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Super spoiler. Issue 1. Venom: Unanswered Questions


For especially advanced people who, after reading, like to yell: “What kind of goats are you all? Do you want to launch such spoilers on a fig? ”, We warn you. The whole article is one big spoiler, after reading which the majority will no longer be so tempted to check out the film as it was before. Therefore - think a hundred times before reading. And after reading - decide for yourself whether to watch Venom or not. Yes, we are going to analyze it today, the highest grossing novelty of the last week from the Sony studio, directed by Ruben Fleischer, with Tom Hardy in the title role.


If you do not take into account the computer bells and whistles, minor twists and turns, dialogues, details of races, fights and other things, the plot turns out to be rather trivial and uninteresting.

From somewhere in the depths of space, a cargo with alien entities, which, as it turns out, can only exist in symbiosis (biological cohabitation) with the host's body, flies to the earth. Before entering the atmosphere, an emergency occurs on the ship, it crashes and one of the entities dumps from the crash site.


Meanwhile, journalist Eddie Brock, a specialist in explosive and incriminating materials, is trying to climb with revelations where he was not advised to climb. And when he once again disobeyed this advice, he was simply fired from his job. By the way, it was for this laboratory that a cargo of entities was transported from space.

After a certain period of time, spent in ordeals and looking for work, an employee of a corporation, tied up with alien entities of the past, suddenly comes out to him with a proposal to provide him with incriminating information. It turns out that experiments are actually being carried out here on people who she really doesn’t like and after which mountains of corpses remain.

It was because of the reporting on the account of this corporation that he was fired. But, thinking, Brock agrees, breaks into the laboratory, where he is possessed by the entity, which later introduced itself to him as Venom.


In the future, Brock, in some incomprehensible way, goes through an instant path of becoming a personality from a complete coward who does not hesitate to secretly poke around in a friend's gadgets, to a hero, at the cost of his life trying to save the world. Along the way, he is dealt with the protection of the corporation, and at the end he collides with another entity - the antagonistic one. Its human symbiont is the head of the corporation, with whom they are trying to go to the distant homeland of entities, in order to bring hordes of similar ones here in order to arrange a global end of the world for people.

By the way, Venom also goes through the path of a kind of becoming, which, it turns out, no longer wants the Earth to be flooded with hordes of venom-like creatures. He comes to the conclusion that on Earth he alone will be better. Less competition. Because of this, he enters into a fight with one of his own, in which, as usual, with a creak, but wins.

Parallels with other films

By the way, a slightly naive parallel with "Repage" suggests itself here. There, the rubbish that fell to the ground (though not alien) moved into the bodies of growing animals, which, although not of their own free will, moved to the head office of the company, destroying everything and everyone along the way (except, perhaps, Gena Crocodile. I didn't get to the point, only made a rustle of fish in the water).

Here, rubbish has taken over the astronaut. But at the end she also came to the head office (or central laboratory), along the way moving from person to person.

The film also looks like an "Upgrade" (2018), only there it was not an alien creature that "improved" a person, but the local development of advanced programmers.

Why did you need to fly after the "brothers"?

There is no way to watch a movie without questions. And the main question sounds like this: "Why was it necessary to return to the laboratory, climb on the ship and fly after the rest of the creatures, if you can reproduce a bunch of your own kind here too?"

After all, even if reproduction occurs very slowly, by the time the antagonistic entity flies to its planet and back (will it still fly?), so many entities can be spawned here that you cannot take away on the Titanic. Could more critters fit into the small boat that was shown at the end of the film?


We have to admit that these were either only same-sex entities, or their mother-producer remained "at home", or they cannot reproduce at all. Although then it is not entirely clear how there were more than one of them on their home planet. And in general, if this is some kind of protoplasm, created from a huge number of bacteria or other microorganisms, they a priori should be able to reproduce themselves. And very quickly. It would be something to devour ...

The location of the human body in the "spacesuit" of the symbiont, that is - Venom

When at the end Venom calls the robber a piece of shit and bites off his head (or swallows him altogether), the question arises: "Where did the robber go?" When Brock becomes Brock again, where does the robber's body weight go? Assumptions (and immediately refutations) on this matter are as follows:

  • If Brock's stomach is in it, then people won't be able to digest raw meat with bones and clothes.
  • The stomach won't fit so much.
  • The diameter of the mouth and esophagus does not allow physically swallowing such "things".

If the robber's body only fit into the "suit", that is, into the Venom, then, given that Venom can merge without a trace with the human body, where does the "bag" of food go? Has the eaten robber, along with the bones and contents of the pockets, also absorbed into Broca's “intercellular” space?

Does Brock hurt when Venom bites off his heads?

In the middle of the movie, Venom also bit off the head of one of the action movies. In light of the fact that at the end we were shown how the head of a person in the essential "spacesuit" of Venom is located, the question arises, and while biting off the head of the victim did not rest against Brock's nose with its skull? Or did Venom immediately dissolve it by means of some reagents? Then why didn't Brock's face erode these same reagents? And is it possible in principle to dissolve such an amount of "food" in such a short period of time?

On the proportional placement of the human body in the "spacesuit" of the entity

How can Venom become 1.5 times larger than Brock himself? If we take into account that the head (it was shown to us) is exactly in the Venom's "toothy helmet", then the arms and legs, most likely, are also proportionally divided according to Venom's "vestments". Does this mean that Venom's feet grow their own, and the man's legs at Venom's legs are stretched out like a ballerina's, so as not to stick out in the ankles and not make the audience laugh? A similar question with hands. Or is the entire human body inside Venom being stretched in some way? Then why isn't the gear tearing?


Very unclear. And therefore it is not natural. And therefore the interest disappears. In the universe of "Avengers" everything falls under some kind of framework, and all the honor is explained by honor. The mystic has his own power because ... Spiderman is also quite justified. Iron Man is a man in a suit, albeit quickly and incomprehensibly forming around Stark's loins and so on. Small misunderstandings arise only with the Hulk, and even then they are insignificant: why a piece of pants on the crotch never breaks, how big is his excrement, are they green and all that.

But so that the swallowed 80 kg of mass does not affect the gait and body size in any way ... Borders on absurdity. And these are not all the questions that arise during and after viewing.

What saved the movie

The film was not saved by an interesting plot. Because he is not interesting. And, of course, the film was saved by not interesting characters. Because they are also uninteresting. An adult man who picks at a friend's things and gadgets in order to steal information and make a sensation on it, despite the fact that a poor friend may be fired because of this, does not have respect at all. As well as an indistinct friend who either loves, or dislikes, or loves "Venom", or Brock in "Venom", and, at the same time, is not at all frightened by an alien entity.

90% of girls shy away from spiders, 80% from frogs and 100% faint at the sight of snakes. What can we say about an alien entity. At least a normal woman should have had a far worse reaction to Venom than hers.

The film was saved by Brock's dialogues with Venom and the play of Tom Hardy himself, shying away from the inner voice of the entity. We did not lose well with the actor, otherwise Venom would have stacked below six out of ten.

Final inconsistency


Now the main thing that those who have had a chance to watch the movie Venom 2018 think about. Only a conscientious entity wants to share food with friends at the cost of his life. But one can hardly admit that such a bloodthirsty creature has a conscience. And in light of this, the main antagonistic entity, stretched over the body of the thin chief of the corporation, looks even more idiotic than everything else.

Such a squiggle ...

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