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The Last of Us 2 PC rumor debriefing


Not so long ago there was information hinting that The Last of Us 2 will be released on the PC. Although it is better to call it indirect information. Sony hasn't said anything officially yet, only recently hinted that Naughty Dog is considering such a possibility. This is the only good reason to believe that the release of The Last of Us 2 on PC is possible. But there are also many reasons why the PC release of The Last of Us Part 2 doesn't make any sense to Sony.

However, with the emergence of information that Sony's projects on PS4 will cease to be exclusive and will be released on PC, we can say that the company can do the same with games on PS5. Although it is still worth emphasizing that all this is just speculation, built on rather shaky ground.

Technical hints

However, a large number of online theories from the great minds of the Internet are bolstered by information from a LinkedIn job posting and a developer's website that highlighted some interesting skills for a graphics programmer who is being invited to be part of Naughty Dog's development team “The Last of Us Part 2 ".


Requirements for the applicant:

  • A solid understanding of modern GPU architectures (AMD GCN, Nvidia CUDA).
  • Experience with DirectX12, Vulkan, or other modern graphics or compute APIs.
  • Experience in programming on consoles or PCs.

The detail we should focus on is that Naughty Dog is looking for someone who understands Nvidia GPUs, recall that Sony runs AMD GPUs with their PS4 and PS5. They also need someone with experience with PC programming and DX12 skills.

All these details raise the question of why the game developer wants to find a programmer with DX12 and Nvidia knowledge to work with the PlayStation, and really, why specifically mention the experience of programming on a PC?

At first glance, it seems that Naughty Dog wants The Last of Us Part 2 to be compatible with various hardware. It just doesn't agree with the game being exclusive to PS4 and PS5.


On the other hand, it is rather silly to read between the lines where it is not necessary at all, especially when such requirements could simply be copied and pasted from some old resume by a lazy employee. Or, if this was done on purpose, nothing prevents the studio from simply looking for a good specialist with extensive knowledge of programming, whose actions are in no way connected with the port of The Last of Us 2 on a PC.

And everything could be left to chance, but again, it is rumors about Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC that make us think.

Rumors about the PC port of The Last of Us Part 2 coincide with other rumors about Sony exclusives

Rumors of a PC version of Sony's games are taking root much deeper than just The Last of Us Part 2, especially lately. So let's delve deeper into this.

In January, Kotaku announced that, according to three anonymous sources, Horizon: Zero Dawn will be released for PC. Media Molecule has spoken several times about its plans to release its Dreams "designer of everything" on PC someday. As a result, it became known that the game will be released if it has a large enough fan base on consoles.

In December, Sony itself announced plans to bring MLB: The Show to multiple platforms by 2021. While this may just be a special deal to keep the MLB license in Sony's hands, it shows at least some willingness from the company to expand its product line in this way.


If we look closely, we can even see several ways Sony has already taken small steps towards the PC. In 2019, Sony finally stepped out of its comfort zone and introduced cross-play to some of its games. She now officially supports the technology. Today you can play games like Minecraft, Fortnite, Rocket League and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare together on PS4 and PC [along with Xbox and Switch too]. The PlayStation Now subscription service has an official PC client so the entire service library can be played on a PC.

Of course, one can indulge in frenzy and conspiracy, assuming that at one time, when the game was ported, this was done with the aim of releasing the game not only on PS5 and PS4.

As Project Leader Neil Druckmann put it, "We realized we just didn't have enough time to bring the whole game to a polish that we would call Naughty Dog quality." Maybe someone wants to interpret them as: "We delayed the release time in order to transfer the game to PC" - but this is already completely nonsense and madness. And I even read similar ones on Reddit. I can only draw one conclusion - PC gamers are so eager to play it that they fall into despair [your cap]. But don't lose your mind.

What else does Sony say?

Sony has not made any official comments regarding the posting of Naughty Dog's job. And, in principle, she didn't say anything. This is a common and clear thing: the company has not commented on rumors for a long time. If that's true, we probably won't hear about The Last of Us 2 on PC anytime soon. But I hope this day is closer than we think. We are rather not sure anymore that the game will come to PC, and we believe that the project will be one of the ways to promote PS5. But you know, it can be nice to be wrong. The first major event with the PlayStation 5 is expected in February. This would be a great time to share more about Sony's next-generation PC relationship.

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