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Great cyberpunk games


I think in some way 2020 can be called the year of cyberpunk in the gaming industry, and I think you can guess why. Cyberpunk 2077 will be out in April, and before that, we have collected some great cyberpunk games that are worth playing. If you have never faced the world of a foggy technological future, but want to, I think these are excellent candidates.


VA-11 HALL-A is a blend of visual novel and bartender simulator. In most cases, the cyberpunk genre forces you to fight against corrupt corporations or throws you into some kind of detective intrigue. However, here you will just help people get drunk. The gameplay conventionally consists of two parts. You mix the drinks in the right proportions and talk to your weird diners. Each of them is something to remember and will not let you tear yourself away from the screen. Whether you mix drinks well or badly, the conversation will progress.


The game is full of references to cyberpunk icons, so it will also be interesting for those who ate a dog on works in this genre. We will also manage our heroine's apartment between levels.


In addition to being a great quest, Technobabylon also stands out for its rather soulful themes. For cyberpunk with its obvious pessimism, emphasis on dehumanizing people, the dominance of technology and money - such stories are rare. Technobabylon addresses the simple things for each of us, like family, loss, isolation and collaboration.

At the same time, all the cold and violent elements of cyberpunk remain in place, from restaurants serving cloned human flesh to cold-blooded AI that controls the law.


We play as three characters at once, who become part of a conspiracy and must save not only their lives, but the entire city.

EYE: Divine Cybermancy

EYE: Divine Cybermancy, made by just 12 people, is a very interesting cyberpunk war game. In the world of the game, people have united into one large mega corporation.


We play as a member of the secret military group Secreta Secretorum, fighting against the dictatorship of the Federation - a coalition of several nations from different planets. All members of the formation have special mental powers. Our hero wakes up after a battle with memory loss. We will not talk about the intricacies of the plot, except that we note that your squad is split into two opposing forces, so in addition to a large-scale military conflict, you will have to solve an internal one.

This game is perfect for both beginners and fans of the genre, especially if you are a fan of Deus Ex, but find its plot predictable. The game feels like a mixture of cyberpunk and fantasy, spiced up with a dose of LSD.

System Shock 2


The System Shock series isn't quite the cyberpunk you'd expect, but it is one of the genre's first truly successful forays. AI series antagonist SHODAN is deservedly considered one of the greatest villains in games. It is also the first cyberpunk game to feature a surreal maze. The sequel largely discards this element, but replaces it with a new interest in transhumanism and invites you to tackle body modification.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

This is one of those games that is based on a tabletop RPG and many were waiting for someone to competently transfer the game to PC or consoles. Although the owners of the SNES and Sega Mega Drive received Shadowrun in the early 90s, PC players had to wait until 2013 when Shadowrun from Harebrained Schemes came out.


Cyberpunk in the game is unusual, and it mixes magic and fantasy elements. Playing as mercenaries, we take control of the team and pursue the goal of making enough money. This is not a complicated business simulation or something, but it conveys the atmosphere of what it means to be a mercenary in this lost world.

You spend time with your team: get to know their personalities and problems, help them and slowly improve your equipment until you are ready to fight literally with dragons.

The gameplay consists of two modes: exploration and tactical combat. A slightly magical setting, although at first it seems like a crazy idea, turns out to be useful, and allows you to go beyond the weapon. What Dragonfall lacks is technological complexity, with its relatively simple engine and graphics, but that more than makes up for its scale.

This is a great RPG in a cool setting and one of the great cyberpunk games. Harebrained is now part of the strategic giant Paradox Interactive - we hope the studio is working on something even bigger and better.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

It was not difficult to guess that Deus Ex would be here, and especially this particular game. The question is, is this really the best cyberpunk in games today, as we often hear?

The first game in the series, of course, is classic, but the technologies of its time were not as progressive as they are today, so many ideas had to be abandoned. Even so, she's pretty darn good and the best of the franchise. Especially due to the fact that it has a holistic story, as opposed to the continuation.


And while the original old Deus Ex was pretty much about different conspiracy theories - Human Revolution focuses on transhumanism and the social divide between the poor and the rich, which is only getting big as technology advances.

The main character, Adam Jensen, is somewhere in the middle between the poor and the rich, which allows him to maintain contact with the two classes of society. Also, his entire body is composed of various augmentations, which makes him a killing machine.

And in many ways, this sets the tone for the game and the problems it raises. The same science that can replace a hand or an eyeball can also be used for evil or simply demonized. A mountain of augmentations that turns a person into a cyborg can save a person's life, but also make him a kind of slave. Is this fair?

The sequel focuses on social issues with dubious success. Human Revolution handles this more elegantly by simply presenting the situation and letting you, the player, decide which path is the right one. It's also a good shooter that makes you think, and of course lets you punch through walls and grab people.

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