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5 smartphones from 2016 that are not ashamed to buy at the end of 2017


While technology advances at an unimaginable pace, smartphone innovation is becoming less and less frequent.

And therefore, the flagships that sparkled a year or two ago today are not particularly lagging behind new products in performance. They may not be as stylish, but most people have enough power behind their eyes. Do you want to get a reliable functional device without hitting your pocket? Take a look at last year.

Google Pixel is the perfect phone for Android fanatic

Pixelphone by google

Average price: 41,000 rubles

Google's Pixel is nimble and sleek. This is a juicy AMOLED display, a 12MP camera with f / 2 aperture, 4 cores , 4GB of RAM and the ability to upgrade to Android 8.0 Oreo.

To owners of this smartphone, Google gives unlimited free storage for photos and videos. So the average battery (2770mAh) and lack of water resistance can be forgiven.

ZTE Axon 7 - a stylish device for music lovers

ZTE Axon 7

Average price: 25,000 rubles

There are few smartphones on the market with really strong audio chips, but the Axon 7 is one of them. In 2016, it was called the flagship killer, and for good reason: its technical characteristics were at the level of expensive devices, and it cost hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Rugged metal body, clear sound, powerful camera, 64GB of internal memory and good battery capacity ( 3250mAh ) make it a good purchase today. It has one drawback: developers do not promise updates to Android 8.0.

iPhone 7 Plus - for budget-conscious Apple fans

iPhone 7 Plus

Average price: 47,000 rubles

Are you dreaming of getting to know Apple technology? No need to spend over 100,000 on an iPhone X. iPhone 7 Plus will cost you half that amount, and with it you get Apple Pay, lightning-fast performance, great OIS dual cameras, decent battery life and moisture protection.

It does not have the usual 3.5 mm mini jack, but you can count on constant updates for several years to come.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the most stylish representative of 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7

Average price: 38,000 rubles

It's fast ( 8 cores and 4GB of RAM ), water resistant and boasts a camera that works great in low light. Its 3600mAh battery is more than enough for an entire day, and its 5.5-inch curved Super AMOLED display will impress you.

The UI has improved dramatically thanks to the updates since the release of the smartphone, so it's difficult to abandon it even in anticipation of 2018.

HTC 10 - the one who was completely undeservedly forgotten

htc 10 evo

Average price: 26,000 rubles

Unfortunately, the HTC 10 failed to attract the audience it deserved. However, it has everything you'd expect from a flagship phone: a large, bright screen, fast hardware, a solid metal body, powerful speakers, 4G support and a fingerprint reader.

In August, the manufacturer officially announced the preparation of Android 8.0 Oreo for it, but the exact timing of the firmware release has not yet been announced. Lack of water resistance and average battery life are the only drawbacks of the smartphone.

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