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Yahoo is shutting down largest online forum service along with all content


One of the elders of the global Internet, Yahoo has officially announced that its Yahoo site will soon be shutting down. It's about Yahoo Groups, a popular online forum platform for which the company has approved such a radical decision. The site, along with all the content collected for almost 20 years, will be permanently removed from the Internet.

Finally and irrevocably

The closure of Yahoo Groups will proceed in stages. Already at the end of October, the forum will limit the ability to post new posts and only the reading mode will remain. At the second stage, closer to the end of 2019, access to the materials will finally be closed with the subsequent disconnection of the site. For users, the yahu website will become completely inaccessible - direct access to all content will be lost, including various links, images, files, forum messages, mailing lists. The company advises everyone who wants to save their data to transfer the necessary files to another medium.

At the same time, Yahoo retains one of the possibilities, which will allow in a limited mode to access the content of the resource. Users will be able to enter their groups, only they will have to connect to them via email. These groups will become private and require special administrator permission to join them.


Social networks are to blame

Yahoo Groups started operating in early 2001. The site was created for communication by interests, for which the site's capabilities provided for the creation of thematic groups. The resource gradually developed, and at a certain stage was even awarded the status of "the world's largest repository of discussion forums" from Wikipedia. The site's capabilities allowed creating open and closed groups with limited access, subscribing to personally selected content.

Initially, the organization of communications in Yahoo Groups was of a so-called hybrid nature - groups and updates in them were closely related to e-mail mailings. Such a structure made it possible to read the forums and publish messages in them not only directly on the site, but also using mailing lists.

For its time, the Yahoo site was considered quite advanced. The new technology of organizing communication with direct interaction of a web resource and e-mail for the beginning of the 21st century turned out to be truly revolutionary. At that time, the high-speed capabilities of the Internet made it possible to switch from the FidoNet node device, but they were still not enough for the full exchange of multimedia files. A little later, social networks appeared, the functionality of which turned out to be much wider. Simultaneously with the further spread of social resources, Yahoo forums stopped developing, and most of the users moved to profile groups of social networks.

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