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Insider # 10.05: Air Pods 2021; Motorola Moto G Fast; Xiaomi Mi TV Stick; Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +


The next release of information from network experts will tell you about the capabilities of Apple's wireless headphones, which will not be announced until next year. Then we will discuss the appearance of the unannounced Motorola smartphone, which can be judged by the video that recently appeared on the network. After that, we will find out the features of the set-top box from Xiaomi and the nuances of equipping the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + tablet computer.

AirPods will get new functionality

It became known that Apple will release a new model of Air Pods 2021 wireless headphones within a year and a half. This gadget will receive a number of additional sensors. This was reported by the Taiwanese edition of DigiTimes. According to journalists, the American manufacturer expects to equip its products with "ambient light sensors." The first changes will affect AirPods 2021 and AirPods Pro.


ASE Technology, which previously supplied components for Apple, will be engaged in the production of new models. Before that, there was information about the conclusion of a contract between the two developers for the use of 5G mmWave technology in future iPhones and iPads.

DigiTimes suggests that the new functionality in Yabloko accessories is needed to track the health status of users. Indirectly, this data is confirmed by Bloomberg publications, which took place two years ago. Then the publication announced the launch of a pair of AirPods with a built-in heart rate monitor.

So far, a similar product has not appeared on the market, but it became clear that the Americans did not abandon this idea.

Samsung has been producing headphones with light sensors for a long time. This technology plays a large role in providing heart rate control. It is also needed when monitoring blood oxygen levels. Such a feature should appear in Apple Watch Series 6. The launch of this project is scheduled for the end of this year.

In order to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, a method is used to assess the transmission of a light beam through a human earlobe. Experts agree that if Apple engineers begin to master this method, they will have to redesign the wireless headphones.

There is also evidence that Yabloko intend to determine the degree of sweating and body temperature among users. There is already a patent for this technology, but it has not come to implementation yet.

Next-gen AirPods and AirPods Pro are rumored to receive a number of updates. We are talking about a new Apple H2 chip that can improve sound quality and a new version of the voice assistant Siri.

The new AirPods will be revealed early next year, with the AirPods Pro expected to be released in Q3 2021.

Motorola Moto G Fast showed in the video

A teaser has appeared on the Internet, shedding light on the design of the yet to be announced Motorola Moto G Fast smartphone.


From the video, we can conclude that Moto G Fast received a flat display with a hole for the front camera in the upper left corner and a fingerprint scanner on the back cover. Its "heart" will be an eight-core Snapdragon processor with 3 GB of RAM. Most likely it will be Snapdragon 665 or one of the lower-end 700 line solutions.

The main camera of the device will receive three sensors, among which there will definitely be a macro lens and an ultra wide angle lens. Nothing is known about the characteristics of the main sensor yet.

It is also said about the presence of a battery with high autonomy. Allegedly, he will be able to provide the device with energy for two days.

When the novelty will be presented and how much it will cost is not reported.

Xiaomi has declassified some of its TV box data

Xiaomi has posted a video clip on the network that tells about the yet-to-be-announced Mi TV Stick. It allows you not only to evaluate the design of the novelty, but also tells about the remote control for the console.


The technical equipment of the device can only be discussed at the level of rumors. It is expected to feature an Amlogic S905X quad-core chipset, 2GB RAM and 8GB onboard storage.

Before that, there was information about equipping the gadget with a USB Type-A port and a slot for microSD memory cards. It is also known about the presence of a remote control. It works over Bluetooth protocol. Control elements of the remote control are standard, the main one is five-position. In addition, there are buttons to launch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video services.

You can also use the remote to control the Google Assistant voice assistant.

The novelty is expected to cost $ 79. When it is announced is not reported.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 will receive a capacious battery

According to the China Compulsory Certificate, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + will be equipped with a high-capacity battery. The developers want to increase the autonomy of the device in this way.

According to various sources, this figure will be 9800 mAh or 10090 mAh. The predecessor is equipped with a battery with a capacity of only 7040 mAh, which is 40% less than stated in the new product.


However, it should be noted that the screen of the fresh model will increase in size: from 11 to 12.4 inches. Nothing is known about other characteristics, but it is highly likely that the gadget will be equipped with premium features. For example, a high refresh rate.

The device should be shown at the end of this summer.

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