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Symbiotes and Anti-Hero Violence - The Movie


Media giant Sony, together with Marvel, presented a new trailer for the film "Venom", in which the role of the superhero Venom, or rather the antihero, will be played by the infamous Tom Hardy. In the new trailer, you can see how much the film will be different from the usual, family-oriented, superhero films.

Simultaneously with the original version, a second trailer for "Venom" appeared in USA.

The video shows some impressive action scenes and the main villain Carlton Drake, played by Riza Ahmed. Carlton believes in the imminent decline of humanity and decides to change the world order by combining human bodies with an alien symbiote substance. They will become the main enemies of the hero Tom Hardy and his second incarnation - Venom. In the new trailer, you can see how diligently Tom's character resists Venom, but still even finds its advantages in an unexpected metamorphosis.

The film received an R adult rating, so you should expect a high degree of violence, bad language and other attributes of adult cinema. We also note that the director's place was taken by Ruben Fleischer, known primarily for Zombieland, and this man knows exactly how to present rivers of blood as effectively as possible.

We will be able to watch how Tom Hardy will try to cope with the inner demon after the premiere of "Venom", which is scheduled for October 4, 2018. I would like to believe that the R rating will not bury the film at the box office and Venom will show no less success than the start of Mission: Impossible: Consequences.

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Author: Jake Pinkman