New video from Riot Games, first person Silent Hill, gameplay for Diablo 4 druid - this week's digest of gaming news from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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New video from Riot Games, first person Silent Hill, gameplay for Diablo 4 druid - this week's digest of gaming news from Cadelta. Part one


Also in the news: reasons for the good and bad ratings of Death Stranding, updated textures for Mass Effect.

New video from League of Legends gets millions of views

Remember the hype of the League of Legends band with their POP / STARS song? It looks like Riot Games have decided to repeat their success, and this time the studio has prepared for us a song from their other virtual group True Damage, called GIANTS.

The premiere of the new song took place at the opening of the League of Legends World Championship. The audience was presented with her live performance together with the use of holograms. The clip currently has about eight million views on You Tube.

As a reminder, the last video from K / DA has amassed 280 million views since it was posted last year.

Game Designer recreates the beginning of the first Silent Hill from the first person. Game designer under the nickname Zero Trace Operative recreates the first location in Silent Hill, making it in the first person.

It can be completely completed in just five minutes, but in order for you to have such an opportunity, the game designer worked in his free time for five months. The lion's share of the time was spent on completely recreating all the assets from the game.

You can download this mini remake at this link. Zero Trace Operative does not plan to develop the project further, so we will not see Silent Hill fully recreated from the first person. If you are too lazy to download the file, you can just watch the walkthrough in the video. On our own note, the game has become even more atmospheric than it was before.

20 minutes of gameplay as a druid in Diablo 4

At Blizzcon 2019, many journalists had the opportunity to play a demo of the game for three of the five characters in Diablo 4 - the druid, the sorceress and the barbarian. We were shown the gameplay piece by piece, and this week was shown playing as a druid. Its main feature is the ability to transform into a werewolf and a bear. He can also control the forces of the weather and summon wild animals to help him.

As a reminder, Diablo 4 will be released on PS4, Xone and PC, but it remains to be seen when exactly. Most likely, the game will visit the next generation consoles.

Death Stranding: Why Does the Game Have Bad Grades in the West?

The Death Stranding information tsunami is slowly diminishing, but its effects are still in the news. Today we will talk about the good and bad marks of the game in different parts of the world.

Hideo Kojima explained why the game was better received in Europe than in the United States. As the game designer said in an interview with TGCom24, Death Stranding received good marks in Europe and Japan, when the American public perceived the game cooler because Americans are used to shooters.


The preferences of Europeans in terms of art are different from those of the United States, so they perceive such a game as a courier simulator in the post-apocalyptic world much better. According to Kojima, this is reflected in films, films and games.

However, Kojima's words can be questioned. So, the Video Game Chronicle site analyzed the ratings of reviews for Kojima's brainchild. According to them, European and Australian resources most often rated the game below average. If we take the average scores for the region, it turns out that the difference between them is not big. Thus, the average score for a game in Europe is 87.8, and in North America it is 85.3.


Eurogamer has published an article on top selling games in the UK. Death Stranding was in second place, skipping the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

The game's sales are worse than Days Gone, on par with The New Order 1886 and Bloodborne. However, this data is for the UK only. And although the country is leaving the EU, it is geographically close to the old world. From this information, it is clear that the British, as well as the Americans, are interested in a dynamic shooter more than in Kojima's arthouse.

N7 Day Mass Effect Texture Pack Created by Enthusiasts

November 7 is N7 Day, a holiday for Mass Effect fans. This year, Bioware did not bother to somehow congratulate the fans [she has no time for that now], but the CreeperLava modernization, together with a team of the same enthusiasts, released a large-scale high-resolution texture set for the entire Mass Effect series called ALOT [A lot of Texture] .


According to the authors, the kit changes over 20,000 textures from the original game. These include textures for characters, weapons, armor and environments. Some of the textures were created by the team themselves, but they thoroughly adhered to the Bioware style, while others were restored from unused files of the game itself. The pack also improves dynamic shadows and rendering. There are also improved high resolution hair textures, 4K sky textures, and a prettier world map.

You can download textures for each part by following these links: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3.

As for Bioware, they still congratulated fans on Twitter, posting concept art and asking, “What do you want to see in the next Mass Effect?”


Apparently the studio is hinting to us that we will see the continuation of the franchise, the main thing is that it is not like Andromeda. Although, it is hardly worth waiting for the game in the next couple of years.


These were the main news of the beginning of the week, stay with us.

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