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Microsoft has created an ATM that doesn't need a credit card


Everyone is accustomed to the fact that the implementation of various transactions using an ATM involves the use of a bank card. It has a special slot for this.

However, the Microsoft ATM, which the company created in partnership with the Australian National Bank (NAB), does not have a classic card reader. Instead, the device is equipped with facial recognition technology, and transactions are confirmed by entering the usual PIN code.

Today the prototype of an unusual ATM exists in a single copy. It took about two months to design the device, and at the moment work is underway to bring the software components to perfection. The corporation and NAB, when developing the sample, focused on face identification, rather than a fingerprint system, citing the high security of this technology.

The presented development - an ATM without a Microsoft card does not require the obligatory presence of a bank card during a visit to the bank. You can just leave it at home. This reduces the likelihood of identity theft using skimmers or simple theft of the card itself.

How it works

During the implementation of the project, the entire financial side was provided by an Australian bank, and technical issues became the area of responsibility of Microsoft. Facial recognition is based on Windows Hello, found in many business desktop and mobile PCs.

The device also uses a neural network with the ability to train. With its help, algorithms are created for the processes of scanning a face, its subsequent identification and comparison of the information received with the existing database of photographs of bank account holders.

At the same time, the Microsoft ATM itself does not contain personal information. When comparing the scan results with the database of images, all data is taken from the corporate cloud services. This technology ensures the minimum chance of hacking the device and gaining access to personal data and photos.

While the project is at its initial stage, both partners - neither Microsoft nor NAB, do not even give rough forecasts of the possible replacement of standard devices on a model without using maps. The implementation of the project does not imply significant changes in the banking infrastructure, since the Microsoft ATM, along with the existing models, has the ability to wirelessly communicate with bank servers. This technology can accelerate the process of completely abandoning the use of a card when withdrawing cash or making transfers and payments, but so far this applies only to Australia.

The Topic of Article: Microsoft has created an ATM that doesn't need a credit card.
Author: Jake Pinkman