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How is Netflix's The Witcher doing up there?


A reminder if you already forgot or didn't know. Netflix is filming a series about the very witcher Geralt, whom we love from games and films. And here is what is known about this masterpiece at the moment.

If only Geralt was not a Negro, no, we have nothing against Negroes, but after the film adaptation of the Death Note with an L Negro we will not be able to survive this anymore.

When will it be released?

The Witcher is scheduled to shoot in 2018 and will run for 50 minutes . Multiple seasons are planned, with the first season being 8 episodes . And the series will be released no earlier than 2020 .


What about Sapkowski? Is he involved in this?

Anzhey Sapkowski will act as a creative consultant for the TV adaptation of his creations. The author of books about Geralt willingly agreed to this proposal, the writer hopes that the creators of the future fantasy show will adhere to the original work and will not allow significant liberties.


In general, Sapkowski has an understandable goal - a pittance. The game didn't give him as many of them as he would like. He clearly hopes to win back on the show.

What's with the plot?

The starting material contributes to the transition to a new format - the first 2 books of The Witcher Sagas will form the basis. These are storybooks, and they are great for a TV show - one story will be the basis for one episode. According to the writer, he liked the script of the pilot episode. He does not share details, but says that the film adaptation of The Witcher may differ slightly from the original.

What kind of good is the presence of such heroes as Milva and Cahir, who, according to the book, entered Geralt's party almost to the very end.

Sapkwoski vs. Sheeran

According to Polish media, Sapkowski does not want pop musician Ed Sheeran to sing in the series. Perhaps this was due to the fact that fans of the series "Game of Thrones" greeted Ed's appearance in episode 1 of season 7 with laughter. Probably, the audience's dissatisfaction was caused by the fact that the musician stood out very much against the background of the atmosphere of the series and its events. Although some fans have praised his appearance in "Game of Thrones". After a flurry of criticism, Sheeran deleted his page on the social network, explaining that he was tired of haters.

Who is the scriptwriter, is he good?

First, this is She . And in general, yes. We know it from the script of the defenders (Not the ones you thought, but the Marvelian ones) and Daredevils.

Lauren said that work on the script for the pilot episode was completed in January this year. The script has already been printed and for her Twitter followers she posted a photo of his title page, and also described the main characters of the series.


It is better to look here in the original.

Ratings and Censorship

The screenwriter said she would not "soften" the series' events in favor of censorship or age ratings. Therefore, fans of the film will not be disappointed, they will fully transfer the tough realities of the fantasy world to the screens. Lauren Schmidt expressed her gratitude to the fans for their support and inspiration.


Further adaptation and release of the next seasons will depend on the success of the first season.

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