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January's Best TV Shows: New Seasons


January 2020 will be prolific for sequels. And especially the first half. So, lovers of good TV shows will have something to fill the long winter holidays. There will be something to go to the cinema and what to look at on the network. Here's a list of the best TV shows in January that will have new seasons in the first month of the new year.

We remind you that the top is based on the rating of KinoPoisk. The release date is listed below under the title.

1. Doctor Who 8.73

BBC Season 12 Wednesday January 1

The omnipresent Doctor (now, however, a doctor's wife) returns to the screens of our computers, TVs, tablets, etc. on the very first day of the new year, in order to save his beloved wards - earthlings from all misfortunes.

And the earthlings will have to be saved not only from the earthlings themselves, but also from the evil spirits trying to invade them on the planet from the outside. For the first time, perhaps, in all time, so many people are packed into the Tardis. But that only makes it more fun, right? Jodie Whittaker fits perfectly into the role, but her hypostasis does not last forever.

It is known that the Doctor can be reborn or "regenerated" only 12 times. The current doctor is the last one. Will the showrunners of the project break the stereotype? After all, some Time Lords, for example, the same Rassilon, can live forever and regenerate an infinite number of times.

But for this, the Doctor will have to get a boost to regenerate. How will it look like? Maybe we will find out at the end of this season. Or maybe the next one. Or maybe we won't.

2. Sex education 8.05

Netflix Season 2, January 17, Friday

The next series in January is only for those who already have at least 16. It has a lot of sex, in some places it even goes overboard. But, judging by the rating, the feed goes with a bang.

Yes, Gillian Andersen has starred not only in The X-Files and American Gods. Here she plays a depraved psychiatrist-sexologist who is not averse to changing partners every day and who, as for us, needs to see a doctor himself.

She has a son of an average degree of downturn, who studies well, but is ashamed of the adventures and activities of his mother with might and main. We also have on our hands a cunning classmate, who has the blood of an inveterate entrepreneur in her veins. She sees how her old sonny skillfully operates with the knowledge of sexology, which she heard through the wall from her mother, and decides to make him an offer to earn extra money on this.

From now on, an office of a paid clandestine therapist-sexologist opens at the school, to which people have been knocking for two (at least) seasons.

3. Criminal Minds 8.04

CBS Season 15 Wednesday January 8

Everything is clear from the name alone. It is clear that the next highest rated series in January will be detective and, in terms of the number of seasons, one of the longest running.


Yes, it’s very interesting to watch how such popular detective projects as "The Mentalist" and "Sherlock" are closed, and third-rate consumer goods, stamped in packs a year, live and live for decades.

What? People are watching him, money is spent on this same type of rubbish, so why, in fact, not? And even despite the fact that both main and secondary characters are constantly changing in the series, and at the end of season 12, Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson), who was with us from the very beginning, also left the project, the popularity of the series from year to year is almost not falls.

Still, it's always interesting what the criminal has in the head, right?

4. Kim Assimilation IMDb 8.00

Netflix Season 4, January 7, Tuesday

Emigrants from Korea - the Kim family, consisting of the inhibited daddy Kim, naive mommy Kim, the sons and daughters of the Kims, humanly cannot assimilate in America, or rather in the USA, for 4 seasons.

The new season of this January TV series is unlikely to differ in content from the previous ones. Adults have their own problems - the shop, and the relationship between themselves and their neighbors. Children have problems at work and school. And all, by and large, not because they are Koreans, but because no one will be able to live in a modern society without problems, unless, of course, you are a billionaire who has the whole process on ointment .

Honestly, the Kims have successfully assimilated. They have their own business, everyone is in business, they don't really need it. It would be high time to rename the project to "Kims who successfully passed assimilation", but who changes horses in the ferry.

5. Strike Team IMDb 8.00

Niderland Season 3, 5, January 19, Sunday

In the Dutch city of Tilburg, the drug department is kind of sleepy and too correct. This is exactly what Theo Kamp, the investigator of the homicide department, who was thrown into the drug department for abuse of power and police lawlessness.


