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Far Cry 6, Valhalla, Legion: Main with Ubisoft Forward, Serious Sam Gameplay - Gaming News Digest # 3.07


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Essentials with Ubisoft Forward: Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay, Far Cry 6 Announcement

Today's digest, as it happened, will be devoted to the gameplay of new games, and in many ways games from Ubisoft, since at their Ubisoft Forward event they told and showed a lot about their three largest series.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Official Gameplay - November 17th Announcement

After a ton of leaks that happened all week, the studio itself at the event rather confirmed the accumulated rumors than announced something. So, one of the latest leaks said that Assassin's Creed Valhalla will be released on November 17 a couple of days before Cyberpunk 2077. It's true. We were also shown half an hour of official gameplay.

In it, we saw that we can attack enemy settlements on the drakkar. We use all the loot after the raid to develop our settlement. Also, some episodes of the game will offer us large-scale assaults of fortresses.

  • In terms of opponents, they will be the most unique in the history of the series. For each type of enemy you need to use a special approach, and the enemies themselves can conduct collective attacks and use the environment in battle. It is noteworthy that even corpses fall under this description. But Eyvor is good too. So, in his arsenal there was a harpoon, with which he can immobilize the enemy, the ability to throw an ax, as well as a new stunning system that allows him not to come close and finish off.
  • Wearing a hood and a cloak, the hero will be able to perform tasks in secret.
  • Exploration of the world is an important part of the game, during which we will look for supplies to develop and restore health.

As mentioned, the game will launch on November 17th on PC at Epic Games and Uplay, PS4, XOne and Stadia. The game will be available on PS5 and XSX after consoles launch.

Far Cry 6 Announcement

Just as no one was surprised by Valhalla's gameplay, the announcement of Far Cry 6 also came as no surprise, as information about it had leaked online a couple of days before. At the event itself, we were shown two trailers.

The game will take us to a country called Yara, ruled by the dictator Anton Castillo performed by Giancarlo Esposito. You probably know him for his role as Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He will be opposed by a member of the resistance Denis Rosach, for whom we are playing. The gender of the character can be customized.

The game will have everything according to the best precepts of the series: vehicles, weapons and a large open world. Ubisoft calls Yara the biggest sandbox in the series. Horses and tanks are also listed as modes of movement. Companions, both humans and animals, are declared.

The game will be released on PS4, XOne, PS5, XSX, PC [Epic Games, Uplay] and Stadia. If you buy the game before the PS5 and XSX release, you can get the version for free.

Watch Dogs Legion Coming October 29

Not much was said about the game, but they showed two videos. The first is the gameplay of the game, and the second is a short film from one of the creators of Love, Death, Robots. In the gameplay video, we are shown the game for different characters.

Like the aforementioned two projects, Legion will be released on the current generation of consoles and next gen. And when you buy it for the outgoing generation, you will also receive it for free on PS5 and XSX. At least this applies to Xbox and its Smart Delivery. Most likely the PS5 will also have a similar feature.

Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay Trailer

In the last cinematic trailer for Shadow Warrior 3, Lowe Veng promised to return and kill the remaining demons. He did just that, showing the fans that a real fireworks of blood and meat awaits them.

This time we are offered not only to shoot, but also to use parkour. Lowe Veng can do double jumps, run up walls, jerk, and use a grappling hook. And all this is combined with shooting and close combat with a katana. Plus, there will be structures in the game that can be used for colorful killing and finishing off enemies.

According to the plot, we recall that Lowe Veng and his partner Orochi Zilla released an ancient dragon and must now catch him. The game will be released next year on PC. There is no information about the release on the console.

Hordes, Cannons & Metal - Serious Sam Gameplay Trailer

The last gameplay video for today is Serious Sam. The video showed us huge hordes of enemies.

In its concept, the game has remained the same - we shoot crowds of opponents with different guns. The new part boasts large locations, as well as side quests. The game supports co-op up to four people.

In the story, Sam and a team of military men fight against a monster named Mental and a horde of his minions. The game acts as a prequel to the previous installments.

The new Serious Sam will be out in August on PC and Stadia. A console release [Xbox One and PS4] is scheduled for next year.

A game about masturbation in other people's cars sneaked into the Nintendo Switch store. It has already been removed from the site

Steam is usually called the site with the largest number of junk games that can get on sale. But as it turns out, the cesspool of the Nintendo Switch store is deeper and dirtier. For example, it recently discovered a game about masturbation in someone else's car called Don't Get Caught.

Your "dignity" is covered with an emoticon, and you yourself masturbate while a scary doll looks at you from the next seat. The developer described the game as "a fun little screamer horror game." Apparently there are enough psychedelic moments in the game. Let's start with the fact that you should "play up" in the photograph of trumpeters and many different men.

The game was removed from the site, saying that it got there by accident. However, a trailer remained from her.

Sony + Epic=$ 250 million invested by Sony in Epic Games

Epic Games Wallet continues to be funded. At the end of last week it became known that Sony bought out 14% of the studio's shares, investing in it $ 250 million. Epic Games currently has a total investment of $ 17.86 billion.


Epics said the deal strengthens the already strong relationship between the companies and is driving the entertainment industry forward and out.

Where this money will go is unknown. Previously, epics spent them on the development of their store and the development of Unreal Engine 5. By the way, the demonstration of the capabilities of the new engine was on the PS5. Whether it is worth waiting for new Sony exclusives on PC is unknown.

That was all the big news this week. Keep calm and keep playing and we'll see you next week ... in the next digests ...

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