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Top 30 Best Action Movies of 2019: Part 1


With the review of the best science fiction films of 2019 finished, you can now move on to a less expensive, but no less revered genre - the genre of action films. Action movies today have become somewhat of the same type, which is why their rating has dropped. But among the best action films of 2019, you can still choose really worthy tapes, which we will discuss today.

The rating of the picture by KinoPoisk is indicated at the end of each subheading. Rating may change over time, depending on fluctuations in the audience liking level.

1. Avengers Endgame (USA) 7.61

Yes, indeed. Marvel's "The Avengers" is not only high-quality (albeit, in some places, and not very science) fiction, but also an action movie - the best in 2019 according to IMDb and KP ratings. We fought here - be healthy. It doesn't matter that the battles here were not fought against villainous people, but againstvillainous aliens, this only made them more colorful, larger and more spectacular.

From the point of view of professional military strategists and tacticians, all the global battles of the motion picture, of course, most of all resemble some kind of dump or heap, but this less epic carnage between people (well, or, almost people) and extraterrestrial creatures does not look.

Most of all, it is symbolic that ordinary people, as always, do not participate in this dump, but prefer to hide behind the backs of mutant earthlings, earthlings in techno armor and earthlings with mystical abilities.

Tell me, what should normal people do in this dump? They will be killed there!

Let's answer: But "Black Widow" Natasha Romanoff and "Hawkeye" Clint Barton were not killed. Really on the whole Earth, they alone, being ordinary people, turned out to be so tenacious and masters of combat tricks that they were worthy not only of the title of "Msitetl", but also of an epic battle?

We will not sculpt a short description for the tenth time. Everyone knows it without us.

2. Ip-Man 4 (Hong Kong, China) IMDb 7.50

The next film of our top best action movies of 2019 is a continuation of the adventures (or, more appropriately, misadventures) of the famous Wing Chun kung fu teacher Ip Man. Although, this is a tale about Ip Man from a parallel universe, since most of everything that is shown in the franchise did not happen at all in "our" universe and with "our" Ip Man.

The Chinese made only the first film approximately reliable, with the exception of the battle with the Japanese general and the earlier flight (and the circumstances of this flight) to Hong Kong. The subsequent ones were from the realm of fantasy. This is tantamount to making a film about Lenin, who, having made a revolution in USA, traveled around the world and made revolutions in third countries as well.

But, be that as it may, all the films in the franchise come out very spectacular. For a little more information on the first three feeds, see ourSpecials. Today we will talk exclusively about the fourth and final picture.

Like the first three parts, the fourth does not shine with a plot. The heroes here, as before, do not think in a standard way and do absolutely illogical actions. The story is tailored to show at least one spectacular duel with the participation of Bruce Lee, and a couple of significant fights with the participation of Ip Man.

If earlier Ip Man fought with Japanese karate fighters, mafiosi and boxers, then he came to America in order to teach a lesson in skills to the local warriors. Although initially he arrived in the United States in order to find a school for his son, who was kicked out of all educational institutions in Hong Kong for bad behavior.

What nonsense? The director directly tells his father that his offspring will not be taught here anymore and they are advised to try in America. Well, yeah, all the crap ends up going there.

And Yip Man went. Arriving on the west coast of the States, he came to one of the schools, where he was asked for a letter of recommendation for his son (Ha!). Despite the fact that it is clear that a letter of recommendation can only be issued by a former teacher (at least this is the norm in normal parallel universes), it was not forbidden here if it was given by the local Chinese diaspora, which knows nothing about the offspring of the master.

Well, or he knows from the words of the same master, who, of course, will not spread that his son is a loshara and a scoundrel who was kicked out of all schools in Hong Kong. Otherwise, what sane person would vouch for such a fool.

Ip Man, and without this, immediately ran into misunderstanding and rejection of the local Chinese community. Unhappy that his student Bruce Lee was teaching Kung Fu lessons to the locals, they refused to give his son a recommendation. It is not clear what Ip Manovsky oboldui is guilty of, but in the end it all boiled down to a duel between the chairman of the community with the newly arrived master of Wing Chun. Like, if you win, you will have a letter of recommendation for your son. No - go nafig otsedova.

What would the local uncles write in a letter of recommendation from a boy they have never seen before? Is this kid worthy of going to San Francisco High School because his daddy piled on us all? Probably so. It's funny, but not funny.

In general, the plot leads us both to Bruce Lee, who fanned a lot of activity here, and to his fights with the so-called local masters. It will be spectacular. And, despite the idiotic, sucked out of a finger, the plot, you will root for the master, clenching your hands into fists.

Interesting fact. At the time when Bruce Lee's sister ran over Tarantino due to the fact that in his film "Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood" he portrayed her brother as a bully, whom he, according to her, never was, in this film masterpiece the Chinese themselves put the masters all the same bully that he, it turns out, was. But here something screams of the sister about this is not heard. That's right. Here Bruce piled on everyone!