In the next episode of January, Theo will show sleepy and sluggish grooms how to work. Moreover, not for the first time. And not the last. Just as Ostap Bender perfectly knew and applied a list of 400 ways of completely legal ways to "take" money from the population, so Theo knows and perfectly applies his list of relatively honest ways of extracting evidence and confessions from potential suspects and witnesses. ... So, don't hesitate, it will be interesting.

The series is somewhat reminiscent of the first seasons of "Chicago Police". There, too, was such an officer, Hank Voight, to whom just let the crap out of his head knock the rabble out. But if the American public decided to stop this "lawlessness" there, then the local Teo Camp is getting away with everything for now.

And, I think, it will also go in the next seasons.

6. Babylon Berlin 7.78

Netflix Season 3 Friday January 24

The alignment turned out to be such that after one January TV series about police lawlessness there is another of this type. With the only exception that the action takes place not in the Netherlands, but in pre-war Germany (meaning the eve of World War II).

While the Nazis are striving for power with might and main, the Soviet proletarians, acting secretly from the eyes of the police and bureaucrats, are unleashing large-scale preparations for the revolution.

But the local outrageous cop Bruno Voltaire, with the inspector Gereon Rath, who has arrived for a while from Cologne and who remains in Berlin, will of course expose everyone.

Of course, it won't rust for Bruno. When you play around, he will quickly count all your teeth. And that's at best.

7. Granchester 7.58

ITV Season 5, January 10, Friday

Another long-running project from UK filmmakers. Again, as you know, detective, only here the local padre plays the role of the greatest detective, as it turned out, very sophisticated in deduction.

When the vicar Sidney Chambers came to the police station for the first time and immediately began to hang the investigator with noodles that, supposedly, a suicide that happened recently was not a suicide at all, but just a murder, this inspector almost kicked him home.

But later he still appreciated the skill of the clergyman. In addition, he realized that the people would tell the priest whatever they wanted. After all, the words of the confessing person will always remain with the Padra himself and will not go beyond his mind.

But what prevents the vicar, who has much more information than the local police, from using it himself. Even without divulging anything to anyone.

8. Bold / Capitalized 7.51

Freeform Season 4, Thursday January 23rd

The next TV series in January tells the story of the life of three female journalist friends who work for a glossy magazine for women that has proven itself for decades. The magazine is akin to Cosmopolitan, writes about relationships and more.

It would seem that all the topics have been discussed for a long time, but our “activists” always find something new, taking topics, often from their own lives. And they have them - very rich. The guy left, then the new boyfriend, then the case here and there.

Topics often fall below the belt. Anyone who is not yet bored with advice on how to build your future, rotating in the center of the top of the beau monde - welcome. For those who are unlucky enough to "settle down" in the upper circles, and who plow like dad Carlo at two jobs, trying his best to feed their families, such pop music will be too naive.

Although, sometimes it doesn't hurt to dream.

9. Berth 7.48

Movistar Season 2, January 17, Friday

Alejandra has not life, but a fairy tale. She made an excellent career in construction, because her project for a new skyscraper was approved, which means, first of all, a lot of money.

And her work is beloved, and her husband is beloved, and her sister is at her side and also in business, in general, everything is like an ointment. You just expect that fate is about to put a pig on you.

And I didn't have to wait long. A police inspector arrives and brings strange news - her husband committed suicide. This cannot be. But in the morgue it turned out that as much as possible. Taking away her husband's personal belongings, she found a second smartphone among them. Right at the funeral, she puts her dead husband's finger on the display and - voila! She entered the device.

But it would be better not to enter. Judging by the messengers and media reports that became available to her, her hubby went to the left. Alejandra finds this "second wife" of his and tries to figure out what prompted her husband to live a double life and what caused his suicide?

It turned out that her husband had lived with her second friend for almost ten years in parallel, was associated with the local mafia and, apparently, did not kill himself.

And yes, his girlfriend is a cool thing. Why shouldn't she sleep with her too? So to speak, by inheritance ...

10. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 7.25

Netflix Season 2, Friday January 24th

The next tape in turn in our list of the best TV series is the continuation of the adventures of the well-known Sabrina - that very little witch. Only since then have passed the years, and the little witch, by her majority, discovered that the life of adult witches is not at all as carefree and cheerful as that of small ones.

