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Top 100 Best Zombie and Zombie Apocalypse Movies: Part 4


It's time to finish what we started and discuss the remaining 25 films in our top 100 best zombie and zombie apocalypse movies. Not all of them are "super", but fans of the genre will go for a sweet soul.

And we will start with the next zombie Nazis of the Second World War, this time the rebels in the film ...

76. Operation Dead Snow (2009) Norway 5.71

Most horror films of our time begin with a group of carefree teenagers going on vacation somewhere out of town, where all kinds of things happen to them. This movie is no exception.

The youth wanted to have fun in a mountain house in the snow. Part of the way the lights were overcome by car, then we had to go by snowmobiles. One of the "vacationers" went to the house through the forest full of wild animals looking at the skis for the night. Apparently, she was completely scared.

In the process of getting to know the place of rest and as they wait for the "sportswoman", some of the "vacationers" begin to hear all sorts of sounds, especially during the "meetings" in the toilet, which is located on the street.

To top it all off, some local guy bursts into their "hut on chicken legs", who tells them terrible stories about the horrors of war and hungry, not resting Fritzes.

After he left, the children, of course, giggled muffled and tensely at his tales. And everything would be fine if the stories were not true.

77. Here alone (2016) US 5.69

The film begins with the fact that an epidemic of an unknown virus that turns people into rabid, soulless, blood-hungry zombies (here - "infected") only flares up. A married couple with a child are going to dump away from crowded places in the forests, where there is no one to get infected.

But in the process, the husband, during the next trip for food, becomes infected and dies. The daughter, too, did not escape the fate of infection, and as a result, only her mother named Anne survives, who survives in the forest alone.

Before her death, her husband gave her a good survival course and the woman would most likely have led a similar way of life for a long time forest survivalist , if she had not once stumbled upon a couple of uninfected - a girl and a young guy, after meeting whom everything went awry.

78. Pet Sematary (2019) USA 5.64

The most recent attempt to film the novel of the same name Stephen King . As in the previous film, the creators of the picture decided to put not on the play of the actors, but on the next portion of the gag in the script. As a result, they could not surpass the rating of the 1989 film, even despite the higher quality and modern special effects.

A doctor with a family (besides him - his wife, an older daughter, a very small, just starting to walk, a son and, of course, a cat) moves to the province in order to practice here as a doctor.

Next to their new house there is a high-speed, not fenced off, track, along which the carriers on wagons always fly. The carriers run over family members, and they are buried in the local Indian cemetery.

Then the buried ones come back to insert the fifth number alive.

79. Signal (2007) US 5.58

I did not have time to see the light of the next novel by Stephen King in 2006, entitled "Mobile", in which people went crazy because they heard some strange sounds on their gadgets, as a year later, supposedly, the original film was released, in which people turn into zombies hearing a mysterious signal in their phones and smartphones.

Those who have not read King's Mobile can safely check out this trashak. The only difference is that the madmen in the film attack other people, while in King's "Mobile" people were taken to commit suicide, moreover, in the most sophisticated ways.

By the way, the film on "Mobile" sucked despite the participation of Cusack and L. Jackson. This creation will be more interesting.

80. Infected / Maggie (2014) US 5.57

In this film about the zombie virus that turns people into the walking dead, it is called the "necroambulism" virus. The action of the picture takes place three months after the beginning of the epidemic, which in this world has a sluggish character. And people here are gradually becoming zombies.

The main character of the film, which, by the way, is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is looking for a daughter who has run away from home infected with a virus in the city and finds her in a clinic, from where, by pull, he takes her home, where she will slowly turn into an evil, carnivorous, uncontrollable, creature.

He promises that when the symptoms worsen, he will bring her to a special quarantine area. But will it bring? Everyone around is trying to hide their infected relatives, which often turns out to be their side.

How it will turn out in the case of the hero of Schwartz - we'll find out soon.

81. Highway 666 (2001) US 5.55

In this film about zombies, the "departed" were prompted to rise from the grave by revenge. It is not entirely clear why they lay there for so long, and whether they really got out from under the roadway where they were dug, or only their ghosts are wielding at large. On the surface, one can understand that these are the most natural rebel dead.

Once killed escaped prisoners were buried here. But those got tired of lying under the road, and they crawled out into the white light in order for their harsh fate to pile on the first one who gets under the rotten hand.

And the first they caught were FBI agents and mafiosi, both chasing the same scumbag.

82. Infernal Bunker (2007) UK 5.54

And again zombie-kritz. True, this time those who know how to fight and, moreover, become invisible.

The research mission was carried into the wilds of Yugoslavia, where they found a bunker in which, according to documents available to the chief botan of the mission, the Fritzes were experimenting to create super soldiers.

As it turned out, they managed to create such soldiers, which the research group did not like too much.

To be more precise, I did not like it to death.

83. Last Days on Mars (2013) UK 5.53

That these are all zombies on Earth, yes on Earth. Why not move them into space? For example, to Mars?

