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Engineer has created a mobile phone with a rotary dial


US engineer Justine Haupt has designed a mobile device with an interesting conceptual detail. Instead of the usual touch screen or physical buttons, the retro phone has a disk dial, with which the desired number is dialed. 20-30 years ago, such discs were often found in stationary devices.

Haupt took a regular motherboard, an external antenna, and an old phone disk and assembled a working model from them. The invention was the inventor's response to modern technology, or rather smartphones, which, in her opinion, have many unnecessary options. The engineer sees Internet access, touch control and various built-in applications as unnecessary components that distract from the main purpose of the telephone set - making calls and simple communication.

Justine Haupt's main occupation is working at Brookhaven National Laboratory, located in New York, where she is involved in the development of astronomical equipment. Therefore, the engineer does not completely abandon technology, however, he believes that modern phones are too complicated by many functions. For a long time, a specialist in the astronomical laboratory used an ordinary "clamshell", although the ability to write messages Haupt also refers to the excessive manufacturability of the apparatus. As a result, the engineer decided to make her own mobile phone that would fit all her requirements.

The engineer worked on her own project for three years. The result is a retro mobile, all the electronics of which are housed in a 3D printer case. The device is a fully working model from which you can make calls and receive incoming calls. At the same time, the phone will not distract its owner with endless notifications of various applications and instant messengers, since it is not technically provided for in it. The phone has a small screen, which practically does not waste energy for displaying large amounts of text or numbers, and a battery with a daily charge.


Unlike most modern models, the disc phone lacks the usual control menus and color screen. To dial a number, you need to use the dial mechanism, scrolling it for each digit separately. For certain numbers, speed dial buttons are provided, where you can enter the most important contacts. On the back of the case, there is still a small screen that displays the last incoming SMS message. You won't be able to answer it in the usual way, you can only call back the sender.

The author of the development notes that she did not plan to create a retro-phone of a timeless era, but wanted to get an actual device, which is simply as far as possible from the modern functions of most smartphones. The engineer finds her apparatus very easy to use. Unexpectedly for the inventor, the disk mobile phone attracted the interest of many. A small site with a description of the project could not stand the influx of users. This happened after the engineer posted all the details of the device in the public domain: drawings, firmware, components used and other characteristics.

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Author: Jake Pinkman