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Digest of gaming news for the last week of September from CADELTA. Part two


Cassandra the main character - AC: Odessey, cross-play for Playstation 4, WoW Classic demo - more on this and much more in the latest September digest.

Last time we talked about the possibility of releasing RDR 2 on PC, the closure of Telltale Games studio and microtransactions in DMC 5, but this week there is more to tell.

Sony Introduces Fortnite Cross-Play

Sony introduced cross-play for Fortnite
Photo Sony introduced Fortnite cross-play

The community demanded that the company do this for a very long time, and Sony decided to do it. As a result, the Fortnite beta recently became available on Playstation 4, which supports general progress, gameplay and purchases for Playstation 4, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

At one time, many gamers accused Sony of slowing down the gaming industry. The CEO of the company announced that this is a strong policy change and a new step for the company.

This led to the fact that gamers began to ask Bethesda questions about cross-play in Fallout 76, because they said that they would be happy to make the project so. In response, the company, represented by Pete Hyans, said that, the quote: "Fallout 76 will not support cross-play for a number of reasons, and I have no idea if it will in principle."

Castalvania remaster awaits us

Castalvania Rondo of Blood 1993 and Castalvania Symphony of the Night 1997 will be remastered on Playstation 4 under the name Castlevania Requiem. The re-release will work through a built-in emulator. Improvements include a 4K picture, an analog stick with vibration and a dualshok speaker. It is worth waiting for the game on October 26.

Cassandra will be the main character in AC: Odessey

 Cassandra will be the main character in AC: Odessey
Photo of Cassandra will be the main character in AC: Odessey

Despite being able to choose a hero, Ubisoft made a statement that the main character is Cassandra. Consequently. this will give the player more opportunities in dialogues, make them more diverse, in addition, there are more opportunities in the gameplay.


Alexios will only be a minor character who has been added to the game as an RPG-specific variation. The developers themselves said that although they wanted to keep only the girl, it would be wrong on their part to deprive the players of such a choice. We can safely say that Yubisoft rolled out a project for us with a female character.

Facebook introduced the Oculus Quest

The company is firmly convinced that virtual reality is the future, so it presented the world with a new virtual reality helmet, Oculus Quest. The device is completely autonomous and runs on battery power, it has sensors that memorize the interior of the user's room, which will warn if they approach a wall or an obstacle. In addition, the helmet will immediately receive 50 exclusives, including Vader Immortal. Cost - $ 400.

WoW Classic demo compiled

More precisely, almost assembled, but it will be possible to play from November 2, immediately after the opening of BlizzCon 2018. But do not rush to rejoice, only those who buy a virtual or real ticket to the exhibition itself will be able to play it. Ticket price - 1500 rubles.

Fallout 76 Beta

Beta games will be released earlier than planned - October 23 for Xbox One and October 30 for Playstation 4 and PC. But (again) don't be in a hurry to rejoice ... Only those who pre-ordered the game can access it.

Tests in beta will be carried out in the format of a stress test, the servers will only run for 4-8 hours a day to test the game for strength and optimize. But we are promised full, uncut content. If the game performs well, all the experience gained by the players will carry over to the original version of the game.

As a reminder, the game will be released on November 14.

Microsoft will add keyboard and mouse support to Xbox One


This will happen soon. The first project that can be tested with the new control method will be Warframe. Unlike other emulators, keyboard mouse support was built into the game from the very beginning.

Whether to add support to the game or not - each developer decides for himself, since this can affect the balance in the control, because the classic computer control gives a greater advantage for the game. The Microsoft box itself recognizes most modern keyboards and mice.

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