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What cryptocurrencies are used in the gaming industry in 2018?


New objects of different functionality and purpose are constantly being introduced to the cryptocurrency market.

One of the industries where cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are very actively used is the gaming industry. There are many cryptocurrencies created specifically to meet the needs of game developers and gamers.

Why do you need a gaming cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency used in the gaming industry solves many problems:

- Simplifies the process of buying game assets.

- Convenient use of funds in various games.

- Protection from cheaters and scammers.

- Reduce overpayments.

- Increase the speed of transactions.

Developers use gaming cryptocurrencies to attract new users, organize secure payments, stimulate interest in games, new technologies. The video game market in America, for example, is now over 2.6 billion gamers. The demand for gaming cryptocurrencies has expanded greatly. It grows every year.

Top gaming cryptocurrencies

What cryptocurrencies do gamers and game developers use? In 2018, the following gaming cryptocurrencies are the most demanded on the market.


Not only cryptocurrency, but also a large platform on the basis of which gaming communities are created. The token is supported by smart contract infrastructure and is ERC-20 compliant. The EnjinCoin project enables developers and communities to manage game items and virtual products across multiple platforms.


Developers want to make this cryptocurrency universal for players. Now she can pay for virtual goods. Buying in-game items with GameCredit is much safer than using bank cards.


It is based on PoS mining technology. The purpose of using the Universe cryptocurrency is to eliminate or reduce transaction fees.


This is a cryptocurrency and game virtualization service. The developers have provided players with the opportunity to use resource miners. Users with low-power PCs are unable to enjoy modern games on their hardware. They can take advantage of a distributed network of powerful PCs through the Playkey cloud platform.


Open source. You can collect HunterCoin in the game. Players fight among themselves for resources and find coins inside the blockchain. In addition, cryptocurrency can be used to carry out regular transactions, i.e. not tied to the game.


Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. It belongs to multipurpose and is used for trading skins in Dota 2 and CS: GO. SkinCoin can be used for eSports betting. The developers are planning to launch a service with software for instant skin exchange.

It was launched in March this year. It is an Ethereum-based decentralized currency used in the global gaming industry. Compliant with ERC-20.


This gaming cryptocurrency is used to finance esports matches. So far, only Dota 2 exists on the platform, but the developers plan to expand FirstBlood for the first level of esports games.

New gaming cryptocurrencies are new opportunities for users. Developers create not just cryptocurrencies, but their own ecosystems, as well as online stores, instant messengers, platforms for holding e-sports tournaments and betting. All this stimulates the development of the gaming industry and fuels the interest of the audience.

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