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Things from the game industry that almost happened


There are always many things going on in the world, and some never happen. For better or worse. However, here are 10 things that almost happened in the gaming industry that never happened.

Sony-Nintendo exit

Today, the Sony console is one of the most popular in the world, but it happened quite by accident and because Sony was deceived by Nintendo. In the nineties, Nintendo collaborated with Sony to develop a CD-Rom for its SNES that would allow a cartridge-based console to play CDs. In addition to this, Sony had plans to release the PlayStation as a Sony-Nintendo hybrid, but Nintendo took the move as a possibility of a new competitor, and when the work was almost finished, they pulled out of cooperation with Sony a few days before the console unveiled. As a result, Sony, with almost completely finished technology, refined it and released its own PlayStation.


However, if the big N hadn't made such a radical decision, we would never have seen the PlayStation as a self-contained console. But who knows what the Sony-Nintendo PlayStation would be like. After all, this is one of those things that actually almost happened in the game industry.

The Prince of Persia series may never have appeared

Not only is Prince of Persia: Sands of Time an original game in and of itself, it was it that launched the Assassin's Creed series. But in due time everything could have gone differently, if Ubisoft decided to implement its original idea. The head of Ubisoft Montreal Janis Mallat initiated the development of the game based on The Lord of the Rings, but the studio was never able to obtain a license, so it switched to Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.


Play by song from Ensemble Studio

The masters from the RTS Ensemble Studio known to you from Age of Empire, after the release of Halo Wars, were planning to start a new game about space. It was a strategy about the space colonization of the Moon, where you, as the colonies expanded, could go to other planets and satellites to also populate them. Alas, the matter did not move beyond the concept, and the game was canceled. However, according to studio co-founder Bruce Shelley, a game designer came up with the idea to create such a game when he heard his colleague singing Frank Sinatra's song “Fly Me To The Moon” under his breath, and he had the idea to create a game about the Moon.

Batman Arkham may not have been built by Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham was originally not supposed to exist at all. Trying to capitalize on Christopher Nolan's success, Warner Bors. commissioned Pandemic Studio to develop a game based on Nolan's The Dark Knight.


It was originally planned that the game would be similar in concept to Spider Man 2, and to bring in more money - to come out to the first Nolan film. However, the studio did not meet the deadlines and missed the releases of both films. As a result, postpone the idea of u200b u200bthe Batman game Warner Bors. did not want and attracted to the development of the young but promising studio Rocksteady Games. You already know the result of their work.

Peter Moore is a furniture salesman

Peter Moore is now retired from the gaming industry and is the CEO of Liverpool Football Club. Prior to that, he headed EA Sports, and before that he worked for Microsoft and SEGA. However, Moore could have left the industry much earlier. In the 90s, dot-coms began to flourish in the West - the so-called businesses that were completely engaged in selling via the Internet. Back then, the pioneers in the business were making whopping money in just a week, and Moore became interested in the emerging phenomenon. He even got interviewed for the post of director of a network that sells furniture on the Internet. However, the gaming industry was still interested in Moore much more, so he did not dare to leave it.


LucasArts were about to release KOTOR 3

KOTOR's field of success came under the wing of Obsidian, who were just a fledgling studio. They did the second part and after its success immediately proceeded to the third game. The copyright holder was really preparing for its release, but it became known about it several years later, after it was canceled. According to the recollections of Chris Avellone, the third part was devoted to the ancient Sith and we set off in the footsteps of Reven, where we would meet with the Sith Lords who are capable of ruling entire galaxies.


Alas, the game was canceled for some reason, and it never came out. The most offensive thing is that after that the series was supposedly cursed, and we couldn't wait for a new high-quality Star Wars game for a very long time. And those that were our favorites, like Star Wars 1313, have also been canceled.

Todd Howard may not have come into the industry

Today you know Todd Howard as the same guy from the Fallout 76 memes, but back in the days of his love for Bethesda, Todd Howard was an excellent game designer and producer who did not hang on to his ears at performances.


However, Todd Howard, neither as a good producer and developer, nor a meme and a scapegoat, could not exist in principle. Prior to Bethesda, Howard was a pretty good financier, and despite the fact that he created games and often missed classes at university, he knew his subject well. He was even offered a job at Circuit City [a large electronics store]. After college, Todd wanted to impress his parents, and when he had the opportunity to get into the world of finance at Circuit City's headquarters, he wanted to take on a new role. However, at the last moment he was refused, and Todd went into game development.

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