No sooner said than done. And now one of the members of the second research mission successfully finds some biologically active substance in the soil of the red planet, which, of course, gets out of its cones and other pieces of glass, and one by one begins to take possession of the bodies of the members of the research group.

Infected zombie crew members versus uninfected ones. Who will win? Obviously not friendship.

84. Grab and Run (2015) USA 5.46

In this film about zombies, normal people, vampires and zombies and aliens got along right away. Although "got along" - this is, of course, putting it mildly.

In this comedy-horror thrash film, a ghoul, a zombie and an ordinary person must team up in order to survive the battle with aliens.

And all would be fine, but close cooperation is hindered by the constant hunger of the vampire and the living dead, all the while striving to taste their third partner.

85. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) USA, Germany 5.43

The sixth and final film in the franchise, which is the only one whose pictures, one and all, made it into our top 100 best films about zombies and zombie apocalypse.

In her latest campaign against the forces of evil, Alice, who teamed up with the survivor of Arcadia Claire Redfield, will once again have to return to the ill-fated hive under the city of Raccoon, where it all began. According to the Red Queen, only there is there an antidote that can save the few surviving humanity from the T-virus.

Only, it wouldn't be a trap. After all, everyone knows that the Red Queen is an artificial intelligence, but she is also that cunning bitch.

86. The third wave of zombies (2017) Ireland 5.41

This zombie movie is very similar in plot to the movie "In the Flesh", which we talked about in one of the previous installments of our expanded top-100 best films about zombies and zombie apocalypse.

In the case of this "universe", the outbreak of the zombivirus was stopped in time, since a special agent was found that destroyed the zombie virus without affecting the cells of the human body.

The question is as follows. Will society accept back those who recently tore apart their loved ones?

And, most importantly, will the cured themselves be able to live with the memories of what they did under the influence of the virus?

87. Darkness (2018) Austria 5.40

Sometimes the dead are able to return to life again without the help of any kind of vaccines and other medical "lotions". Once we have already witnessed this kind of "action" in the film "The Heat of Our Bodies".


But if there the dead "came to life" en masse, then everything is shown on the example of just one girl named Mina, who was once killed by the boyfriend of a dissolute mother who tried to rape her, Mina.

The dead girl, no matter how funny it may sound, found the strength to get out of the grave, and now trades in the local district by killing visiting onlookers. But one day, a case confronts her with a blind boy, whose adult companion she, out of habit,spanked.She spankedthe policeman who discovered the poor blind boy the next day.

But she dragged the blind man to her lair alive. What will happen to the homeland and to us?

88. TV Dead (1987) US 5.38

As it became clear from the title itself, in this film about zombies, the dead came out of the TV screens into the real world.


As soon as one of the professors of the Institute of Occult Sciences (in this universe there are such people, it is not surprising that they have all kinds of rubbish coming out of their household electrical appliances!) print the parcel and turn on the lamp telly that came in it, as a thrash film "Zombie Bloody Nightmare".

Well, after that, as usual, the nightmares in the form of carrion flooded from the screen into the professor's hut, where they had dinner.

And nothing that the professor turned off the TV from the socket. He works well without food, constantly engaged in the production of new zombies for the population.

89. Office Mayhem (2018) USA 5.38

In this comedy film about zombies, a local zombie apocalypse was experienced by one office office, the entire staff of which took on a bit of a very peculiar energy drink to improve performance from its boss.

The main character who came to the office late, miraculously survived among the terrible creatures, which turned into workers who arranged a real chaos in the company's premises.

90. Delicious Trash (1985) US 5.38

This is followed by another comedic zombie masterpiece that reminds viewers that eating any rubbish from the ground can be extremely infectious and dangerous.

And the miners knew about this common truth. But, meanwhile, having found a muddy substance in the ground, they immediately began to eat it. Moreover, it began to be mined in wagons and sold from the shelves, not suspecting that the "underground yummy" is a biological entity that, once it enters the human body, seizes control over his body.

Such an unexpected (or expected?) tasty twist.

91. Day of the Dead (2007) USA 5.35

The second film of the relaunched franchise about the Land of the Dead by George Romero. According to the plot, it has nothing to do with the first film "Dawn of the Dead" (2004).

The film describes the events leading up to the apocalypse depicted in Breaking Dawn. The film follows a woman named Sarah trying to survive in a city packed with zombies. Along the way, we will be shown how an experiment with a mutagen created by Professor Logan (not to be confused with Wolverine!) Got out of control.

Apparently, this Professor Logan was still that slob, since he released such a "horseman of the apocalypse" who did not need three others.

92. Survivors (2017) Belgium 5.33

The only film about zombies, where "survivors" are called not survivors of the global apocalypse people, but the zombies themselves.

The film is divided into two parts. One branch of events takes place in the ordinary world, the other in the post-apocalyptic one. And it is still not clear in which and for whom it is easier to survive.

93. Little Dead (2008) USA 5.31

In this film, the zombie is present only in a single version. They find themselves chained behind bars in an abandoned psychiatric hospital building - a ghoul.

