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Spy Boy Returns

Image Spy boy Alex Ryder is ready to conquer new heights - now the teenager working for British intelligence will go to small screens. As the portal Variety found out, the production company Eleventh Hour Films acquired the rights to adapt the popular series of books Anthony Horowitz and together with the channel ITVplans to shoot a TV series based on it.

The first novel went to print back in 2000, and since then it has sold about 16 million copies in English alone. At the center of the action is the teenager Alex Ryder , who is hired by MI6 to perform various tasks. During his existence on the printed pages Alex faced dangerous villains, eliminated global threats in the form of deadly viruses and evil clones.

Although the original's target audience is teenagers, the creators of the TV adaptation intend to expand it and make a series intended for family viewing. Guy Burt is responsible for the script of the new show, who has worked on the dramas "Borgia" and "Beowulf". The author of the books Anthony Horowitz intends to work closely with the project team.


The news about the start of work on the series came at an opportune moment - the 11th novel about Alex Ryder was just published. This character, by the way, is already familiar to film fans from the movie "Thunderbolt" with Alex Pettifer. Ten years ago, Horowitz counted on a whole franchise and even started writing a script for a sequel, but the picture flopped at the box office and is considered one of the worst film adaptations of teen literature, which, however, did not prevent the demand for books about Ryder grow significantly.

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Author: Jake Pinkman