The shady side of Greendale's life turned out to be quite dangerous. The forces of darkness have thickened over everyone Sabrina knows and loves. But first of all, they threaten her. On the night of her majority, she must choose which camp she will enter - the camp of white magic or the camp of the dark.

And there is no way she can dodge the choice. And, having chosen, you will have to follow the rules of this "camp" all your life. But Sabrina is no stranger to being on her mind, right? Such a cunning person and being among the dark will manage to remain light.

But it won't be as easy and safe to do it as we would like it to be. Intrigue, gossip, undercover fuss and conspiracy fill Greendale's shadowy life, which mere mortals would be better off not knowing.

11. Curb Your Enthusiasm 7.14

HBO Season 10, January 19, Sunday

It seems that everything is in order with the main character Larry David. He is not a schizophrenic, there are no phobias in the arsenal of his psyche. He studied well at school, graduated from higher education, is a successful screenwriter. In particular, it was he who invented the comedy sitcom Seinfeld, 180 episodes of which were successfully broadcast on NBC from July 1989 to May 1998.

And for all the apparent normality of the protagonist, he constantly finds himself in a host of curious situations, which are not only funny and amusing. Sometimes, the main character is frankly sorry.

In this series, Larry David, as you already understood, plays himself. Not necessarily all the cases described happened to him in truth. But all the curiosities are clearly taken from life. So it will be funny, amusing and, in some places, instructive.

12. The Last Real Man 7.11

FOX Season 8, January 2, Thursday

This is just the case when some TV channels abandon their successful project, while others pick it up and continue quite tolerably well. So, starting back in 2011 on ABC, the multi-part comedy film "The Last Real Man" after season 6 migrated to FOX, where it feels quite well.

Speech in the next series in January is about the father of the family, which, in addition to the main character, entirely consists of some women. A wife and three daughters, at times, simply exhaust their husband and father. But he is not discouraged.

Cleverly wriggling out of all the problems of the family plan, he does it with such a spark of enthusiasm, optimism and humor that, despite his sometimes unenviable fate, you even envy him.

13. The Silent Witness 7.06

BBC Season 23, January 7, Tuesday

I remember that there was such an interesting long-term construction project called "Bones" on the FOX TV channel. There, too, the main witness to the crime was the found corpse, or, to be more precise, its remains, or more precisely, the bones of the skeleton. David Boreanaz, upon its completion in 2017, left for Special Forces, Emily Deschanel is filming Nadine Crocker's drama Repeat. But we still have the Silent Witness series, which starts its 23rd season in January.


For 23 years, Samantha Ryan has been helping the homicide police investigate the most difficult cases. And in this she, of course, is helped by her occasionally changing colleagues. Corpses can actually tell a lot of interesting things.

And certainly more than bones. Although Deschanel's character could argue with that.

14. Wizards 6.98

Syfy Season 5 Wednesday January 15

The next series in January tells about the fact that people live among us, who jump from world to world - just spit. You walk through the old clock and - bang! You are already in Narnia.

Although, wait a minute, this is not Narnia at all. This world is called Fillari, but the essence remains the same. Like the aforementioned Narnia, he is in danger. And with it, the threat loomed over our world. And only the students of the local school of magicians, who, to be honest, learn their art carelessly, are able to stop this "latent threat".

What is there to learn, when you already know how to do everything!

They think. But in vain.

15. Grace and Frankie 6.94

Netflix Season 6 Wednesday January 15

Grace and Frankie are old friends in the style of "spill water". Shopping together, relaxing together, going there together, here together. Just like themselves, their husbands are also friendly. But at one point it turned out that the husbands are much more friendly with each other than Grace and Frankie.

Once, after 40 years of being married, they gathered their wives at a restaurant table in order to tell them the most pleasant (or not the most pleasant, depending on which side you look at) news: they, that is, husbands whose names are Saul and Robert, it turns out, have been in love for twenty years and sleep happily together.

Plus, the “partners” have informed their wives that they want to divorce and marry each other.

The entire series consists of the consequences of the deed, which will be funnier to watch.

16. Project Blue Book / Project Classified 6.78

History Season 2, Tuesday January 21st

If agents Mulder and Scali in "The X-Files" managed to unravel the conspiracy around the aliens only after a few seasons, then the local heroes will succeed in the very first. Moreover, straight from the pilot episode.

