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Alternative ending to the film ”The Astronaut's Wife” (1999)


Few people know, but the screenwriter and director of the once sensational film "The Astronaut's Wife" Rand Ravich was not sure about the ending of his brainchild until the end. He thought for a long time and in the end decided to make the finale of his picture more effective, so the original version, although filmed, remained hidden from the eyes of moviegoers.

This finale could be seen only by those who purchased the licensedDVD with the film "The Astronaut's Wife" with additional materials, including this alternative ending. We decided to correct this omission and show the final footage of the original version to everyone.

What is the movie "The Astronaut's Wife"

Before proceeding with the description of the alternative ending of the feature film "The Astronaut's Wife", let's refresh our memory and briefly recall what the film itself is about. Watching the trailer.

Unfortunately, there was no USA-language version on the Internet, so we will slightly retell what was in the film. As we all know, two unconditional Hollywood stars starred in the film - Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron. Johnny Depp plays Commander Spencer Armacosta, an astronaut who was inhabited by an alien something during the next mission in orbit. Charlize Theron played his wife, Gillian Armacost.

Having risen on the shuttle to a predetermined orbit, Spencer and his partner Alex went into outer space to repair the solar panels of a certain satellite. At that moment everything happened. A couple of personalities of extraterrestrial entities, plowing space in the form of a kind of data banks, infiltrated the brains of astronauts, as a result of which not the people who flew from it on the next mission returned to Earth.

And in general, as such "people" they could now be called with an interference. But to outsiders, they were all the same Commander Spencer Armacost and Captain Alexolm Streck.

The first who began to suspect something was wrong was the partner's wife, Natalie Streck. Having managed to share her assumptions with the wife of astronaut Spencer, she committed suicide. There, at the party, her husband also made ends meet, for whom the alien “transmigration of souls” turned out to be lethal. Apparently, he was unable to survive the moment when the pregnant Natalie together with her killed their offspring - the twins.

At first, Natalie's suspicions seemed delusional to the wife of astronaut Spencer, but over time she became convinced that something was really wrong with her husband. To top it off, she became pregnant and it turned out that she was pregnant with twins.

The second to sound the alarm was NASA employee Sherman Reese, who insisted that Armakost and Streck had not returned from space, as a result of which he was declared insane and fired from the space agency. Until he was beaten by Armakost himself, he managed to reveal to Gillian the truth about everything, and, in particular, that at the time of suicide, Streck's wife was also pregnant with twins.

Well-known ending

We will not go into all the twists and turns of the plot. What we have said is already enough to refresh the memory of the painting. Let's go straight to the well-known ending of the film "The Astronaut's Wife". In the end, Gillian escaped from the hospital, where she was after falling down the stairs, came home, turned on taps everywhere and, climbing on a bar stool, began to wait for her husband. When he came and began to put pressure on her brains, she plugged the plug into the outlet and he was shocked.

This is what the murder and alienation of something from her husband's body to Jillian's body looked like.

Then we were shown what was happening after 7-8 years. Gillian sends her healthy twins to school. She apparently has a new husband. And everything seems to be good, except that both the twins and Gillian, judging by the expression on their faces and their eyes, are on the same wavelength and on their minds. This is the end of the tale.

Alternative ending for The Astronaut's Wife

The alternate ending was less visually captivating. There were no special effects with "transmigration of souls" in it. It's just that Spencer died from an electric shock, and after that Gillian, who opened all the windows, let the winter cold into the room and, to top it all off, also froze her husband's body. Let's get a look. There was no translation of the version, but here everything is clear.

As we can see, the result is one. If, in that case, the wife of the astronaut Gillian was now under the heel of the alien who had moved into her from the body of her husband, then here she is also under the heel of the alien, but located inside her offspring. The movie is over.


Regardless of the ending of the film "The Astronaut's Wife", several basic questions remained unresolved in it:

  • How did Gillian get away with her husband's murder when all the evidence was on her face?
  • Why, exactly, did these aliens come to Earth?
  • What kind of spacecraft did Spencer build?
  • Why only Spencer's twins could fly this ship?
  • Where was this device planned to launch?

It can be assumed that the poor aliens suffered a wreck somewhere near the Earth and, having moved into the bodies of earthlings, wanted to build a ship for themselves to return home.

Something like the famous Carpenter's Something from the same movie “The Thing” (1982) with Kurt Russell in the title role.

But this is already a topic for a completely different conversation. Hopefully, we will somehow find time to deal with fantastic pictures with strange and incomprehensible endings more closely. Until then, thanks for being with us! Good mood and more cool movies and TV series!

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