3. Spider-Man: Far From Home (USA) 7.29

In the next action movie of 2019, by the way, again fantastic and again related to theMarvel Universe, Spider-Man - one of the universally recognized Avengers, is trying with might and main to get rid of these same Avengers from the authorities. While the world needs help, all the Avengers are scattered somewhere and solve their personal problems.

As traditional in their spirit.

Fury is trying to snatch at least one "available" avenger - Spider-Man. But he dumped on vacation in Venice. Where it doesn't matter, he safely ran into his future enemy and his current boss.

The film, most likely, was also watched by everyone, so we will not focus on it. Let's just say that since its release, Walt Disney Studios and Sony nearly tore the spider apart. At one point, it seemed that Spider-Man would leave the Marvel universe forever. But later everything settled down. And the world has regained its Avenger, who, unlike some, is always at home, as it should be.

Well, except this time.

4. Balkan border (USA, Serbia) 7.24

The next picture of our top best militants of 2019 comes from USA, although it was filmed in collaboration with the Serbs. And she describes the moment when, as a result of the collapse of Yugoslavia, the Third World War almost began.

A detachment of USA special forces, disbanded in 1995, is getting back together. That time, everyone was fired because of the liberty that the commander of the group, Andrei Shatalov, allowed himself. He took, and threw the villain-militant out of the helicopter without a parachute, after which all the soldiers of his squad were outlawed in USA.

But Shatalov did not have to stagger abroad for a long time, ask for a pun. Five years later, in spite of the confusion and NATO bombing, the former chief comes out to him and asks, having assembled a group, to seize and hold the only Kosovo airfield, which at the moment is the most important object of pressure on the NATO forces, under whose cap are the local peacekeepers. In retaliation, he promises all disgraced members of the detachment to be reinstated in ranks and positions, as well as to drop all charges. Well, orders and medals - in addition.

How can I refuse? But the case is hampered by the fact that the airfield is used as its headquarters by a local reckless bandit group. We'll have to fight a little with them.

Maybe not even quite a bit.

5. Alita: Battle Angel (USA) 07.07

The next action movie of 2019 is the best guide to digging up in a public junkyard. For example, while the rest are getting themselves in the trash cans for computers, spare parts for foxes and cans for home preservation, a local healer of the cyborg population and, in combination, the destroyer of evil spirits, Dr. Ido, dug himself a whole daughter there.

She turned out to be an ancient cybernetic girl-warrior (a girl is a robot, very funny), whom Ido called Alita. Alita is a fidget, with huge eyes and a desperate zeal for knowing the world around her. The only thing that doesn’t suit her is that she doesn’t remember who she is, where she came from and how she ended up in the dump.

But the further her knowledge of the world goes and the more difficult situations she gets into, the more fragile the invisible barrier between her past and future becomes. And the hour is not long when she finally remembers everything and gives those around her especially advanced cybernetic tryndyulya. Although, it will not do without a particularly advanced cybernetic love, how can we do without it.

I wonder all the time, but what about the cyborgs with the reproduction of offspring? Really the same as in the Disney cartoon "Robots" in 2005. That would be cool!

6. Decided. Zero (USA) 6.86

The next film of our top best action movies of 2019 will continue the story about a "reshall" named Kostya. Although, rather, it will not be a continuation, but a prehistory. After all, we all know that thanks to his younger blunt-nosed brother Kostyan has long been rotting in the grave.

And it was sewn by none other than Zavgar, with whom they, as it turned out, used to do "business" in the 2000s. Even before Kostya goes to the next world, one of the local "entrepreneurs" comes to Zavgar and asks for advice on the account of his former friend. Like, Kostya came to him to borrow money for some business, is he worth trusting or not?

Well, Zavgar begins a long hour and a half story about how he and Kostyan used to stir things up. And this story turned out to be quite lively and interesting. It is not inferior to the previous parts.

So, everyone who has visited the first two films of the franchise can safely watch the third one. You will definitely love it.

7. Shazam! (USA, Canada) 6.76

The kid was lucky. Instead of the necessary metro station, the subway brought him to some fabulous grotto, where one of the old men endowed him with an ancient power, akin to that which Superman himself has. Now, after shouting the word "Shazam!", Fourteen-year-old slick and fatherless Billy Bastson turns into an adult with the body (but not consciousness) of a superhero.

As you already understood, this fantastic action movie of 2019 is based on the regular comics from the DC superhero universe. And despite the fact that there are no Supermen, Aquamans and other "... changes" in the film, in the future Shazam may very well appear in the Justice League squad.

