Mario Creator Wins National Award, PT Fan Remake, New Death Stranding Trailer - This Week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Mario Creator Wins National Award, PT Fan Remake, New Death Stranding Trailer - This Week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two


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Shigeru Miyamoto received an award for his contribution to Japanese culture

Renowned Japanese game designer from Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto became the first person from the game industry to receive such an award. Previously, it was awarded for outstanding cultural contributions to actors, artists, scientists and athletes. Individuals who have been awarded this award will receive a special state pension.

Miyamoto himself said that he achieved this success thanks to his colleagues, and also that it was too early for him to retire. He won't do it until everyone in the world is smiling.


Shigeru has been with Nintendo since 1977. He is best known for being the lead designer and director of Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and The legend of Zelda. Today he is most often a project producer and supervisor.

Another PT Fan Remake on PC Released

There have already been attempts among gamers to restore the cult playable teaser for the canceled Silent Hills and transfer it to PC. One such craftsman, Konami, was even hired later. And then there was another craftsman who collected emulation for us.

Artur Lonchkovsky has been working on the PT Emulation game for several months. However, it did not work out as well as it could have been. Some textures are not loaded enough and the brightness is not balanced.

As the author of the fan remake says, he transferred assets to PC directly from PS4, so his creation is on the verge of emulation and remake. You can download it here, it weighs just under one gigabyte.

Tomorrow in your hand's - New Death Stranding Trailer

There are only a few days left before the release of the new game from Hideo Kojima. All this time, the phrase "Tomorrow in your hand's" flashed on the game designer's instagram, as it turned out, it was referring to the new trailer for the game, shown at Paris Game Week 2019.

This video was edited by Kojima personally. Be warned, there are story spoilers in it, so if you're really scared, you better not look. Although it is quite difficult to resist.

The game will be released on November 8 on PS4, and reviews of the game are already available online.

New Marvel's Avengers Overview Trailer

Since the target audience of Marvel's Avengers includes not only gamers but all fans of the Avengers franchise, Square Enix and Cristal Dynamics have released an overview trailer dedicated to the plot, costemization and missions.

We are reminded that the plot is about the heroes opening a new branch in San Francisco on Avengers Day. During the celebration, an explosion occurs in the city and the heroes themselves are called the culprits. The team is breaking up due to pressure from society.

In the absence of superheroes, AIM takes responsibility for protecting the planet, creating AI and robots that can replace heroes. Superpower becomes banned, and everyone who possesses it is hunted. This control creates a new threat, because the company wants to enslave people. A young girl Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, will have to unite the Avengers team.

The new base of the Earth defenders is located on a decommissioned aircraft carrier, which will develop more and more as the story progresses. We will play for the original team: Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow [and there was no place for Hawkeye]. There will be tons of comic and movie-inspired outfits for each character. A bunch of improvements can be attached to the character that will make him stronger, but they will not be displayed.

There are two types of missions in the game: a single Hero, dedicated to one specific avenger, and a co-op for four people Warzone. Both modes allow you to pump heroes and move through the story, because progress is not tied to any of them specifically.

Marvel's Avengers is coming to PC, PS4, Xone and Google Stadia next year on May 15. Also check out our Avengers design and costemization themed materials.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare became the most successful game in the series by sales and also broke a couple of records

Activision spoke about the success of their new game. Despite the fact that the game caused a lot of controversy around itself, it still scattered with great success. This is evidenced by the figures indicated by the publisher in the press release:

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare sold with great success and grossed $ 600 million in the first three days.
  • The game became the best selling digitally in the history of the publisher.
  • New PS4 sales record in four days.
  • The best start among the whole new generation of Call of Duty. Before that, no previous game showed such results.
  • The best start in the history of a PC franchise


How many copies of the game were sold in the message is not specified

Speedruner completed The Outer Worlds in 30 minutes

The Outer Worlds was released just a few days ago, but there is already someone who does not like to get lost in it for a month. So, the speedruner under the name It's Jabo completed the game in just half an hour.

He passed The Outer Worlds in the Any% category - this means that the speedrun is valid if the player just passed the game. The current result is 30 minutes 54 seconds.

In the description for the video, the speedruner wrote that this is only an early route, and he will refine it. This means that the result will improve. He also says that he went through the game normally and was in awe.

The game is out now, and you can play it yourself. As a reminder, she will be visiting Nintendo Switch in 2020.

This was all the news for the weekend. Stay with us.

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