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Top 10 Best TV Series June 2020: Premieres


We continue the promenade according to the premieres schedule. Today we will discuss the top 10 best TV series of June 2020, those that start on TV channels and streaming services at the beginning of this summer. And first of all, this month will be remarkable for the fact that during it three new projects from the beloved HBO television network will see the light.

Besides them, there will be something new to see in June.

1. Alex Ryder (ITV)

Thursday June 4th

This June TV series is a sequel to the 2006 feature film "Stormbreaker", based on the novel of the same name by Anthony Horowitz. Despite the fact that the film belongs to the category of "superhero", the main character - 15-year-old teenager Alex Ryder - does not possess any superpowers and "does good and justice" with the help of high-tech spy tricks and fighting skills in the style of Batman, Bond or Cody Banks .

Raised by his stepfather, the orphan Alex was trained in martial arts from an early age and grew up in an atmosphere of "merciless" physical and mental training. Thus, when his stepfather suddenly died, or, to be more precise, was subtly killed by someone for something, he suddenly learns from third parties from MI6 that in his skills he was already equal to the professionals and ripe for the honorary title of a super-agent spy.

Well, in fact, he is involved in a super-secret mission worthy of both a university nerd and a super-trained spy for all occasions.

And he will have to infiltrate neither more nor less - into an elite closed boarding house for moneybags, located in the Alps, where from these same moneybags a certain doctor Greif, the main antagonist of this adventure story, is tying ropes.

2. President (Amazon)

June 5, Friday

High-ranking officials of FIFA have long been suspected of corruption and bribery, but until 2015 they managed to get out, excuse themselves by saying that everyone who sues them simply quotes: “racists and losers”.

But in 2015, it happened that all their rotten ins and outs turned inside out and splashed out on the head of the world community with the scandal of the century.

This June TV series explores how the systemic corruption scandal in FIFA erupted. The roots of the problem, how it all began and, in fact, how it ended.

And the weakest link in the corruption pyramid was Sergio Jadu, the hapless president of one of the Chilean minor league football clubs. The whole story is about him.

This is how the phrase suggests itself: "As you name the yacht, so it will float."

3. Head (HBO Asia)

June 12, Friday

The next series in June 2020 is from the thriller field. A polar winter is falling on the South Pole. But the group of polar scientists "Winters" from the research station Polaris 6 under the leadership of Arthur Wilde is not going to dump from here to warm lands. They are ready to continue the experiment that can lift the veil on how to cope with global climate change on the planet.

Over time, communication with them is lost, but it is not possible to reach them for many reasons. And now, finally, the six-month polar night ends and the summer crew of the expedition arrives at their destination.

What they found here left them in shock. Part of the group turned out to be dead, another part disappeared. The only surviving doctor Maggie Mitchell cannot say anything coherent, as she is in a state of complete insanity.

Among the missing is the wife of the summer group commander, Johan Berg, who believes that she is still alive. He is ready to go to any lengths to get to the bottom of the massacre that happened and find his spouse.

4. Forests (Netflix)

June 12, Friday

Next on the list of the best June TV series is the premier detective story from Polish filmmakers, filmed under the auspices of the streaming service Netflix.

Not a day goes by that the current prosecutor of one of the Warsaw districts does not think about the disappearance of his sister, who disappeared back in 1994. Then the case came to a standstill and was closed for lack of evidence.

And now, 25 years later, a corpse emerges, which may very well be associated with the disappearance of his sister. For obvious reasons, the prosecutor immediately grabbed him with his teeth like a hungry alligator.

5. Cross Swords (Hulu)

June 12, Friday

The management of the streaming service and cable network Hulu has long thought about how else to surprise and at the same time to amuse their customers. And he came up with it. Let's take South Park, place its heroes in the Middle Ages and portray their adventures in the style of hypertrophied simple computer animation, from a distance like a cross between Lego and Minecraft.

No sooner said than done. In mid-June, our attention will be given to a series, in the center of the plot of which is a simple village peasant, who previously dreamed of a career in the royal guard all his life.

But when his dream came true, he suddenly realizes that this is not exactly what he wanted so much. Everything here is somehow too serious, bloody and straightforward.