The meaning of the superpowers transferred by the old man to the boy Billy was that this chosen boy Billy in the future could resist with their help the forces of evil - the spirits of the Seven Deadly Sins, which were released by Thaddeus Sivana, who by hook or by crook penetrated the holy of holies old Shazam.

Billy is having fun with his newly discovered abilities and not suspecting that in the near future he will have an inevitable battle with the forces of evil that have taken over the body of Thaddeus. And it is not at all necessary that he will win them.

Or required?

8. Jumanji: The Next Level (USA) 6.71

In eighth place on the top of the best action films of 2019, there is a continuation of the previous film of 2017, called "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle," in which the Rock Dwayne Johnson starred to the delight of fans.

The difference between the current "Jumanji" from the well-known original source of 1995 is that it is not the jungle that comes into the world of the players, but the players enter the fairy-tale world of the jungle, along the way settling into the bodies of the characters of the game.

So, in the last part, the brave squishy Spencer as an avatar got the body of the pitching Smolder Bravestone, the local beauty Bethany turned on her - the body of the plump peasant Professor Sheldon Oberon, the stupid black footballer, the healthy Anthony "Fridge" Jones, had to be hut the squeaky and grumpy whiner of zoologist Franklin Finbar, a mischievous girl named Martha got the body of the gallant hunter and hand-to-hand combatant Ruby Randhouse.

Now everything has changed. Once again, accidentally hitting the game, they were distributed by the magic processor Jumanji to the local avatars in a completely different order. Except, perhaps, Martha. She was back in Ruby's body. The rest were shuffled around the "game bodies" in a new order. And if you consider that this time a couple of granddaddy of the main characters entered the game and safely occupied the young bodies of the local characters, the plot threatens to become a bomb.

Although, unfortunately, he did not become a bomb, although it paid off almost three times. All these migrations to other bodies and all this mess with characters turned out to be too complicated and puzzling for teenagers. Some of them had to watch this fantastic action movie two or three times in order to get it all right.

And we understand them perfectly. The first time it didn’t go exactly right.

9. Gangster, Cop and the Devil (South Korea) 6.70

This 2019 South Korean action movie will focus on organized crime, police work, and a maniac killer. Moreover, while the policeman will chase the maniac, the boss of the local mafia will also chase him, while the maniac will hunt everyone.

The maniac acts outside the box. He is completely free of whom to kill. If only to scratch with a knife. He drives the front bumper of his car into the rear bumper of the car of the future victim and, at the moment when the unsuspecting driver gets out of the car for a showdown, the maniac attacks him with a knife.

But this time the maniac was lucky (or rather unlucky) to run into the pitching and, concurrently, the mafia leader Cheonan Chan Dong-su. He shook it off quite well and barely carried his legs. Although the mafiosi got it. The meticulous and not quite normal police detective Jong Tae-sok suspects that the wounds of the mafia boss are the work of a maniac, since the attack on him was carried out according to the scenario on duty.

He brings Chan Dong-su to clean water and together they agree to postpone the feud and jointly catch the maniac. Which, meanwhile, does not prevent the mafia boss from setting up so that his competitor was not dumped by him personally, but by the same damned maniac.

10. John Wick 3 (USA) 6.69

As we all remember (or don’t remember) the hero Keanu Reeves at the end of the last part messed up a lot, filling up his opponent in the restaurant of the Continental hotel, within which murders were strictly prohibited under the guild law. In this regard, an order was opened for him, which any first assassin who was in the guild had the right to fulfill.

Despite the fact that, at first glance, the entire population of planet Earth in this universe entirely consists of one killer, the hero Keanu - John Wick still manages to dodge for a while. Moreover, he was lucky enough to get to the mansion of the blood debtor, with the help of which he goes to the address of the most important boss of the guild.

The boss's headquarters is located in the sands of the desert. You can only get to it by giving up your ghost, which Wick almost did. Without food or water, he fainted in the middle of the endless sands, after which he was dragged into the boss's lair by the omnipresent henchmen.

There, in exchange for his own life, Wick was asked to remove the head of the Continental, who, also violating the laws of the guild, saved this very life for him. And John, of course, agrees. But will he kill Winston? Or does he have a different plan in this regard? The question is certainly interesting.

It is very difficult to survive when Mark Dacascos himself is your opponent in the final battle. Well, or his hero, that Keanu's hero also does not give a head start.


Let's finish this for now. Wait for the continuation of the top next week and, believe me, it will contain no less high-quality and interesting masterpieces than in the first part. Ahead of us are reviews of such action films as "Brotherhood", "Midway", "21 Bridges" and many more action films, included in the top thirty of the best for 2019 in their style.

We wish you that this new movie year, which has just begun, turns out to be even more interesting and fruitful for high-quality novelties. We congratulate everyone celebrating the New Year according to the old calendar, with, in fact, this very New Year. And, as always, more cool films and TV series for you next year!

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