It is discovered by a couple of local young loafers who, for some reason known only to them, decided to drink beer in an ancient dilapidated building, in which madmen were previously treated.

Finding the ghoul, the guys were slightly stunned, of course. But no one even comes close to guessing what they will do with her and what experiments to put on her.

94. Splinter (2008) US 5.29

In this zombie movie, an infection came from the forest in the form of a mad dog that bit a dude who worked at a gas station.

While the gas station, mutated into a spiked zombie, was basking on the toilet floor, accidental fellow travelers came to the store while refueling - an ordinary couple, taken hostage by another, villainous, couple. They had already managed to run into something spiky on their way in the night. But they turned out to be even less ready for a zombie in the toilet than for a creature on the road.

The future of the heroes is in question.

95. Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) Germany, Canada 5.29

The penultimate film in the Paul Anderson franchise, in which the adventures will unfold at the Umbrella training base, located, as it turned out a little later, on a former Soviet underwater base hiding under the Kamchatka ice.

The heroes of the film (this time, in addition to Alice herself, all the key characters of the best computer games of the Resident Evil series take part in it - Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, etc. .) will have to get out on their own from the base, divided into vast areas imitating the main megacities of the world.

The film would be good ... If it was good. The final film in the series was clearly approached by Anderson and company.

96. Trench 11 (2017) Canada 5.27

When viewing this masterpiece, "Overlord" is immediately recalled.

Only if the Germans sculpted zombies there during the Second World War, then here their project to create super soldiers got out of control during the First World War.

Nothing new. Unless, the adventures will unfold not at the front, but under the front.

97. Trailer Park Nightmares (2008) US 5.23

A kind of parody horror, the main plot in a furious way reminiscent of "From Dusk Till Dawn".

Only if there the main character ran into ghouls in a border Mexican eatery for truckers and bikers, then a group of teenage idlers led by a teacher-pastor find their "zombie paradise" in a trailer park.

In some places the film will smile utterly.

98. Eaten Alive (2008) US 5.22

Not to be confused with Cannibals Hell. Here they "chufan" each other alive in a mental hospital, the leading doctor of which uses his patients as experimental subjects, testing his strange supervaccine of unknown purpose on them.


And who would have known that such a thing was going on in this madhouse if the brother, true to his family feelings, had not decided to pull his sister, who was unjustifiably placed on the tag, out of this meta.

Penetrating the territory turned out to be a matter - it couldn't be easier. Pretend to be a fool, and you will be in place in no time. But getting out of the durgeon is not easy and deadly.

99. Devil's Games (2010) UK 5.22

The culprit of another zombie apocalypse was a side effect of a test drug developed by one of the pharmaceutical companies. Again.

Further - everything is like a carbon copy. Everyone runs from each other, hides, bites, infects, bites again ...

In short, the usual routine mess of the average zombie apocalypse.

100 D / L / R 2 (2013) US 5.20

The second film of the trilogy, like the others, is a collection of horror-themed short films that are in no way related to each other in meaning.

A zombie movie is a video recorded on the second cassette. He talks about the failed bike ride in the park of a guy named Mike, who was attacked by zombies.


Who lacked the pictures listed in our top-100 best films about zombies and zombie apocalypse, here are a dozen more zombie-themed films for you, ranking after the main hundred:

  • 101 Hungry Z (2017) Canada 5.19 - about the zombie population of the new and improved Quebec (Canada).
  • 102 Mutants (2009) France 5.18 - about the journey of a couple of survivors to the coveted military bunker. One of the couple will certainly be bitten, and the other will certainly be pregnant.
  • 103 Awakening Forest (2009) Ireland 5.17 - as it becomes known from this film, from the other world the dead can return not only the ancient Indian cemetery, located on the plateau behind the deadwood pet cemeteries.
  • 104 Plan 9 from outer space (1959) USA 5.16 - here treacherous aliens find themselves in a state to raise the dead from their graves. A very extravagant way of enslaving the human race.
  • 105 Hell Bunker: Rise of Special Forces (2013) UK 5.15 - another adventure in the "Hell Bunker". Only now, in the 40s of the last century, and not in our time. Background, so to speak.
  • 106 Quarantine 2: Terminal (2010) USA 5.15 - this time the action will unfold in the premises of the airport terminal, moreover, among passengers and pilots who got off the flight, by train there are infected.
  • 107 Extinction - Chronicles of Genetic Modification (2011) Germany 5.14 - movie title - best synopsis.
  • 108 Cadaver (2018) USA 5.13 - about zombies who appeared in the corridors of the local morgue.
  • 109 Hell Party (2008) USA 5.12 - in which zombies will be confronted by the most inveterate underdogs and losers of high school.
  • 110 Mad (2019) Canada - 5.09 - a story about a girl who acquired the ability to infect people with a zombie virus. Not of my own free will, of course, but it just so happened.

That's exactly it.

To the great regret of horror romantics, in our universe, a zombie apocalypse is impossible . And therefore, have fun watching the selected films, all the best and more cool films and TV series.

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