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Alternative ending of the movie ”Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (2005)


We all watched this sensational action movie by Doug Lyman, in which the future spouses Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie starred. But few people know that the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" has an alternative ending. It is unclear for what reasons, but Doug Lyman did not include it in either the theatrical or the longer (6 minutes longer) director's cut.

Apparently, he hoped that the sponsors would decide to play the sequel, in which a peaceful life for the heroes at the end of the events of the first part is not expected. So the alternative ending remained only in the "Additional Materials". But the general public has a right to know about the future that screenwriter Simon Kinberg has drawn for our heroes.

Refreshing Memory: What Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) Was About

As we remember (or may not remember) the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" is dedicated to a couple of special agents working for some secret organizations involved in "settling problems of varying severity", both at the federal level and and internationally. Let's check out the trailer.

In one of the shabby hotels in Bogota, there is a murder of some kind. The police, it is not clear why, are looking for suspects among tourists traveling alone, although any field agent, most likely, on the contrary, will have a backup assistant with whom they will mow for a married couple. Well, okay.

So that suspicion does not fall on them, random young people agree to pretend to be a couple, not even suspecting that both of them are spies.

Their novel quickly flared up and quickly died out. At first, of course, everything was cool. But when they got married, they discovered that it is not good to constantly lie to each other. They are tired of life in a lie, having turned into an eerie monotonous routine, squeezed within the framework of this very lie, with a constant danger of being burnt.

But the next business, on which they were contracted by the authorities, quickly ate both of them. Their professional activities unexpectedly intersected, and now they both have to eliminate each other in order to prevent information leakage and not lose face.

They long, persistently and destructively chase through the city, diligently trying to shoot or injure each other. But, in the end, they understand that they really just want to substitute themselves for the opponent's bullet, so as not to kill this very opponent, in other words, to keep each other alive in such a clumsy way.


As a result, they unite and together oppose special forces units sent to their souls.

Scenes not included in the theatrical version of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

There are not many of them. There is no such thing as in the case of "Reckoning" by Brian Helgeland , the script of which was rewritten by the second director so that as a result, after his "reshooting", a second, completely other, film. But there are also “few” of them.

The video provided in a row lists all the scenes not included in the theatrical version of the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (2005). Some of them are present in the director's cut, which is several minutes longer than the one in theaters.

But the final scene, consider that the most important one, which puts an end to the plot and logically completes what you have watched, did not appear in any of the versions of the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith".

Alternative ending, or rather a cut ending

Again, we all remember (or maybe not) where the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" ended. Both spouses-superspy jump out to some kind of "nedopenthauz", where they deal with the rest of the special forces detachment. When the commandos end, silence reigns, the main characters take a breath and this is where the picture ends. The credits are coming.

The screenwriter, most likely, logically finished his "work". But the director decided to leave everything as it is, allowing the audience to think out the ending. The options for "thinking out" are as follows:

  • Any rational-minded pessimist, of course, does not see the ending in a rosy light. After all, it is so clear that after the large-scale kipish, which was arranged by the now disgraced agents Mr. and Mrs. Smith, no self-respecting office will leave two out-of-control "super spies" unpunished to walk around the world with a bunch of classified data in their heads. That is why they will be constantly pursued until, nevertheless, they will be stuck.
  • The optimist will hope that both will lie down somewhere on the uninhabited shores of Latin America. If you don't shine in front of the cameras and behave smartly, then it is quite possible to live out the rest of your days in comparative calm.
  • There is a third option, which, most likely, the creators of the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" were aiming at. Seeing how well they worked together as a team, the bosses leave them "in business", and from now on they work in pairs, sometimes quarreling in a family way.

The scenario of the sequel could have been different, but in any case, as mentioned above, if the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" ended with the ending in the next video, the sequel would have to be adjusted to fit the circumstances described in it.

The appearance two years after the events described in the main characters of the daughter in any way would make the scriptwriters continue to think for a long time about where, in fact, to put this very daughter. And, as has been said again, they didn't necessarily see "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" on the run.

It's clear that it would be better to write the continuation script from just such a chopped off moment. Therefore, this is how the ending was left. And who wants to see the sequel in "Dopah" on DVD. And in which case it will always be possible to say that, they say, we really did not plan such an ending.

Just, like, joked, and that's all.

The failed sequel to Mr. & Mrs. Smith

In any case, the film's box office in the United States at some point scared the producers very much. With 110 million spent (this is still without the actors' fees), the film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" managed to raise only a little more than 186 million dollars, which barely paid for the entire ambitious project. The subsequent box office, collected from the worldwide box office, pleased us by adding another 300 million dollars to the filmmakers' pockets. But after the failure in the domestic box office, the Twentieth Century Fox film company, which owns the rights to film the manga, refused the sequel. And Pete and Jolie have become even more "expensive" than they were before.

Who knows, if the original duet - Nicole Kidman - Johnny Depp, under which the script was written, had starred in the film in the role of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the box office could have been larger. But at first Johnny Depp refused to participate in the project due to excessive employment in Pirates of the Caribbean, then Nicole Kidman left the project.

Moreover, following Kidman, the second "Mr. Smith", Brad Pitt, also left the project. But having learned about whom the producers had persuaded to the position of "Mrs. Smith", he immediately "turned back". This is how he got himself a girlfriend and wife for the next 14 years.


And even though the marriage of Jolie and Pitt lasted only seven years, in our memory they will forever remain husband and wife. Peculiar, on a different wavelength, slightly mysterious, but, nevertheless, spouses. As they appeared before us in Doug Lyman's film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", with the same happy and optimistic ending as in the alternative ending conceived by the creators of the picture.


Soon we will delight our readers with separate tops of the best films of each of the spouses. Until then ...

As usual, all the best and lots of cool movies and TV shows!

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