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TOP best shooters of 2019 on PC and consoles


The outgoing year is unlikely to go down in history as one of the best first-person shooters in the genre. Not a single release worthy of Half-Life or Bioshock appeared on store shelves, and the contender for the main shooter of the outgoing year - Doom Eternal - was postponed to 2020. But looking back at the list of released games, we were able to collect the top best shooters of 2019, which will especially appeal to fans of story-driven FPS.

7. WRATH: Aeon of Ruin

Old school old school shooters - a genre primarily for fans of non-stop action, laced with ultra-violence and intricate levels. And despite the seeming lightness of the concept, not all developers manage to create a really interesting shooter according to the old templates, and not just parasitize on the nostalgia of the players. Luckily for us, the developers of the WRATH: Aeon of Ruin shooter, recently released in Steam's Early Access, managed to avoid numerous mistakes of competitors and create a real time machine that returns to the era of the best meat shooters on PC.

TOP best shooters of 2019 on PC and consoles

The modified engine of the first Quake was more suitable than ever for depicting a dark fantasy world filled with secrets and a bestiary of bloodthirsty demons who want to tear the player apart. WRATH: Aeon of Ruin also has some drawbacks, but there is a separate advantage - ridiculous system requirements, which makes the shooter perfect for weak PCs.

6. Rage 2

The joint shooter from Avalanche Studios and ID Software came out as one of the most controversial projects of this year. From the first developers, Rage 2 took a second-rate storyline that you will hardly remember the very next day and the primitive implementation of the open world. But from ID Software, the game took, perhaps, the most important component for a good FPS - wonderful shooter mechanics that make you rush around the battlefield with burning eyes, tap-dancing on the controller with your fingers and turning each fight into a spectacular festival of violence and pyrotechnics.

TOP best shooters of 2019 on PC and consoles

It is due to the excellent shootings that Rage 2 has fully earned its place in the top of the best shooters of 2019. Considering the small amount of content and the low quality of performance of almost all elements of the game (besides the same shootings and driving), Rage 2 does not claim to be big laurels, but it is perfect for short doses of adrenaline on cold winter evenings.

5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The new part of the Call of Duty series offers, according to good tradition, a gentleman's set of entertainment: full of explosions and idiotic plot twists, a single campaign, co-op and multiplayer battles at supersonic speeds. Therefore, if you were looking for a game that can captivate for several evenings and beat off every ruble spent, the shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can handle this task without any problems.

TOP best shooters of 2019 on PC and consoles

Of course, each of the components of the game is far from ideal (especially when talk about a story campaign begins), but in general Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can be regarded as a good gift for fans of the series, and in large part thanks to Infinity Ward's emphasis on realism. Of course, another Insurgency is not worth waiting for, but the redesigned shooting mechanics, high-quality sound, low TTK, the absence of marks from shots on the minimap and other innovations add room for tactical maneuvers to the usual multiplayer gameplay.

4. Borderlands 3

As in the case of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the release of Borderlands 3 was accompanied by a string of scandals that could scare away some of the audience from the shooter. But in fairness, it's worth noting that Gearbox lovingly invested in the creation of the game and released the same beloved Borderlands 2 series, only bigger, more beautiful and funnier. Any element of the game is erected to the absolute, and the love of guns familiar to the series has acquired truly manic proportions, offering millions of variants of firearms, which can now be decorated with a keychain, turning your favorite barrel into a work of art.

TOP best shooters of 2019 on PC and consoles

Special attention should be paid to the content of the game and additional missions, where simple assignments can result in intriguing stories with the cultivation of mutants and other plot outcomes, surprising with the comical absurdity and love of developers for self-irony. Skirmishes in Borderlands 3 have also improved thanks to the protagonist's increased movement reserve, which, together with a rich storyline and the presence of co-op, makes Gearbox one of the best shooters for PC and consoles of the outgoing year.

3. Boneworks

After the triumphant announcement of Half-Life: Elyx, the attention of the gaming industry is again riveted on VR devices, and if one shooter from Valve is not enough for you to buy a virtual reality helmet, then we recommend paying attention to the game Boneworks. According to rumors, it was she who caused the lack of gameplay in Half-Life: Elyx at TGA 2019. We do not know how close the information from insiders about Valve's fear of Boneworks to reality, but the fact that the release from Stress Level Zero offers a new word in the shooter genre from first person - fact.

TOP best shooters of 2019 on PC and consoles

Boneworks surprises in the first place with the freedom and desire of developers to move away from gaming conventions. The ability to hold the door with one hand, and push the other into the opening and shoot enemies, or even pull the enemy into the opening and beat him to death with the same door - Boneworks supports any of your experiments thanks to an unprecedented degree of interactivity. Add to that a fair climbing system that can make your hands burn with overwork with frequent breaking the fourth wall, and you have not only one of the best shooters of the year, but one of the most impressive PC games in recent years.

2. Apex Legends

When the battle royale genre began to fizzle out and it seemed that Fortnite was already unable to move from the pedestal of free-to-play games, the FPS masters from Respawn Entertainment took the stage with the shooter Apex Legends. Obviously, the game was developed with a clear desire to get rid of all the disadvantages of battle royale: the spawn system, short game sessions and a small but rich map allows you to always be in the thick of battles. Just know that you will be guided by the sounds of the shots in the background and headlong with your team rush into another gunfight in pursuit of the title of Apex champion.

TOP best shooters of 2019 on PC and consoles

All the above advantages of Apex Legends, including a character system full of unique and not obvious at first glance gameplay mechanics - this is, of course, wonderful, but the main victory of the developers is the excellent shooter mechanics. There is simply no other battle royale on the market (and in general there are few similar FPSs) that would give such exciting emotions from shootouts. At the same time, note that Apex Legends is one of the few games in the top for relatively weak PCs that can still be downloaded for free.

1. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is expected to become the finalist of our top best shooters of 2019. Wanting to push the boundaries of the series, the developers from 4A Games offer players an exciting adventure across the territory of post-apocalyptic USA. From west to east. The open levels, which have become the main innovation of the game, evoke ambiguous feelings. Sometimes the dynamics of the game sags, the filling of locations leaves much to be desired, but due to the constantly changing scenery, a number of intriguing additional tasks and space for tactical actions, the idea with open levels in general justifies itself in Metro Exodus.

TOP best shooters of 2019 on PC and consoles

In addition, the developers honor the roots of the series, not forgetting to "turn on Hollywood" with spectacular moments at peak moments and replace open levels with linear sections in narrow corridors, causing persistent bouts of claustrophobia. But most importantly, Metro Exodus is able to give real emotions from the story of a group of such different and at the same time close to each other united by a thirst for life. A rare outlet in our time when single-player shooters were almost completely replaced by online games on PC and consoles.

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