaxy Fold is built with a 7nm chipset and UFS 3.0 memory standard for fast program loading and launching. The amount of RAM and internal memory is 12 and 512 GB. The battery capacity is 4380 mAh. The manufacturer has added support for Wireless Powershare, which allows other gadgets to be recharged from the Galaxy Fold.


In total, the flexible Samsung smartphone received 6 cameras. Two of them (10 and 8 MP) are located on the inside. The main external lens consists of three modules 16, 12 and 12 MP, the front camera is equipped with a 10 MP sensor. The manufacturer estimates its device at $ 1,980, and, in all likelihood, the release of such a gadget will go in limited editions due to the complexity of the manufacturing process and the form factor, not designed for the mass user.

Music & Sports Solutions

In addition to mobile novelties, Samsung introduced Galaxy Buds - potential competitors to Apple headphones. The declared time of their work is 6 hours, while the periodic placement in the charging case prolongs the activity time. Galaxy Buds battery power can be restored using a smartphone. The manufacturer's collaboration with the AKG brand is responsible for sound reproduction.

At the presentation, Samsung introduced the new Watch Active on the Tizen OS 4.0 operating system. The main feature of the watch is a pressure measurement tool, and for lovers of an active lifestyle, the gadget has a fitness mode. The watch is powered by an Exynos 9110 processor. The 230 mAh battery can be recharged, like the headphones, using a smartphone.


For sports fans, the company also introduced the Galaxy Fit and Fit e fitness bracelets. Their device has up to 90 training modes. Both models, despite their small screens, have a built-in calendar and weather mode. Their functions also include measuring stress levels and recording sleep patterns.

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