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How a realme smartphone on vacation can replace a player, camera and console


In the summer, many residents of our country go to the countryside and out of town for recreation. Such events cannot do without entertainment, including digital ones. In order for them to take place, you need to have a lot of gadgets with you. Realme offers to use only one. This is a recently launched smartphone that can replace the player, camera and console.

A whole cinema in your pocket

A smartphone display is similar to a personal computer monitor. For the most part, users interact with it, because it is on the screen that the results of the entire device filling are displayed.

Its size matters, but they are not the only thing that matters. Anyone will be disappointed by poor color reproduction or small viewing angles. You should also pay attention to such an indicator as the screen refresh rate. For many years, matrices with a frequency of 60 Hz were almost the standard here. This value has been increasing recently.

The new smartphone realme 6 Pro is equipped with a 6.6-inch IPS-matrix. This size, coupled with the Full HD + resolution, will be enough to use the device when watching TV series and other video content in the country or recreation center. It's nice that to improve the smoothness of the transmitted image, you can set the refresh rate to 90 Hz.


The effect will be more noticeable if the functionality is used while scrolling or reading e-books. In such cases, it is best to use a blue filter to reduce eye strain.

Small game console

The mobile industry now offers toys that are not inferior in quality and graphic data to computer ones. Ten years ago, few people could dream of transferring some game hit from a PC or console to a smartphone. This is almost commonplace now.

In order to enjoy the gaming process, in most cases you do not need to spend money on purchasing a flagship device, just buy a mid-range device.

The core of the hardware filling of realme 6 Pro is the eight-core Snapdragon 720G chipset, which is sufficient for most gaming tasks.

To prevent graphics from sagging in particularly demanding toys, the Adreno 618 chip is installed. Additional help is provided by RAM, the capacity of which is impressive here - 8 GB. This amount of "RAM" is also useful for those who like to use several applications at the same time.

In order for the user to fit all the necessary files and toys, the manufacturer has equipped the smartphone with 128 GB of internal memory.


If desired, this volume can be expanded by installing a microSD card. There is a separate slot for this, which functions independently of the SIM card installed nearby.

Acoustic capabilities

The device works with the aptX codec by default, the Bluetooth 5.1 protocol is used to connect an external sound source. As a result, it delivers Hi-Res sound. Lovers of wired solutions can use the traditional audio jack.

There is also an FM radio here, such functionality is now rarely found anywhere.

The built-in speakers have enough power to listen to your favorite tunes. You can even throw a small party on the summer veranda.

In order for it not to end ahead of time due to a lack of energy, the manufacturer equipped the device with a 4300 mAh battery. Its capabilities will last for the whole day, but if the battery is discharged, then in just half an hour its charge can be replenished up to 60%. A full cycle requires just over an hour at the outlet.

Photo and video capabilities

Nowadays, few people (except professionals) use expensive equipment for filming. The possibilities offered by smartphone cameras are quite enough for this.

Realme 6 Pro is no exception here. He received six sensors, two of which are located on the front panel. It is a 64MP lens and an f / 1.8 lens. The quality of the tandem shooting provides excellent. Amateurs and advanced users alike will appreciate the large number of settings. Here you can set the exposure, color saturation and improve the night picture. Thanks to the software algorithm, even an unsuccessful shot will become good.

The rest of the sensors were placed on the back panel.


In addition to the main sensor, there is a telephoto lens, sensors for wide-angle and macro photography. Quick controls are provided to switch between them, allowing you to do this with one or two touches of the screen. Fans of recording video on the move will also not be disappointed. It will be of high quality thanks to the built-in stabilization system.

Editors can immediately send the video to their PC. To do this, they don't have to mess with wires. Those interested can edit it in advance: remove unnecessary, apply the necessary filters, etc.

Other nice things

The realme 6 Pro smartphone is capable of replacing the wallet. To do this, it is equipped with an NFC module that supports the Google Pay payment service. To do this, you just need to link a bank card and you can not take it with you during shopping trips.

The device is controlled by the current Android 10 operating system. It allows you to customize the entire interface. The main thing here is not to overdo it, otherwise the device can be turned into a product of low performance.

For the convenience of users, the developers have equipped the product with the Realme UI shell. It allows you to conveniently control swipes, split the screen into two halves, and customize the shape of icons.

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