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No more Black Panther?


As it became known on the morning of August 29, at the age of 44, American actor Chadwick Boseman, who is best known to the general public for his role of the superhero "Black Panther" in the Marvel franchise, died from stage 4 rectal cancer at the age of 44. dedicated to the Avengers universe.

Details of Chadwick Boseman's death

The actor was diagnosed with cancer back in 2016, after which the actor was literally torn between endless chemotherapy and other therapies and filming in projects. In particular, already being sick in the third stage of cancer, he starred in projects such as "Marshall" (2017), solo album "Black Panther" (2018), "Avengers: Infinity War" (2018), "Avengers: Endgame" (2019 ), “21 bridges” (2019), “Five of the same blood” (2020), which on our website is devoted to separate material and “Black bottom”, a drama that is still in post-production.

In recent days, the actor was bedridden and at his home in Los Angeles. His family and friends were always with him.

Continuation of "Black Panther" in question

It's unpleasant to realize this, but for media moguls, and in particular for the heads of the Walt Disney Company, whose subsidiary is Marvel Studios, the death of an actor is only an unpleasant factor that can put a stick in the wheel of their constant and continuous enrichment.

While there is no information in which solo films or sequels of the Avengers cinematic universe Chadwick Boseman was supposed to take part, but the fact that a lot of people were already involved in the Black Panther 2 project is a reliably known fact.

The script was already almost completely finished. Some of its details have also become publicly available. In particular, the main antagonist of the sequel was supposed to be the famous Marvel comics "Doctor Doom". The date of the premiere of the film was even announced: May 6, 2022. But now the sequel is in question.

It is not known for certain whether the Walt Disney Company has a digital copy of the actor, and whether he gave them the rights to use it in his future projects during his lifetime. As it happens, maybe we'll see in the sequel to digital Chadwick. Although, how the people will react to the computer Black Panther or the left actor with a neural network superimposed on his head is Chadwick's head is unknown.

For example, "Gemeni" (2019) with the young digital Will Smith at the box office failed, although the credit for this, according to critics and moviegoers, belongs more to the creators of a dull and naive script than to Smith himself and the masters of computer graphics. The same "Avatar", half shot using the "motion capture" method, did not cause any "rejection" among the people. The same can be said about Serkisov's "Golum" from "The Lord of the Rings" and the chimpanzee "Caesar" from "Planet of the Apes".

So, in advance we will not put an end to the sequel to "Black Panther". Who knows, maybe Chadwick Boseman will be able to shine in world cinema after his death.


We express our deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of the actor. Chadwick's life was vibrant and eventful, and it will remain so after his departure. After all, wonderful films with his participation have remained with us in this world, which, without any doubt, will be in the same demand among the public after decades as they are now.

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