Where's the long-awaited romance?

6. Brave New World (USA Network)

Monday June 15

This June series is set in 21st century London, which is located in the dystopian world of the English science fiction writer Aldous Huxley.

In this world, only carelessness, debauchery and idleness are welcome. Excessive zeal for work, any creativity, science, or to empathize or help someone is elevated to the rank of abnormality.

People here are "sorted" at the stage of conception (fertilization of eggs and the cultivation of human embryos is carried out here only in special "incubators"). Someone, according to DNA, is destined to become cool life-wasters, and someone was destined to become the servant of these cool life-wasters. And so that the servants do not rock the boat, they instill pride in their "work" from childhood, and also abundantly inject alkaloids into their blood.

And it was in this world that two of our heroes managed to be "born", who during the riot were lucky to be "outside the perimeter", that is, outside of civilized London.

7. Hope (Start)

Thursday June 18

Next in our top 10 best TV series in June is a domestic project from the Start TV channel. And the tale will be about the echoes of the 90s, or rather, about what these “echoes” have turned into a completely normal girl Nadia.

And they turned her into a real killer who, since the bloody 90s, is forced to live a double life. In appearance, Nadezhda is an ordinary modern woman with a family and a child, working at a good job - a flight attendant of some kind of airlines.

It doesn't matter which ones. Because instead of flying passenger planes in the air, she is taking orders to remove unwanted elements on the ground.

And for whom unwanted - we learn from the most serial film.

8. Love, Victor (Hulu)

June 19, Friday

The next June TV series is an expanded rehash of the well-known film "With Love, Simon", based on the novel by American writer Becky Albertalli "Simon and the Homo Sapiens Program".

The tape will tell you about a high school student named Victor, who managed to be born gay. Ashamed of his orientation, he, nevertheless, conducts secret correspondence of openly gay love topics with an unknown "friend" on the network. Obviously, this correspondence falls into the hands of an ill-wisher, namely, a local "clown" who, using blackmail, tries to knock out of Victor acquaintance with a beauty with whom Victor is friends.

It will probably be interesting. Although, it is better, nevertheless, to watch the film. There will be something to compare with. If someone is not afraid of spoilers, of course.

9. Perry Mason (HBO)

June 21, Sunday

Next in line in the list of the best TV series in June is a remake of the long-playing series of the same name of the 50s - 60s of the last century. Then the project was able to hold out in the broadcasting network for 9 years. In the 70s, they tried to restart the show, but the series was canceled after the first season.

And now, 50 years after the last triumph, the show is restarted again, moreover, by HBO itself. It certainly shouldn't be a dummy, and if you consider that the literary series about Perry Mason has 80 novels and a huge number of stories, then the project can be stretched for at least 10 ten-episode seasons.

The hero named Perry Mason was invented by the American writer Earl Grdner. He (Mason) is a lawyer who practiced in the 30s during the Great Depression, so the show will be on a legal theme. But this detective is interesting primarily because Mason is also a good detective by compatibility, who investigates cases in parallel with the police.

Vaguely reminiscent of "Goliath" with Billy Bob Thornton. We strongly recommend those who have not watched it.

10. I will disappear into the dark (HBO)

June 28, Sunday

Another project from HBO. This time it will be a documentary series, which will be entirely devoted to the "deeds" and capture of the serial killer Golden State, who "practiced" in the state of California in the 70s - 80s of the last century.

It is reliably known that from 1974 to 1986, at least 13 people were sent to the next world by this geek and more than 50 were raped. He was not particularly individualistic, and that is why the police did not manage to catch him for so long. He operated in three districts, and in which the police were looking for their killer-rapist, and only much later did they realize that they were looking for the same person.

Dedicating documentaries to killers and maniacs is a bad move. They just kill / rape for the sake of becoming famous. But where can you explain to greedy producers and TV channels.


This concludes our review of the best TV series in June. We hope that cinemas will start opening in the regions of USA from July, and next month we will release our first top announcement of the best films of the month after a long coronavirus break.

The question is different. Will people go back to the cinemas? How many will agree to spit on the distance and return to a normal "social-social" life?

In any case, we'll see everything soon. In the meantime, good health and, as always, more cool movies and TV series!

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