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Good Sunday Movie: The Occupant (2020)


Today, everyone who is looking for a good film to while away Sunday evening is advised the author's work of brothers David and Alex Pastor "Occupant" (2020). In our country, the brothers are best known for the action-packed series The Head, which was also released in 2020. Like most of David and Alex's early works, The Occupant is a thriller, so anyone looking to just relax should choose something funnier and easier, for example, here.

Those who are interested in our advice, welcome to the extended synopsis.

Description of the movie "Occupant" (2020)

From the very beginning of viewing, it seems that we have already seen all this somewhere. Let's take a look at the trailer. The translation is unprepossessing, but that is what it is.

We wondered for a long time where we got this feeling of deja vu, and then remembered that last year, in the spring, Deon Taylor's film "The Uninvited Guest" with Dennis Quaid in the title role was released. There, a man in debt, who was unable to pay the debts on his estate, very, very annoyed the people to whom he sold his house with a huge plot.

The situation is somewhat similar here. But only "something." And only at the beginning.

The Occupant (2020) tells the story of Javier Munoz, who for some reason lost his job at an advertising agency, where he was quoted as a high-profile maker of promotional videos. He visits firms and advertising companies, hoping to get a job again. But everywhere either his style, sharpened by "family values", does not fit, then they agree to take him only as an intern, who at first will work for three months for nothing.


But this situation does not suit him in any way, since his family (he has a wife and a 14-year-old son) rents luxurious furnished apartments on the fifth floor of a prestigious residential complex. You have to pay for luxury, but there is nothing to pay with, and therefore Javier and his family ultimately have to move to a block and an apartment much more modest.

The last time he gave a ride to the house of the servant, whom they also could no longer afford, he took her set of house keys from her and safely forgot about them. But after a while they caught his eye, and he, guided by what feeling, went to his old address.

No one bothered to change the castles, and he, having waited until the new family drove off to school and on business, safely entered his old apartment. Subsequently, he did this more than once, instead of looking for work, he went to wander around the now someone else's apartment, moving and sorting out other people's things.


It got to the point that he climbed into the computer and found information that not so long ago a family of new tenants had an accident, in which everyone was injured to varying degrees. The head of the family (the new family consisted of a husband, wife, and little daughter in elementary school) loved to suck on a bottle and drove a drunk car.


The more the main character of the film "Occupant" (2020) studied the info about the head of the family of new "tenants", the more righteous anger boiled up in his soul. Why is such a thug and a drunkard who almost killed his family has an excellent job that can pay for living in a luxurious apartment, a gorgeous beautiful wife and a perfectly adequate daughter, who, in all appearances, will be much better than his nurse-son, who is running up the hill begins to puke from overwork, and who constantly has some problems at school with peers?


This is where the difference between the painting "The Uninvited Guest" and the film "Occupant" begins. If in the first case the former tenant could not come to terms with the fact that in his house, which he built with his own hands, some types live, throwing cigarette butts on HIS garden path, then the main character simply decided to change his life for the life of the new owner of the apartment , having got back not only the apartment itself, but also his family in addition. And he begins to develop a very cunning and insidious plan.

And whether he succeeds, we learn from watching the movie "Occupant" (2020).

Pros and cons of painting

Despite the fact that the very plan of the protagonist of the film "Occupant", in fact, is unrealizable and depends on many factors and trifles that can affect its implementation at any stage of its implementation, the director managed to make everything perceived as as if it should be. Everything was filmed realistically and without critical contradictions.


Although, nevertheless, the impression remains that the man - the new lodger - was too indecisive and unable to convey the essence to his wife. We will not reveal the nuances, but any person would begin to fight for his life and his happiness, moreover, right from the very beginning.

Although, there are many people, and they are all different.

In general, the film "Occupant" (2020) suited us quite well. Pure thriller, in which, as it turned out, the Pastor brothers are especially strong.


Anyone who wishes to start viewing the picture we have proposed, please follow the link below.

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