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Inside # 10.07: Vein ID; Samsung Galaxy Tab S7; Samsung Galaxy Watch 3; Black Shark 3S


The first release of information from insiders, as usual, will consist of four pieces of information. In the first, we will talk about the development of a new way to identify users of mobile devices. Then we will discuss the characteristics of the yet unannounced tablet and the capabilities of Samsung's smart watches. In the end, let's talk about the nuances of equipping the Black Shark 3S gaming smartphone.

Apple is developing a new way of biometric authentication

Currently, Apple smartphones use two methods for biometric authentication. One of them is Face ID, which uses unique facial features in its work. Americans believe it is safer than fingerprint identification.

However, as practice shows, this technology can be deceived. It is still far from perfect. Therefore, the Yabloko people want to find a new way of identifying a person, which will increase the safety of the process.

Recently, insiders became aware of the existence of an Apple patent on this topic. It provides for the creation of a new form of biometric authentication that uses the user's veins.

The document allows the use of a thermal imager, which allows scanning a person's face. In this case, we are talking about establishing the subcutaneous vein pattern, which is unique for each individual.


Experts note that it is difficult in nature, but you can find people with approximately the same faces. However, the location of their veins will be different even in this case. The degree of uniqueness (if the use of such a term is appropriate here) is higher here than in the case of face or fingerprint authentication.

Previously, attempts have been made to create a method for identifying a user by the veins of the hands. It was assumed that for this they would scan the palms. This is not very convenient, since in this case, a large free space is required on the device's display.

Galaxy Tab S7 specifications are now online

At the Unpacked 2020 event, Korean developers intend to show several new products. The closer this forum is, the more information about the announced devices appears on the network. Recently, insiders posted a portion of new data. They relate to the Galaxy Tab S7 line of tablets.

We are talking about two gadgets: Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 +. Both devices will be equipped with metal cases with flat edges, Snapdragon 865+ processors and 5G X55 modems, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. They will also have the ability to support DeX mode for connecting to an external display.

It is assumed that the devices will receive four speakers and main cameras with two sensors with a resolution of 13 and 5 megapixels. The front modules will install 8-megapixel ones with an aperture of f / 2.0. The main differences between the models lie in the screens: the basic version uses an 11-inch IPS-display with a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels, and the Galaxy Tab S7 + will be equipped with a SuperAMOLED-matrix with a diagonal of 12.4 inches (2800x1752 pixels). Display models will support up to 120Hz sweep rates.

Tablet PCs even use different fingerprint scanners. In the older model, the unit will be placed in the display, and in the Galaxy Tab S7 it will be integrated into the power button.

Different batteries will also be installed in the devices. The older version will receive a battery with a capacity of 10090 mAh, and the younger one will be equipped with a 7040-milliamp battery.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will receive a number of new features

Network whistleblowers have long found out the characteristics and cost of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. However, the leaks regarding this gadget did not end there. Recently, insiders got hold of the Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin application, thanks to which some functions that are not entirely inherent in such gadgets became known.

We are talking about the ability to control smart watches through special gestures. Now, to answer an incoming call, simply unclench your fingers, previously gathered into a fist.


Galaxy Watch 3 was also taught to detect the user's fall. After the device receives information about this event, it will make an emergency call (1 minute after the fall). Also, the possibility of transferring the geographic coordinates of the fall site to persons who are in the contact list for this is not excluded. The developers hope that in this way they will be able to help all watch owners who have health problems.

Galaxy Watch 3 will receive some more unusual features. Among them are: the mode of the simplified creation of screenshots, changing the interface of the dial, etc.

New Xiaomi smartphone shown in the picture

Earlier this year, Xiaomi introduced the Black Shark 3 Pro device. Not so long ago it became known about the imminent announcement of a modification of the flagship smartphone - Black Shark 3S. His image recently appeared on the web.


The photo shows the Shark MBU-40, one of the features of which is a screen with a large diagonal of 7.1 inches, an aspect ratio of 19, 5: 9 and a resolution of 3120x1440 pixels.

The device is equipped with 3 GB of RAM, a camera consisting of three sensors with a resolution of 65, 13 and 5 megapixels. The hardware is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh.

When the device is announced is not yet known.

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