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Uber will add another security feature to the app of the same name


Many consider the Uber taxi app to be the only product of the company of the same name. This is true, but at the same time, the Uber team is trying to complement their project with useful functions, coming up with and implementing their own developments for this. One of them is a security system that has recently appeared in test mode, the task of which is to remotely detect any problems on the road and, in the worst case, emergency situations. As conceived by the authors of the development, for this you do not need to build additional recorders and sensors into the car. The new Uber feature requires only a smartphone.

The company has tried to pay a lot of attention to the safety of Uber taxis before, introducing useful tools into the service. So there was a button for communicating with the emergency dispatch service and calling for emergency assistance. A couple of years ago, the company introduced a system that analyzed negative customer reviews of the service that the driver is not driving according to the rules, for example, he exceeds the speed limit or otherwise violates the driving regime.


Technically, such customer complaints were compared with GPS information about the movement of the car on all sections of the road, its average speed, reorganization on the lanes, etc. On this basis, the service department made the appropriate decisions. In contrast, Uber's new RideCheck option, which will officially appear in the app after all the necessary tests, is something different.

Currently, among the many functions of a smartphone, Uber taxi uses only the GPS system, with the help of which the ordered car drives up to the desired place, and service operators can track its movements. The RideCheck system requires a little more smartphone functionality, namely an accelerometer and gyroscope. For the driver, the new service function will be active all the time, for the passenger - from the beginning of the trip.


RideCheck, built into the Uber app, tracks sudden displacements of the smartphone along the axis (for which an accelerometer with a gyroscope is needed), and if the system detects something unusual, a notification will be sent to the client's and driver's gadgets asking if everything is in ok during the trip. The driver or passenger must send a confirmation response, and if something happens, RideCheck will offer to call rescuers. In addition, the system has the function of automatically calling emergency teams, and also allows the relevant services to contact the driver or passenger themselves.

The taxi service with built-in RideCheck is currently undergoing a test run in the United States, and if the system does not detect errors, users in other countries will soon also receive an updated Uber app with additional security tools.

The Topic of Article: Uber will add another security feature to the app of the same name.
Author: Jake Pinkman