The opening credits say that, literally: "The film is based on the UFO investigation that took place by Dr. Allen Hynek, commissioned by the US Air Force." Yes, there was such a character in the history of this Earth. But - and nothing more. The rest, the so-called, investigation turned out to be pure water fiction of the scriptwriters, that is, it could have taken place in reality, but not in our universe.

So, the next draft of our list of the best TV series of January talks about the intervention of aliens in the life of earthlings and another about someone who carefully silences the presence of aliens under their noses.

Why? Let's watch the series, maybe we'll find out.

17. Upstart / Shrill 6.67

Hulu Season 2, January 24, Friday

It is very strange that despite the fact that gays and lesbians in the United States are unlikely to reach even 5%, almost every fifth TV series is directly or indirectly devoted to them. And even stranger is that despite the fact that 70% of the country's population suffers from obesity, only one series out of a hundred (if not less) is dedicated to obese people.

The next TV series in January is just on the topic. Throughout the first season, we saw how everyone who was not lazy was bullied in every way over a girl of large proportions, full of optimism and cheerful, by the way, by no means stupid.

But in the end she managed to track down one of her main trolls. Well, "push" a piece of concrete for him into his brand new SUV. Well, it will be very interesting to see how events develop further.

18. Manifesto 6.64

TVLine Season 2, January 6, Monday

Next on the list of the best TV shows in January is the story of the miraculous return from the afterlife of an airplane that disappeared without a trace five years ago. With all the crew and passengers, of course.

While scientists are puzzling over the phenomenon, the secret services suspect something bad. And it's not that for everyone who was on board, only a few hours passed, as a result of which they remained the same as before, while everyone on the mortal Mother Earth has aged (matured) by five years.

The fact is that many of the "returnees" have acquired superpowers and are clearly plotting something unkind.

19. Fire Department 19 6.63

ABC Season 3 Jan 23 Thursday

The next episode of January is lapped up with Chicago Firefighters. Not one to one, of course, but the layout, in general, is the same as there. Friendly fire brigade, the difficult personal life of the heroes, lovers in the calculation, beginners, scrubbing helmets, etc. When you watch the first episode, you seem to be covered with nostalgia.

The life drama of firefighters is often interspersed with disturbing exits. Again, just like with the above project. The only difference is in the scope of tolerance. The calculation has its own gay (remember what we talked about in the previous section?) And a lot of women. It seems that in America a third of all firefighters are of the fairer sex.

Nonsense, of course, that's why the rating is low. And even with all the persuasiveness, spectacularity and thoughtfulness of various kinds of fires and other accidents that the heroes have to go to, the film looks very, very naive.

20. Burden of Truth 6.47

CBC Season 3 Wednesday January 8

Closes the list of the best TV series in January with another detective film, in which the events of the investigation of one case stretch over the entire 10-episode season.

Arriving in her hometown, lawyer Joanna Hanley intends to defend her client - a large pharmaceutical company - in court. The companies are imputed that their cervical cancer vaccine causes some of their local girls to have horrific epileptic seizures, after which occasional twitching remains.

After proving that her client is innocent (one of the patients refused vaccination), Hanley remains in the town for reasons of conscience. She intends to deal with the mess that is going on here and bring the guilty to clean water.

Parallels with "Goliath" suggest themselves, but who can compare with Billy Bob Thornton?


For those who have not seen their favorite project in the list of the main and best ones, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a short list of TV shows in January, following the strongest in rating. This:

  • Bancroft 6.26 ITV Season 2 Jan 1.
  • Shitts Creek 6.23 THR News Season 6 Jan 7.
  • Mature 6.19 Freeform Season 3 Jan 16.
  • Legends of Tomorrow 6.16 The SW, Season 5, January 14.
  • Haves and have-nots IMDb 6.10 OWN Season 7, January 7.
  • 6.26 CBS Neighborhood Season 2, January 6
  • Cineflix 6.06 Coroner Season 2 Jan 6.

That's all. We say goodbye to you until next year. Enjoy the weekend, Happy New Year and, as always, more cool movies and TV shows!

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