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How to painlessly switch from iPhone to Android


IPhones are great phones. Android is almost as good as it gets. The competition intensifies with every new model. The iPhone is trying to crush with functionality, its competitor - with price and mass.

Let's try to figure out what we need to switch from iPhone to Android and which device is right for you.

Android has good options too

We go as the budget grows. Let's start with the Honor 9 Lite and Moto G6. Manufacturers are different, the platform is one. Their characteristics meet the minimum requirements of the average user.


Honor and Nokia follow. The latter brand has been known for a long time, the first is a newcomer to this kind of confrontation. But, not a whipping boy. Honor Play is a very good device. Like the Nokia 7 Plus.

For those who have the opportunity to match finances with the technical capabilities of the device, we suggest Samsung S9 or Huawei P20 Pro . They are the best in many ways.

Transfer contacts

It's not difficult to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android. The degree of reliability is the same as when transferring from Android to Android. Sometimes there are misses.

First, go to Gmail on your iPhone. Synchronization must be enabled when configuring this program. If this has been done, then there will be no problem. Go to "Contacts" on this page and move the slider to enable.

Then just sync your account and all your contacts will move with it to Android.

Transferring Purchased iPhone Apps

Changing the type of platform almost always means the loss of game progress and applications purchased on the previous version.

The former is debatable. Almost all toys have a login and a link to some social network. Therefore, if the games are paid, you will have to buy them again, and the save games can be restored. Social networks to help. But only if the versions of the game are exactly the same.

Photos and what you can do with them

For those with iCloud backup enabled on their iPhone, there is nothing to worry about. All of their photos will be saved online. All of them can be copied to the hard drive using a PC. To do this, go to your iPhone's iTunes page. Turn on sync with the selection of all albums. The images will be automatically copied to the PC disk.


Before starting Android for the first time, switch to Google Photos. The program will ask for synchronization. Albums with photos will remain in the Global Network, they will be associated with your existing Google account. It's all free.

Subsequently, you do not need to use mail to transfer photos or forwarding. All you have to do is connect to a laptop or PC and the transfer will be possible thanks to the file system.

See? there is nothing difficult in transferring everything that is beyond your power when switching from iPhone to android.


Many iPhone holders use APPLE PAY payment service. They wonder what will happen to him when he switches to Android.


No problem. Analog - Google Pay. To get started, you should make sure that the bank card is supported by this system. Just go to the website and check.

Let's try Samsung Pay version for Samsung.

Setting up your Android phone

This platform provides two undeniable advantages.

The first of them is the financial component of the purchase. Smartphones are cheaper here. The second gives more flexibility in using the device.


For example, Samsung's Galaxy S 9 allows for a complete change in the look of the device. This is possible by searching for the topics you want.

Huawei P20 is even more advanced in this matter. Here you can change the application menu every time you turn on the device.

Many programs such as BlackBerry Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Nova, Apex and Google Now are not compatible with Android. Google is looking for a replacement.

How to deal with widgets

The answer is simple. You can take them with you. Transfer. You don't have to.

Someone liked the die-hards iPhone micro-apps. Micro-calendar type. Many people almost live in it.

Android has the same. Only with weather, screen settings, custom watch faces, etc. There are also HD widgets. All this can be found in the menu and do not bother with the transfer.

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Author: Jake Pinkman